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ChemMaths 16.1
ChemMaths is a engineering mathematical and chemistry program Software suitable ...
Tags: cad, units, eng, engineering, chem

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Size: 10854.4 MB
New software
Atoms, Symbols and Equations 4.0
Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as ...
Tags: balanced, elements and symbols, chemware, chemical elements, science

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Size: 0.68 MB
New software
JChem for Office
JChem for Office integrates structure handling and visualizing capabilities within ...
Tags: Excel add-in, structure , create chemical structure, chemical compound editor

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Size: 144 MB
New software
Chemical Reagent Calculator 3.0
CHEMICAL REAGENT CALCULATOR is a useful tool to assist technicians ...
Tags: lab, solutions, calculator, preparations, reagents

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Size: 1.57 MB
New software
ChemDBsoft Academic Lite
ChemDBsoft is chemical database software for management of chemistry databases ...
Tags: chemical, MOL, chemical database, LogC, pH

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Size: 3.52 MB
New software
MarvinSketch 6.1.0
MarvinSketch is a useful and reliable software that can help ...
Tags: molecule display, sketch , draw reaction, chemistry editor

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Size: 6 KB
New software
COCO 3.2
COCO is a simulation environment application that intends to help ...
Tags: simulate chemistry experiment, create simulation, chemistry simulator, simulation

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Size: 53657.6 MB
New software
ChemPlot (formerly MDraw) 1.0.0
MDraw is a program for drawing chemical schemes Any chemical ...
Tags: Draw Atom, Atom , Draw Molecule, Chemistry Designer

Download ChemPlot (formerly MDraw)
Size: 0.36 MB
New software
JMolDraw 0.6 Alpha
JMolDraw is a handy and lightweight application designed to help ...
Tags:chemical structure, draw atom, draw , compound structure

Download JMolDraw
Size: 1.14 MB
New software
FX ChemStruct 3.001.1
FX ChemStruct is an educational application very easy to use ...

Download FX ChemStruct
Size: 31539.2 MB
New software
DWSIM 4.0.6056
DWSIM is an easy to use open-source chemical process simulator ...
Tags: analysis , simulate chemical process, thermodynamic calculation, chemical process simulation

Download DWSIM
Size: 56627.2 MB
New software
CRAFT is a software suite that has been designed to ...
Tags: reaction , assess reactivity, reaction model database, toxicology risk assessment

Download CRAFT
Size: 54.2 MB

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