Web/Video Cams shareware and freeware software

New software
WebCamSplitter Pro 1.6.312
WebCamSplitterPro duplicates the video stream for multiple applications.
Tags: split, share webcam, webcam recording, driver, share camera

Download WebCamSplitter Pro
Size: 2662.4 MB
New software
Webcam Photobooth 2.2.2
Create your own photobooth using a web camera.
Tags: capture photo, print , print webcam image, create photobooth

Download Webcam Photobooth
Size: 10854.4 MB
New software
With CamLAN you see your WebCam video on all PC's within your LAN or Internet.
Tags: security, netcam, motion, network, webcam

Download CamLAN
Size: 2150.4 MB
New software
CamUniversal for all WebCams, NetCams and video devices!
Tags: video, surveillance, netcam, camera, IP-cam

Download CamUniversal
Size: 2252.81 MB
New software
H264 WebCam 4.0
4-ch H264 webcam surveillance software.Broadcast audio and video to internet.
Tags: video security, video recording, monitoring, video buffering, record video

Download H264 WebCam
Size: 5017.61 MB
New software
AbelCam 4.4.2
AbelCam does it all: cam server, video broadcast, motion detection, ftp upload
Tags: orbit, windows, motion detection, web server, zoom

Download AbelCam
Size: 25907.2 MB
New software
WebClapper 3.0.0
Handy application for webcam video recording

Download WebClapper
Size: 1945.6 MB
New software
WebcamVideoDiary 1.03.01
Video utility software

Download WebcamVideoDiary
Size: 3584 MB
New software
Enable Viacam 2.0.1
Software to replace the mouse movements with the head movements

Download Enable Viacam
Size: 11366.4 MB
New software
ScreenFaceCam 0.3
Screen recorder for Windows 7 and Windows 8 to record part or the whole of your Windows De

Download ScreenFaceCam
Size: 1.39 MB
New software
ZoneMinder Viewer 0.2 Beta
Zoneminder client software

Download ZoneMinder Viewer
Size: 19 MB
New software
webcamFLV 2.11
The application offers you the possibility to broadcast your camera stream, as well as cha
Tags:Broadcast Webcam, Broadcaster , FLV Broadcast, Stream Webcam

Download webcamFLV
Size: 3.15 MB
New software
D-ViewCam 3.5.0
A software that offers high video monitoring and recording performance which you can use w
Tags: create surveillance system, record , IP camera surveillance, webcam surveillance

Download D-ViewCam
Size: 102 MB
New software
A simple and easy to use software solution that can help you record a webcam, thus enablin
Tags: motion detector, detector , record webcam, JPEGstream recorder

Download CamMo
Size: 9 KB
New software
Free GIF 3D Cube Webcam 1.0
A tool you can use to take screenshots from a connected webcam and transform the images in
Tags:GIF animation, screenshot animator, webcam capture, animator

Download Free GIF 3D Cube Webcam
Size: 8.09 MB
New software
Webcam 7 Pro
A simple yet efficient application meant to help you monitor, record and stream from both
Tags:webcam recorder, scheduler , monitor location, motion detection

Download Webcam 7 Pro
Size: 13.5 MB
New software
Webcam 7 Free Build 40120
Webcam 7 Free is a webcam and network camera software for Windows
Tags: broadcast webcam, broadcast , capture webcam, webcam recorder

Download Webcam 7 Free
Size: 13.9 MB
New software
Flutter 0.5.66
Control application with webcam gestures
Tags: hand , hand gesture, webcam gesture, pause player

Download Flutter
Size: 3.26 MB
New software
Photo Booth Pro
A fun application that simulates a photo booth and allows you to capture images with the d
Tags: photo booth emulator, photo booth simulator, webcam , photo booth, webcam effect

Download Photo Booth Pro
Size: 0.48 MB
New software
GiMeSpace Cam Control 1.0
Control your computer via webcam gestures
Tags: webcam movement, webcam gesture, movement , hand gesture

Download GiMeSpace Cam Control
Size: 0.68 MB
New software
WebCam Motion Detector Free 1.1
Allows you to detect movement and capture images with your webcam.
Tags: security camera, capture image, detector , motion detector

Download WebCam Motion Detector Free
Size: 0.71 MB
New software

Download Video Capture to MP4
Size: 8.87 MB
New software

Download Video Capture to WMV
Size: 6.18 MB
New software
ShineCam 2.52
Add various effects to your webcam streaming!
Tags: picture effect, webcam effect, filter , photo frame

Download ShineCam
Size: 14.9 MB
New software
RGS-AvaCam 3.6.5
AvaCam is a program that will allow you to view the images taken by any of your video devi
Tags:capture snapshot, motion detection, webcam viewer, capture

Download RGS-AvaCam
Size: 1.04 MB

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