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FreeRange 1.0
Roundup the chickens on the farm - with the help of your crazy inventions!
Tags: rooster, Chicken, farm, chicken chasing, egg

Download FreeRange
Size: 7.16 MB
New software
Carnival Casino by Online Casino Extra 2.0
Carnival Casino 2010 Extra Edition - Free, 3D, with 180+ games.
Tags: Baccarat, Roulette, Casino, Online Casino, Carnival Casino

Download Carnival Casino by Online Casino Extra
Size: 0 KB
New software
Inside the Park Baseball 1.03
MLB role-playing game that lets YOU become a professional baseball player
Tags: baseball game, statistic, rotisserie, major, coaching

Download Inside the Park Baseball
Size: 19.86 MB
New software
Star Reaver 1.0
Defend your ship from dive bombing alien space invaders.
Tags:Arcade Space Shooter game space alien invaders star reaver

Download Star Reaver
Size: 1.63 MB
New software
Abra Academy 1.0
Help Wanda and her friends through the Abra Academy!
Tags: arcade game, kid game, word ga, casino game, computer game

Download Abra Academy
Size: 25.88 MB
New software 1.0 is the classic snake game for the Pocket PC platform.
Tags:Games, Arcade, Pocket PC, play games, freeware games

Size: 63 KB
New software
Archibald Arcade Diver 1.0
Thrilling submarine kind of adventure based on classical arcade style.
Tags: bombs, diver, game, bomber, undersea

Download Archibald Arcade Diver
Size: 2.31 MB
New software
NookNak 2004 V1.0.0
Do more with your mouse - like quickly muting music - hiding confidential info.
Tags: audio, mute, business, trigger, screen corner

Download NookNak
Size: 0.56 MB
New software
Bog Glutton 3.1
The frogs are quite undemanding creatures!
Tags:Bog Glutton

Download Bog Glutton
Size: 1.95 MB
New software
EZ Mozilla Backup 1.21
Backup your Mozilla mail, bookmarks, address book, and cookies to a ZIP file.
Tags: mozilla backup, backup, mozilla mail backup, backup bookmarks, mozilla bookmarks backup

Download EZ Mozilla Backup
Size: 0.64 MB
New software

Download Cards Pyramid online game
Size: 34 KB
New software
Billionaire II 1.09
Billionaire II is a new thrilling and exciting business game!
Tags: Gameon, board game, billionaire ii, stock exchange, business game

Download Billionaire II
Size: 5.96 MB
New software
Flash-Slots 2
Play online slots for FREE courtesy of Online Casino
Tags: slot machines, online slots, online casino slots, play online slots, sim slots

Download Flash-Slots
Size: 1.09 MB
New software
Jumping Arrows 1.6.1
Jump quickly to reach the hidden treasure!
Tags: arrow, adventurer, adventure games, arrows, jump

Download Jumping Arrows
Size: 0.26 MB
New software
50 Stars Casino by Online Casino Extra 2.0
50 Stars Casino 2010 Extra Edition - Free, 3D, with 180+ games.
Tags: Baccarat, 50 Stars Casino, Roulette, Online Casino, Online Casinos

Download 50 Stars Casino by Online Casino Extra
Size: 0 KB
New software

Download RomeoJuliet
Size: 1.02 MB
New software
Pinochle for Windows 4.14
4 hand, single deck, pass between partners game. Review of deal and pass.
Tags: SAC Products, Pinochle, Cards, Game, Pinocle

Download Pinochle for Windows
Size: 1.03 MB
New software
Rolling Marbles 1.02
The highly original and addictive action/logic game in gorgeous 65,000+ colors
Tags: logic, 5 star rating, Tibo, best, tetris

Download Rolling Marbles
Size: 2.63 MB
New software
Context ThumbView 1.8.6
Image preview directly in the context menu invoked by right mouse click
Tags: Explorer, extension, right-click, picture, files

Download Context ThumbView
Size: 0.9 MB
New software
Crossword Compiler 9
Make crossword puzzles, word searches and sudoku
Tags: Sudoku, constructor, wordsearch, words, puzzle

Download Crossword Compiler
Size: 3.4 MB
New software
Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest 2.3
More than 60 spellbinding adventures and fun!
Tags:RPG, Dragon Warrior, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy

Download Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest
Size: 22.83 MB
New software
Astrogeddon 1.62
Asteroid-blasting arcade action game featuring fully rendered 3D graphics.
Tags: asteroids, AstroFire, TerraFire, invaders, shooting

Download Astrogeddon
Size: 9.95 MB
New software
Lost Admiral Returns 1.19
Quick playing strategy naval game enriched with multi-objective special missions
Tags: destroyer, navy, turn based, chess, submarine

Download Lost Admiral Returns
Size: 14.86 MB
New software
Lottery Cracker World 7
Analyse the results of lottery draws and generate the best lottery entries.
Tags: numerology, astrology, XP, Mega Millions, wheel

Download Lottery Cracker World
Size: 3.31 MB

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