Mandelbrot software

New software
SuperFractalThing 0.5
SuperFractalThing uses perturbation theory and series approximations to produce arbitrary ...
Tags:generate fractal, fractal generator, create Mandelbrot set, generate

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Size: 76 KB
New software
Mandelbulber 2.11-1
Mandelbulber is an easy-to-use handy but experimental application designed to ...
Tags: create , create fractal, 3D rendering, 3D Mandelbrot fractal

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Size: 67174.4 MB
New software
Julia Free 4.41
The program draws various Julia and mandelbrot fractals using colors ...
Tags: Mandelbrot set, Julia fractal, explore fractal, Fractal-walker

Download Julia Free
Size: 0.24 MB
New software
Fractal eXtreme 2.23
Fractal eXtreme is a fast easy to use fractal exploration ...
Tags: graphics, fast, deepzoom, fractals, Mandelbrot

Download Fractal eXtreme
Size: 6.11 MB

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