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An offline map viewer that can display any location on the world map
Tags:map viewer, terrain map, terrain , map downloader

Download GMapCatcher
Size: 9.35 MB
New software
West Point Bridge Designer 2012 1.12.412
A national virtual bridge engineering contest for kids of all ages
Tags:bridge design, bridge designer, design bridge, designer

Download West Point Bridge Designer 2012
Size: 9.11 MB
New software
Mobile Number Generator 3.1
Generates mobile numbers such as (991-991-4756) in random or sequence.
Tags: generate , number generator, mobile number generator, generate number

Download Mobile Number Generator
Size: 0.77 MB
New software
Altair 2.0 Rev.5
Calculate Local Sidereal Time, Julian Date, Universal Time, RA/DEC to Alt/Az and Alt/Az to
Tags: Universal Time, calculator , Altair calculator, Local Sidereal Time

Download Altair
Size: 46.4 MB
New software
MConvert 9.0
The prime Conversion Utility of Measurements
Tags: multi conversion, Acceleration , measurements conversion, conversion tool

Download MConvert
Size: 6.85 MB
New software
Fish Tank Tool 1.4.2
It performs a variety of tasks such as calculating the volume and surface area of an aquar
Tags: fish care, calculate volume, aquarium area, tank

Download Fish Tank Tool
Size: 1.11 MB
New software
Math Educator 2.0
Simple tool to teach kids addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Tags: learn math, subtraction , mathematical educator, math teacher

Download Math Educator
Size: 0.67 MB
New software
DPlot Jr
A quick method for displaying graphical output of their own applications
Tags: graph , plot tool, graphs dislpay, display graphical

Download DPlot Jr
Size: 11.5 MB
New software
Dirk's Accordion Tuner Pro 2.3.1007
This tool can measure tones and tune accordions and other similar instruments.
Tags: tuner , tune accordions, tones measurer, instrument tuner

Download Dirk's Accordion Tuner Pro
Size: 0.43 MB
New software
XParanormal Detector
The first little tool to help you communicate and detect ghosts
Tags: ghost detector, paranormal activity, paranormal detector, detector

Download XParanormal Detector
Size: 10.1 MB
New software
Jalmus 2.3
A music education software helping the musicians, specially pianists, to improve their sig
Tags: learn , rhythm practice, music education, note practice

Download Jalmus
Size: 2.59 MB
New software
Amblyopia ABC 2013.1
A treatment software for 3-12 years-old children with lazy eye
Tags: amblyopia cure, Amblyopia treatment, treat amblyopia, game

Download Amblyopia ABC
Size: 57.9 MB
New software
Poly Pro 1.12
Software application for exploring and constructing polyhedra
Tags: draw polyhedra, explore polyhedra, export , construct polyhedra

Download Poly Pro
Size: 0.66 MB
New software
Vocabulary Builder for SAT ACT GRE GMAT LSAT
The most effective, efficient and interactive tool to build your English Vocabulary.
Tags: English , learn vocabulary, English vocabulary, build vocabulary

Download Vocabulary Builder for SAT ACT GRE GMAT LSAT
Size: 2.44 MB
New software
Kanji Sketch Pad 2.913
Animated Kanji drawing coach for learning Japanese.
Tags: Learn Japanese, Kanji Character Writer, Japanese , Learn Kanji

Download Kanji Sketch Pad
Size: 29.3 MB
New software
e-Sword 10.1.0
e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user f
Tags: study bible, read bible, study , electronic bible

Download e-Sword
Size: 50.6 MB
New software
VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 2.0
VerbAce-Pro is a high-end Arabic-English and English-Arabic dictionary and translation sof
Tags: arabic to english, translate , english to arabic, translate word

Download VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English
Size: 4.94 MB
New software
Smart2DCutting 3.5.0
A professional software package developed for panel optimization
Tags: wood processing, layout , panel optimization, cut layout

Download Smart2DCutting
Size: 6.07 MB
New software
Filter Wiz PRO 5.5.2
Active filter design software; lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters
Tags:filter design, bandpass filter, active filter, lowpass

Download Filter Wiz PRO
Size: 7.19 MB
New software
Neuro-Programmer Regular Edition 3.2
An innovative tool that combines brainwave stimulation and hypnosis for self-development a
Tags: stimulate brainwave, neural simulator, brain , psychological test

Download Neuro-Programmer Regular Edition
Size: 63.7 MB
New software
Google Maps With GPS Tracker 42.0
A great program that will show your physical position in real-time on a moving Google Map
Tags:GPS Tracker, Google Map, physical position shower, map

Download Google Maps With GPS Tracker
Size: 0.64 MB
New software
Athan (Azan) Basic 4.2
Hear the Athan (Azan) five times a day at every prayer time
Tags:Athan reminder, remind Azan, prayer reminder, Hijri

Download Athan (Azan) Basic
Size: 8.53 MB
New software
Shollu 3.10
Shollu is an Islamic software that have main purpose to give warning, message or informati
Tags:prayer reminder, prayer , prayer alert, prayer notification

Download Shollu
Size: 3.34 MB
New software
MathType 6.8
Design Science MathPlayer™ enables Microsoft Internet Explorer to display mathematical n
Tags: math practice, Equation editor, edit , HTML authoring

Download MathType
Size: 8.59 MB

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