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Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon 5.8.1
Ready for a fun game of acey deucey or backgammon! Superb graphics-easy to use
Tags: gnu, ducey, bgblitz, board games, deucey

Download Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon
Size: 4.18 MB
New software
Amazing Mahjongg 3D 1.4.0
This is an single-player 3D version of Mahjongg.
Tags: amazing mahjongg, majong, mahjongg, majongg, mahjong

Download Amazing Mahjongg 3D
Size: 3.12 MB
New software
xBarrier for Pocket PC 1.0
Build fences and stalemate your opponent in this simple and addictive game.
Tags:Barrier, Karl Scherer

Download xBarrier for Pocket PC
Size: 36 KB
New software
Shark Dominoes 2.1
Play a game of dominoes against a computer opponent.
Tags: bonesi, games, board, dominoes, domino

Download Shark Dominoes
Size: 1.1 MB
New software
Absolute Backgammon 7.6
Ready for a fun game of backgammon! Superb graphics, feature packed, easy to use
Tags: checkers, GNU, deucey, play65, macintosh

Download Absolute Backgammon
Size: 6.73 MB
New software
Mobile Lines 1.2.2
Put 5 colored balls in one line and get score points.
Tags: Framework, Game, Lines, Windows CE, Mobile

Download Mobile Lines
Size: 86 KB
New software
EngCalc Machine Design Calculator WM PPC 2.0
EngCalc(Machine Design) - PocketPC Calculator a must have for Engineers.
Tags: pocketpc calculator, series60, electrical, unit converter, mechanical

Download EngCalc Machine Design Calculator WM PPC
Size: 3.73 MB
New software
Blobs 2.052
An addictive puzzle game that will have you playing for hours!
Tags: peg games, blobs, entertainment network, ncbuy, freeware

Download Blobs
Size: 1.91 MB
New software
Mariko 1.00
Match tiles in this ancient chinese board game and fill up the board with stones
Tags: Board Game, Ishido, MadData, Puzzle

Download Mariko
Size: 2.45 MB
New software
Backgammon Classic 7.2
Play backgammon against your computer, 3 levels available.
Tags: backgammoned, gammon, checkers, dice, backgammon

Download Backgammon Classic
Size: 3.91 MB
New software
Circuit Weaver 3D 1.0
An original 3D puzzle game, taking place in awesome 3D environments.
Tags: circuit weaver, robot game, 3d puzzle game, puzzle game

Download Circuit Weaver 3D
Size: 8.31 MB
New software
XO 10.3.1
The XO plays classic and non-classic board games.
Tags: Connectris, Cats and Dogs, Checkers, Clobber, Stack4

Download XO
Size: 1.13 MB
New software
Aros Magic Checkers 1.6
Beautiful 3D graphics combined with ease of use in this classic game of Checkers
Tags: Draughts, Aros Magic Checkers, Checkers, Board Games

Download Aros Magic Checkers
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Checkers Challenge 1.0
Wonderful board game for all fans of checkers on Windows desktop
Tags:PC, checkers, hex, game, board

Download Checkers Challenge
Size: 1.71 MB
New software
SynChess 1.0
SynChess is a free multiplayer chess game with 16 tables per channel.
Tags: internet, game, area control, free, multiplayer

Download SynChess
Size: 1.43 MB
New software
Blackout 1.00
Blackout - for those gamers who can handle a tough arcade!
Tags: classic, lines, pipe, tetris, pocket

Download Blackout
Size: 2.27 MB
New software
Aros Magic Renju 1.2
Japanese game of Renju that is easy to play with beautiful 3D graphics
Tags: Board Games, Renju, Aros Magic Renju

Download Aros Magic Renju
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
x3 Musketeers for PALM 9.1
3 musketeers is an abstract strategy board game for two players
Tags:musketeers, Haar Hoolin

Download x3 Musketeers for PALM
Size: 52 KB
New software
Tetris 3000 1.33
New tetris - game!(with DirectX support and Global Internet HighScores)
Tags:tetris 2000 3000 cool new

Download Tetris 3000
Size: 2.81 MB
New software
Sclezanka 2.0.8
Real physical laws are combined with simple and intuitive controls
Tags: logic game, puzzle, free game

Download Sclezanka
Size: 0.56 MB
New software
Crazy Jumpin Jack 2.0
Logical platform jumping game with 222 levels
Tags: Crazy Games, Crazy Jumpin Jack, Jump over, brain, Game

Download Crazy Jumpin Jack
Size: 0.91 MB
New software
Mancala 3000 2.1
One of the oldest 2-player strategy games.
Tags: wari, mancala, board, games

Download Mancala 3000
Size: 1.11 MB
New software
xStack4 for Pocket PC 1.1
Play 4 games: Stack4, Stack 4x4, Connectris and Anti-Stack 4 on your Pocket PC
Tags: strategy game, board game, stack4x4, anti-stack 4, abstract game

Download xStack4 for Pocket PC
Size: 40 KB

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