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Screen-It 1.1
Simplify Windows with Virtual Desktops, and by hiding unused running apps.
Tags: manager, management, applications, simplify, organize

Download Screen-It
Size: 95 KB
New software
Network Inventory Expert 3.7
Network Inventory Expert allows you to create a agent less network inventory.
Tags: hardware inventory, audit, audit PC, network inventory, PC inventory

Download Network Inventory Expert
Size: 1.18 MB
New software
Groovy Hex Editor 1.6
Easy to use fully function Hex Editor with no expiration & no disabled features
Tags: decimal, hex utility, binary editor, hex editor, base-10

Download Groovy Hex Editor
Size: 0.88 MB
New software
Plug and Browse 6.1
Switch between different network settings and connect to the internet or the LAN
Tags: ipswitch, network profile, Ipswitcher, Multinetwork, Netswitcher

Download Plug and Browse
Size: 27.98 MB
New software
File Uploader 1.13
Uploads files to a HTTP and FTP servers
Tags: HTTPS, POST, authentication, file, upload

Download File Uploader
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
netChimes 1.0
netChimes plays sounds to alert you in real-time when users visit your webpage
Tags: log, messenger, netchimes, statistics, alert

Download netChimes
Size: 1.82 MB
New software
Bookmark Toolbar
Bookmark Toolbar is IE tool for text search, word highlighting and bookmarking.
Tags: internet, bookmark, auto-fill, hint, search

Download Bookmark Toolbar
Size: 0.43 MB
New software
Emits DTMF tones including A, B, C and D. Programmable memory and 16 no. redial
Tags: tone, dial, DTMF, sound

Download DTMFDial
Size: 0.66 MB
New software
BrownRecluse 1.62
BrownRecluse programmable spider, download websites, online database, scan
Tags: website, programmable, black widow, database grabber, manager

Download BrownRecluse
Size: 4.18 MB
New software
Hide IP Platinum 5.0
Concerned about Internet privacy? Want to hide your IP address?
Tags:hide ip, hide ip address, anonymous web surfing, anonymous surf, mask ip

Download Hide IP Platinum
Size: 0.79 MB
New software
Crystal MP3 Recorder 1.00
Crystal MP3 Recorder, audio Recorder, auto recorder.
Tags: auto recorder., Crystal MP3 Recorder, audio Recorder

Download Crystal MP3 Recorder
Size: 3.23 MB
New software
NagBlaster 1.0
Eliminates those Nagging pop-up windows.
Tags: up, ad, window, popup, nag

Download NagBlaster
Size: 1.26 MB
New software
Active Whois Browser 4.0
Browse all information for an IP address or domain name with a single click!
Tags: domain, browser, active, search, address

Download Active Whois Browser
Size: 1.16 MB
New software
Torrent Search Bar
Search Torrents in more than 35 Top Torrent Search engines + Torrents RSS Feeds.
Tags: Bitorrent, Bitoogle, Bitenova, Jabbrwalker, Orbdesign

Download Torrent Search Bar
Size: 0.92 MB
New software
TerminalServiceAgent 1.2.9
TerminalServiceAgent allows to control network terminal services and processes.
Tags: terminal service, scheduler, network, programs, system

Download TerminalServiceAgent
Size: 0.53 MB
New software
Web Photo Search 2013
Quickly search and download pictures from the Internet.
Tags: picture grabber, photo search, pic grabber, image grabber, pic er

Download Web Photo Search
Size: 1.65 MB
New software
Delete Cookies 1.2
Security software to remove all the traces of your online and offline activity.
Tags: erase, cookies, delete, temporary, privacy

Download Delete Cookies
Size: 0.49 MB
New software
Surf Logger 2.0.1913
James Bond?s gadget for forgetful PC users, loving mothers, and fooled bosses
Tags: tracker, tracking, log, url, surfing

Download Surf Logger
Size: 0.37 MB
New software
JustUrls 5.3
A URL browser launching tray icon based application designed to be easy to use.
Tags: Tray Launcher, JustUrls, URL, Browser Helper, Browser Add on

Download JustUrls
Size: 0.69 MB
New software
Gusto MiniCinema 1.40
Media player that support DivX, QuickTime, RealMedia and Window Media files.
Tags: desktop, VCD, mpg, CD, DAT

Download Gusto MiniCinema
Size: 2.15 MB
New software
BitTorrent PRO 5.3.0
BitTorrent PRO is a P2P application for music, mp3, movies, games downloads
Tags: file, songs, LimeWire, movies, sharing

Download BitTorrent PRO
Size: 13.56 MB
New software

Download OnlineTimer Pro
Size: 0.88 MB
New software
Chilkat Zip Compression C++ Library 12.4.0
Chilkat Zip Compression Visual C++ Library
Tags: Microsoft, Zip, Library, C++, Lib

Download Chilkat Zip Compression C++ Library
Size: 19.54 MB

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