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Search Plugin Manager (for Firefox tm) 1.03
Change the order of the search plugins in the Mozilla ...
Tags: sort, firefox, plugins, list, searchplugin

Download Search Plugin Manager (for Firefox tm)
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
Passion Audio Player 2.7
The Audio Player for those who have passion with PCs ...
Tags: BASS, MP3, freedb support, MP2, S3M

Download Passion Audio Player
Size: 2.93 MB
New software
LiveProfessor 2.0.4
LiveProfessor is an effect rack of VST-plugins based on a ...

Download LiveProfessor
Size: 3993.6 MB
New software
PSP 2Meters 2.0.0
PSP Meters bundle two distinct audio plugins suitable for audio ...
Tags: Lever Measurement, Audio Measurement, Overload , VU Meter

Download PSP 2Meters
Size: 12 MB
New software
LiveProfessor Free 1.1.3 / 1.2.0 Beta
LiveProfessor is a nice software application designed to be an ...

Download LiveProfessor Free
Size: 5.5 MB
New software
Carla 1.2.4
Carla is an audio plugin host with support for many ...
Tags: VST host, load plugin, plugin host, load

Download Carla
Size: 18.8 MB
New software
Java NRPE Server 1.05.3
Java NRPE Server also known as JNRPE is developed as ...
Tags: plugin , Java server, plugin builder, Nagios plugin

Download Java NRPE Server
Size: 2.63 MB
New software
Silent Way 2.4.2
Silent Way is a suite of plug-ins designed for use ...
Tags: Control Voltage, Voltage , Audio Synthesiser, Plugin Suite

Download Silent Way
Size: 4 MB
New software
ToneBoosters 2.9.1
ToneBoosters is a collection of audio plugins meant to improve ...
Tags: Frequency , Loudness Measurement, Tape Simulator, Audio Phaser

Download ToneBoosters
Size: 16.7 MB
New software
TakeYourScreen 9
Screen grabber with many abilities such as taking shot of ...
Tags: screenshot , screen capture, take screenshot, take snapshot

Download TakeYourScreen
Size: 3.99 MB
New software
IRC Bot 2014-01-28
IRC Bot is a very lightweight package that was especially ...
Tags: chat , chat bot, command-line IRC, command-line bot

Download IRC Bot
Size: 82 KB
New software
MTexturedStyleEditor provides plugin developers with a comprehensive application for designing ...
Tags: Design Style, Style Editor, Design Interface, Texture

Download MTexturedStyleEditor
Size: 8.82 MB

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