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New software
Agent Sokoban 1.83
A great sokoban-style game. It features 375 levels and awesome sound tracks.
Tags:puzzle, byxon, game, sokoban, agent

Download Agent Sokoban
Size: 1.45 MB
New software
Intricate Words 1.0
Follow in the tracks of the Magic Cat to see its pleased smile.
Tags: combine words, puzzle, word game, words play, word

Download Intricate Words
Size: 2.17 MB
New software
Charm Tale 1.12
Release from the spell the inhabitants of Fairyland in this charming puzzle.
Tags: logic, classic, game, mosaic, inlay

Download Charm Tale
Size: 14.65 MB
New software
Atlantis Sky Patrol 1.0
Shoot colorful marbles to knock out the doomsday devices and save...
Tags: casino, play free online game, kid game, game spot, funny game

Download Atlantis Sky Patrol
Size: 27.64 MB
New software
3DSwapBalls 1.82
The object of the game is to score points by swapping adjacent gems.
Tags: tile game, 3DSwapBalls, computer game, ball, tile

Download 3DSwapBalls
Size: 0.65 MB
New software
Cades Cove Scenes Screensaver 1.0
Screensaver - View the natural beauty of Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains
Tags: smoky mountains, cades cove, screensaver, mountains, tennessee

Download Cades Cove Scenes Screensaver
Size: 3.72 MB
New software
Cows and Bulls for Pocket PC 3.0
You can play classic game Cows and Bulls on your Pocket PC
Tags: Mastermind, Cows and Bulls, Bulls and Cows

Download Cows and Bulls for Pocket PC
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
IPNetLogoff 1.1.9
Automatically log off users when they abandon their stations, adjustable modes.
Tags:screen savers, networking, utilities, security

Download IPNetLogoff
Size: 5.09 MB
New software
Crystal Path 1.15
Remove beautiful crystals on your way through mysterious puzzle land.
Tags: puzzle, able, logic, classic, inlay

Download Crystal Path
Size: 7.15 MB
New software
Cramgene 1.1
An incredibly unique puzzle game played alone or with a friend over the Internet
Tags: pet, game, genomic, puzzle, cramgene

Download Cramgene
Size: 5.11 MB
New software
Marbles Deluxe 1.31a
Based on the Amiga classic, this is a unique puzzler with 3D rendered graphics.
Tags:puzzle, brain, puzzler, tetris, mind

Download Marbles Deluxe
Size: 1.79 MB
New software
Shapeswitch puzzle 1.0
Piece-switching 6x6 board puzzle. Equals shape and color switches to be in-a-row
Tags: game, puzzle, board

Download Shapeswitch puzzle
Size: 6 KB
New software
Domai04.exe 1.0
Beautiful jigsaw puzzle of a nude girl relaxing in the sun.
Tags: game, Jigsaw puzzle, daily jigsaw puzzle, free puzzle, nude

Download Domai04.exe
Size: 0.36 MB
New software
Around the World 1.2
Around the World is a fun, nice and original block-matching puzzle game.
Tags: shareware, match, puzzle game, travel, puzzle

Download Around the World
Size: 8.99 MB
New software
Classical N-Puzzle 2.0
This game is classical n-puzzle game.
Tags: slider, classical, sliders, puzzle, game

Download Classical N-Puzzle
Size: 1.84 MB
New software
Roteris 1.2
A colorful variation of tetris game
Tags:puzzle, game, tetris

Download Roteris
Size: 2.68 MB
New software
SudoKoach 2.3
SudoKoach does the tedious work for you, so solving Sudoku puzzles is more fun!
Tags:sudoku, strategy, puzzle, sudokoach, game

Download SudoKoach
Size: 2.33 MB
New software
Lucky's Puzzle Carnival 1.06
Lucky's Puzzle Carnival is a pack of 3 addictive puzzle games.
Tags: Unmix, puzzle pack, Memory Search, Color Mix, casual game

Download Lucky's Puzzle Carnival
Size: 42.27 MB
New software
Haunted Legends The Queen of Spades Collector's Edition 1
Search a haunted mansion for clues in this spooky hidden object game
Tags: legend, queen, haunted, haunted mansion, The Queen of Spades

Download Haunted Legends The Queen of Spades Collector's Edition
Size: 0.29 MB
New software
Sky Bubbles Deluxe 1.2
Save the blessed country of Tir-O-Ding.
Tags: classic, game, remake, puzzle, alawar

Download Sky Bubbles Deluxe
Size: 0 KB
New software
Griddlers Deluxe 2007-6.3
New version of extra cool Japanese logic puzzles - griddlers (nonograms).
Tags: puzzles, japanese crosswords, nonogram, japanese puzzles, griddlers

Download Griddlers Deluxe
Size: 1.63 MB
New software
Super Minesweeper 1.13
Minesweeper with tons of boards, game modes, customizable colors and more.
Tags: tiles, mines, puzzle, custom, minesweeper

Download Super Minesweeper
Size: 1.25 MB
New software
Maze Creator HOME 1.96
Print random customized mazes with solution; add pictures, text, change shape
Tags: maze creator, printable mazes, maze, printable puzzles, printable mazes

Download Maze Creator HOME
Size: 2.38 MB
New software
Funny Creatures 2.13
Help Funny Creatures to solve interesting puzzles in the maze.
Tags: game, funny creatures, puzzle, maze, puzzler

Download Funny Creatures
Size: 1.3 MB
New software
Arcade Mah Jongg 1.30
Try this Mah Jongg game download with arcade style play! Aim for the moving tiles and make
Tags: Matching, Mah Jongg, Match, Puzzle, New

Download Arcade Mah Jongg
Size: 2.94 MB

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