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New software
JDiagram 3.4
Implemented as a Java Swing control JDiagram provides your applications ...
Tags:flow, Swing, process, chart, workflow

Download JDiagram
Size: 23.75 MB
New software
FlowChart.NET 6.1
FlowChart NET adds to applications the ability to create and ...
Tags: control, organizational, flowchart, workflow, diagram

Download FlowChart.NET
Size: 47.7 MB
New software
FlowChartX control 4.5
Implemented as an ActiveX control FlowChartX provides your applications with ...
Tags: ActiveX, control, chart, workflow, flowchart

Download FlowChartX control
Size: 5.76 MB
New software
Schema Visualizer for SQL Developer 2.1.3
Schema Visualizer for SQL Developer is a powerful application that ...

Download Schema Visualizer for SQL Developer
Size: 1843.2 MB
New software
CASE Studio 2 v 2.23.1
CASE Studio is a highly professional and customizable database modeling ...
Tags: IDEF1X, DB2, reverse engineering, database, sybase

Download CASE Studio 2
Size: 9.11 MB
New software
PocketChart 2
PocketChart is a component for the NET compact framework It ...
Tags: PocketPC, chart, .NET, workflow, diagram

Download PocketChart
Size: 1.01 MB
New software
QuinataCRM 1.6.14204.5393
QuinataCRM is a customer relationship management software for small and ...

Download QuinataCRM
Size: 28.1 MB
New software
CRM-Express Free Edition 2013.3.7
CRM-Express Free Edition is an easy-to-use high quality CRM application ...
Tags: manager , manage appointment, manage customer database, customer relationship manager

Download CRM-Express Free Edition
Size: 37 MB
New software
ConvertEasy 1.0
ConvertEasy is a simple to use but fully configurable conversion ...
Tags: centigrade, conversion, pound, tem, celsius

Download ConvertEasy
Size: 0.72 MB
New software
Diagram Ring 6.3
Diagram Ring is an open source advanced diagram editor It ...
Tags: diagram designer, edit diagram, diagram editor, edit

Download Diagram Ring
Size: 0.96 MB
New software
Chorus Box 1.3
Chorus Box is a well designed audio plugin created to ...
Tags: widen audio output, plugin , crate chorus sound, add chorus effect

Download Chorus Box
Size: 1.35 MB
New software
3 Secrets Reader 2
This E-Book Reader contains two books Secrets to a Woman's ...
Tags: love songs, love letters, romance relationship advice, love horoscopes, e-book

Download 3 Secrets Reader
Size: 3.98 MB

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