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Sudoku Solver Software 16.6.15
Simple and nice application to solve Sudoku puzzles that you have no idea just by entering

Download Sudoku Solver Software
Size: 5427.2 MB
New software
Math Calculator 2.6
To calculate expression, derivative, root, extremum, integral.
Tags:calculator, math

Download Math Calculator
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
DNA Baser
Visit us for updated info: DNA sequence assembly and seque
Tags: align, contig, trace, aligner, business

Download DNA Baser
Size: 6860.8 MB
New software
CutLogic 2D 5.1.1
An optimizer solution for cutting materials in industries
Tags: cost optimization, material cut, furniture cut, material

Download CutLogic 2D
Size: 10547.2 MB
New software

Download Vocabulary .NET
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
Total Cricket Scorer
The new, easy-to-use cricket software for recording scores for cricket matches
Tags:cricket software, batting , cricket scorebook, batting statistics

Download Total Cricket Scorer
Size: 19865.6 MB
New software
EyePro 3.0
A handy Eye Health monitoring PC application
Tags:eye health, break , break reminder, eye protection

Download EyePro
Size: 798 MB
New software
Lightened Dream 3.4.0
A dream journal designed to wake you up in your dreams
Tags: sleep , dream journal, monitor dream, track sleep cycle

Download Lightened Dream
Size: 20684.8 MB
New software
FX Graph 6.002.3
FX Graph is a simple-to-use application that enables you to creates graphs, as the name im
Tags: math function, plotter , draw graph, graph plotter

Download FX Graph
Size: 26112 MB
New software
Handy system to create tests and testing any kind of knowledge

Download Testcheck
Size: 1536 MB
New software
Bibfilex 1.2.7
A software useful to create and to manage archives of bibliographical items according to B
Tags:book catalog, document cataloger, organize collection, collection

Download Bibfilex
Size: 1638.4 MB
New software
Gravit is a gravity simulator that uses Newtonian physics.
Tags: simulation, simulator, simulate, nbody, lua

Download Gravit
Size: 17 MB
New software
Pepakura Designer 4.0.2
Make papercraft models from 3D data

Download Pepakura Designer
Size: 15052.8 MB
New software
Kitchen garden aid 1.8.1
A Java-based tool for designing your kitchen garden
Tags: garden designer, garden planner, design garden, designer

Download Kitchen garden aid
Size: 908 MB
New software
Khan Desktop Beta
Khan Academy viewer software

Download Khan Desktop
Size: 25702.4 MB
New software
Rhyme Genie 8.0
Simple and attractive application to create rhymed texts just by providing your words for

Download Rhyme Genie
Size: 208896 MB
New software

Download NJStar Chinese WP
Size: 21913.6 MB
New software
Collection Studio 4.72
Collection Studio - Collectors Software!
Tags:bank, note, login, studio, book

Download Collection Studio
Size: 4710.4 MB
New software
YACReader 8.5.0
Accessible, fast, user-friendly and useful application that's been specially developed to
Tags:comic reader, reader , comic viewer, comic browser

Download YACReader
Size: 19353.6 MB
New software
Multi Collector 5.14.5
Universal tool for managing many collections with any collectibles
Tags: inventory , manage collection, collectible manager, collection manager

Download Multi Collector
Size: 21504 MB
New software
CookBook Calendar 3.7
Create and manage your own recipe database
Tags: Dinner Planner, Recipe Organizer, Cook Book, Recipe

Download CookBook Calendar
Size: 16793.6 MB
New software
Justmapzz 2.7.0
Handy software for trip planning

Download Justmapzz
Size: 3993.6 MB
New software

Download QPeriodicTable
Size: 29388.8 MB
New software
tinySpell 1.9.61
Easily and quickly check the spelling of words in any application

Download tinySpell
Size: 918 MB

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