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How Your Mind Works self help ebook 1.0
ebook - How Your Mind Works And How To Make It Work Better psychology self help
Tags: How Your Mind Works And How To Make It Work Better, ebook

Download How Your Mind Works self help ebook
Size: 0.96 MB
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AstroGrav (Mac) 1.9.4
Software to simulate how objects move and interact under the force of gravity.
Tags: orbit, many-body, astro, physics, science

Download AstroGrav (Mac)
Size: 3.2 MB
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Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login 2003
The most advanced Auto ShutDown with Auto Login application on the market.
Tags: shutdown, suspend, Performance Counter, ASD, hibernate

Download Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login
Size: 1.63 MB
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OilProp 2.0
Program to assess the core thermophysical properties of oil and its derivatives.
Tags: oil transportation, gas, oil, URVAS Engineering, fractional composition

Download OilProp
Size: 0.73 MB
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Asynx Planetarium 2.61
Over 10000 stars, 88 constellations and planets, moon from different locations.
Tags: Astronomy, Planets, Planetarium, Moon, free

Download Asynx Planetarium
Size: 1.67 MB
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Download Shultc table - notice changing
Size: 19 KB
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Audio Multi-Channel Generator 5.30
Multi-channel Multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal & noise signal generator
Tags: audio sound frequency, sinusoidal, Multi-channel, signal generator, multi-tone

Download Audio Multi-Channel Generator
Size: 0.49 MB
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Five Cellular Automata 7.70
Software for exploring five cellular automata: q-state Life and more
Tags: Zhabotinsky, chemical simulation, Belousov, BZ, automation

Download Five Cellular Automata
Size: 1.4 MB
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Atomic Mac 6.9.4
Periodic table of the elements software with a wealth of nuclear information.
Tags: electron, gamma, alpha, positron, beta

Download Atomic Mac
Size: 3.44 MB
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ADOS 1.1.1
ADOS, Program for automatic design analysis and optimization of optical systems
Tags: physics, education, optics, Optical design, science

Download ADOS
Size: 4.39 MB
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Atomic PC 6.9.4
Periodic table of the elements software with a wealth of nuclear information.
Tags: positron, electron, periodic, gamma, atom

Download Atomic PC
Size: 3.05 MB
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Precise IQ Test 1.0
Precise IQ quiz that estimates your intelligence
Tags: intelligence quotient, iq test, iq quiz, iq tests, iq

Download Precise IQ Test
Size: 0.69 MB
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Piiigs in Spaaaace!!! 1.0
No, nothing to do with Muppets :-) Still, one of the funniest savers around!
Tags: screen saver, funny, fun, saver, screen

Download Piiigs in Spaaaace!!!
Size: 2.56 MB
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IRPal 2.0
IRPal is a tool for the interpretation of IR-spectra of organic compounds.
Tags: analysis, IR, spectra, spectroscopy, chemistry

Download IRPal
Size: 1.54 MB
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REDOX is a freeware program designed for evaluating redox reactions.
Tags: reduction, battery, science, electrochemistry, chemistry

Download REDOX
Size: 1.09 MB
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Gift-O-Mat PE for EasyNoter Lite 3.7 1.0
Create custom, fully functional software gift, EasyNoter Lite (PIM/Organizer)
Tags: promotional, personal, gift, PIM, promotion

Download Gift-O-Mat PE for EasyNoter Lite 3.7
Size: 3.87 MB
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WinVal. Valoracion acido base 1.1
WinVal - Curva de pH de valoracion acido base con cambio de color del indicador
Tags: equivalencia, grafica, pH, calculo, acido

Download WinVal. Valoracion acido base
Size: 1.53 MB
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LASIK Info Program 1.1
This is a free LASIK Eye Surgery Info programm.
Tags: website, surgery, info, eye, lasik

Download LASIK Info Program
Size: 0.42 MB
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Shultc table 04 011
Wide eyes develop speed reading
Tags:speed, wide, eyes, reading, span

Download Shultc table 04
Size: 10 KB
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AstroGrav (Windows) 1.9.1
Software to simulate how objects move and interact under the force of gravity.
Tags: astronomy, newton, orbit, solar system, science

Download AstroGrav (Windows)
Size: 17.42 MB
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Electric Field 2.01
An excellent tool for visualizing electric field and equipotential lines.
Tags: physics academic,, physics educational, electric field line, charge

Download Electric Field
Size: 0.81 MB
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Snake Eye Vision 1.0
The program simulates movement detection and vision of the snake eye.
Tags: educational, vision, eye, biology, snake

Download Snake Eye Vision
Size: 0.66 MB
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Physics Cheat Sheet 1.2
Physics Cheat Sheet is an interactive graphing calculator.
Tags: momentum, energy, speed, weight, impulse

Download Physics Cheat Sheet
Size: 2.48 MB
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Atoms, Symbols and Equations 4.0
Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software.
Tags: chemware, valency, high school chemistry, valence, chemical equations

Download Atoms, Symbols and Equations
Size: 0.68 MB

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