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New software
Exeinfo PE
ExeInfo PE is a software that you can use to show different information on an executable f
Tags: exe checker, checker , exe verifier, packer detector

Download Exeinfo PE
Size: 1536 MB
New software
BCGSuite for MFC 25.10
A product that extends Visual Studio MFC functionality featuring the capabilities of print
Tags: GUI control, Visual Studio, programming , development environment, programming component

Download BCGSuite for MFC
Size: 50380.8 MB
New software
wodFtpDLX 3.5.3
Secure FTP client ActiveX component that supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocol
Tags: FTPS, protocol, FTP, ActiveX, SSL

Download wodFtpDLX
Size: 6553.6 MB
New software
Alvas.Audio 2016.0.6174.36590
Allows .Net developers to create applications that play, record, convert sound.
Tags: display audio data, audio, mixed audio data, compressed, c#

Download Alvas.Audio
Size: 1740.8 MB
New software
N-Button Lite
Creates widgets to control NCD relay controller boards without any programming.
Tags: Relay , NCD relay controller, Controller Board, National Control Device

Download N-Button Lite
Size: 14028.8 MB
New software
Geany Portable 1.29
A small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment
Tags: file editor, portable IDE, development environment, development

Download Geany Portable
Size: 13619.2 MB
New software

Download DriveLetterView
Size: 55 MB
New software
PDF Focus .Net
.Net component for converting PDF to Word (RTF) in ASP.Net, C# or Visual Basic
Tags: Proxy net, Word 2 Pdf 11, Pdf Tools, Pdf to Wmf Converter, Ps to Pdf

Download PDF Focus .Net
Size: 12800 MB
New software
Skater .NET Obfuscator
Skater .NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection
Tags: code security, c#, Visual Basic, .NET obfuscator, code protection

Download Skater .NET Obfuscator
Size: 4198.4 MB
New software

Download Library .NET (Free Note Edition)
Size: 3686.4 MB
New software
ZylGSM 1.37
This component will enable you to easily set up GSM communication.
Tags: Delphi component, GSM communication, Delphi , GSM modem

Download ZylGSM
Size: 10137.6 MB
New software
iTextSharp 5.5.10
A library that provides users with the means to generate dynamic documents form XML files
Tags: PDF , generate PDF, C# library, PDF generator

Download iTextSharp
Size: 11161.6 MB
New software
libquickmail 0.1.25
C library for sending e-mail from C/C

Download libquickmail
Size: 85 MB
New software
CreateInstall Free 7.7.2
A flexible yet simple and clear freeware installer for building setups.
Tags: development, free, upgrade, Setup, freeware

Download CreateInstall Free
Size: 3993.6 MB
New software
CreateInstall 7.7.2
Installer software that offers full control and limitless scalability.
Tags: setups, Installer, update, Setup, CreateInstall

Download CreateInstall
Size: 3993.6 MB
New software
Dr.Explain 5.4.1033
Software help authoring tool. Dr.Explain makes CHM, PDF, and HTML help files.
Tags:help, screenshot, html, screen, guide

Download Dr.Explain
Size: 47001.6 MB
New software
Quick Macros
Use macros, menus and toolbars to automate repetitive tasks in any application
Tags: ram, pro, system, schedule, file

Download Quick Macros
Size: 4915.2 MB
New software
Print VBA version 6 & 7 source code in color and export output to RTF and PDF
Tags: CADCAM, vba, VBA7, source, office

Download VBAcodePrint
Size: 10854.4 MB
New software
Highlight Free 3.33
Highlight is a straightforward program that converts programming code to HTML, XHTML, RTF
Tags:source code converter, code to RTF, source code, convert , code to HTML

Download Highlight Free
Size: 7680 MB
New software

Download SD-TOOLKIT Barcode Reader SDK
Size: 24371.2 MB
New software
R Portable 3.3.2
Configure R to work with the PortableApps framework

Download R Portable
Size: 72806.4 MB
New software
XMLSpear 3.40
Simple and useful XML editor to create and edit text or XML documents and validate them ag

Download XMLSpear
Size: 23142.4 MB
New software
EditPad Pro 7.5.0
Convenient, powerful and versatile text editor to edit all kinds of text files
Tags: editor, web, programming, write, ediing

Download EditPad Pro
Size: 12083.2 MB
New software
Handy animated list view component for Delphi

Download Skeez
Size: 37990.4 MB

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