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New software
Studio for ActiveX 2013 v2
A collection of ActiveX controls designed to help you create professional user interfaces
Tags: ActiveX collection, interface , UI ActiveX component, create GUI

Download Studio for ActiveX
Size: 118 MB
New software
Sqrat 0.8.92
Accessible and powerful library that manages to uncover classes to Squirrel scripts and he
Tags: Squirrel API, development library, C library, API

Download Sqrat
Size: 0.49 MB
New software

Download jMythAPI
Size: 0.5 MB
New software
Parallel Colt 0.9.4 Beta
A multithreaded Java library that can help you perform scientific computing in Java that c
Tags:analysis algorithm, linear algebra, statistics library, statistics

Download Parallel Colt
Size: 4.71 MB
New software
Studio for WinRT XAML 2013 v2
A collection of essential controls and visualization components that enable developers to
Tags: create user interface, data visualization control, XAML control collection, collection

Download Studio for WinRT XAML
Size: 28.2 MB
New software
JLeaker 1.0.0
An easy to implement component that can be used within Java applications in order to detec
Tags: leak detector, memory leak, memory problem, detect

Download JLeaker
Size: 28 KB
New software
AsterNET Beta 02.26041
A set of C# classes that allows you to quickly and easily build .NET application projects
Tags: develop , Asterisk component, Asterisk NET, Asterisk PBX Server

Download AsterNET
Size: 0.23 MB
New software
fastBinaryJSON 1.4.4
JSON is an extremely simple format, so fastBinaryJSON takes that simplicity and adds the n
Tags: object , object serializer, JavaScript Object Notation, binary JSON

Download fastBinaryJSON
Size: 38 MB
New software
WinRT XAML Validation 0.6 Beta
A library to quickly and easily enable comprehensive validation of user input in C#/XAML W
Tags:WinRT XAML, validation , XAML validation, WinRT validation

Download WinRT XAML Validation
Size: 79 KB
New software
Ghostscript.NET 1.1.9
A managed wrapper library around the Ghostscript library, an interpreter for the PostScrip
Tags: Ghostscript library, wrapper , multi Ghostscript, NET wrapper

Download Ghostscript.NET
Size: 0.23 MB
New software
JDMSocket 1.0.1
A simple C component that can be implemented into your applications in order to easily s
Tags: transfer library, data transfer, send , TCP/IP, TCP/IP protocol

Download JDMSocket
Size: 33 KB
New software

Download corn-converter
Size: 59 KB
New software
Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library 2.2
Send/Read/Delete SMS through GSM mobile/modem connected to PC
Tags: .NET library, gsm modem, send sms, phone

Download Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library
Size: 0.3 MB
New software

Download Toggle Switch Control Library
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
Java Google Alerts API 1.0
An easy-to-implement Java library that enables developers to integrate Google alerts withi
Tags: Java library, Google alert, Google update, notification

Download Java Google Alerts API
Size: 14 KB
New software
A label with HTML formatting and editable parameters
Tags:label control, component , parameter editor, Delphi component

Download TParamLabel
Size: 7 MB
New software

Download Apache Libcloud
Size: 1.24 MB
New software
Easy Console Grepper
An easy to use and handy Eclipse plugin that can be used for creating grep consoles, store
Tags: search , grep console, Eclipse plugin, grep console creator, create grep console

Download Easy Console Grepper
Size: 97 KB
New software
fax4j 0.42.2
A simple, yet powerful Java library that comes in handy for users who want to develop appl
Tags: develop , Java library, invoke fax action, submit fax job

Download fax4j
Size: 5.47 MB
New software
Java Simple Remote Call 1.0
An easy to implement, small library for the Java programming language designed to help pro
Tags:perform call, remote call, conversation , Java library

Download Java Simple Remote Call
Size: 29 KB
New software

Download iGeo
Size: 5.17 MB
New software
AccessImagine 1.64
Image processing for Microsoft Access and SQL Servers
Tags: Image Preview, Store Image, Storage , ActiveX Component

Download AccessImagine
Size: 4.8 MB
New software
Data Exchange Wizard Activex
A simple and efficient software solution that enables you to easily transfer data between
Tags:database ActiveX, import , SQL ActiveX, ActiveX component

Download Data Exchange Wizard Activex
Size: 9.15 MB
New software
This component can be used to integrate Google Maps within Delphi or C Builder
Tags:VCL Component, Map , Map Integration, Integrate Map

Download TMS TWebGMaps
Size: 6.01 MB
New software
lindyFrame 1.5
A desktop framework that provides developers with the needed components to create applicat
Tags: network , plugin architecture, plugin framework, develop plugin

Download lindyFrame
Size: 4.54 MB

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