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New software
TCP Optimizer 4.0.6
TCP Optimizer is free software that optimizes and tunes your Internet connection
Tags: icmp, bandwidth, dsl, boost, broadband

Download TCP Optimizer
Size: 680 MB
New software
WinLock Remote Administrator 4.21
A new security application that makes networks safer.
Tags: lock, access, security, password, remote

Download WinLock Remote Administrator
Size: 5939.2 MB
New software
Auction Defender
Track, automate bids and snipe auctions with this eBay software.
Tags: track, win, sniping, eBay, snipe

Download Auction Defender
Size: 1740.8 MB
New software
SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 3.2.3
A traffic managment solution offers cost-effective bandwidth control and QoS
Tags: control, slowdown, bandwidthcontroller, internet, manager

Download SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager
Size: 12083.2 MB
New software
Paessler SNMP Tester 5.2.3
Test and debug SNMP requests against a device in your network.
Tags: network, packet sniffing, SNMP, router, graph

Download Paessler SNMP Tester
Size: 5120 MB
New software
CommView for WiFi 7.1.831
CommView for WiFi is a program for capturing traffic on 802.11a/b/g networks
Tags: Wi-Fi, network, WPA, wireless, packet

Download CommView for WiFi
Size: 74854.4 MB
New software
10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 8.22
Network Inventory: track hardware and software installed on network computers
Tags: management, report, inventory, asset, hardware

Download 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer
Size: 17100.8 MB
New software
ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2017.851.7021
Monitors servers and workstations for availability. Alerts and recovers.
Tags: server monitor, diagnostic, network server, Internet, internet solutions

Download ActiveXperts Network Monitor
Size: 27136 MB
New software
Elite Proxy Switcher 1.28.170205
EPS can test the details of proxy and quickly set the proxy for your browsers.
Tags: set proxy, test proxy, proxy buy, checker proxy, elite proxy

Download Elite Proxy Switcher
Size: 2457.6 MB
New software
X-Mouse Button Control 2.15
X-Mouse Button Control remap your mouse buttons and expand the capabilities.
Tags:button control, mouse button, mouse control

Download X-Mouse Button Control
Size: 2969.6 MB
New software
Centrally monitor and analyze any log your systems and applications can generate
Tags: event log, log, computer log, text log, monitor

Download LogMeister
Size: 8499.21 MB
New software
A powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze Windows Event Logs
Tags: Log Reder, Event Log, Log Viewer, Event Notification, Windows Event Log

Download EventMeister
Size: 8294.4 MB
New software
Overseer Network Monitor
Windows network/website/event log/service/disk/process monitoring software.
Tags: ping, notification, System, availability, pager

Download Overseer Network Monitor
Size: 30412.8 MB
New software
Permission Analyzer 2.3.3
Generates a clear visual overview of the permissions of each user or user group.
Tags: installed, network, Permissions, security, directories

Download Permission Analyzer
Size: 110592 MB
New software
BitComet SpeedUp Pro 4.6.0
BitComet SpeedUp PRO is an effective plug-in for BitComet P2P.
Tags:Internet, Speed, BitComet, MP3, SearchTool

Download BitComet SpeedUp Pro
Size: 872 MB
New software
10-Strike LANState 8.43
Create visual network map, monitor servers, be notified on failures.
Tags: device, ip, administrator, lanstate, scanner

Download 10-Strike LANState
Size: 25088 MB
New software
Free SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows
Tags: encryption, secure, sftp, windows, ssh

Download WinSCP
Size: 8806.4 MB
New software
32bit FTP 16.11.01
Access millions of FTP sites around the world
Tags: ftp programs, file transfer protacol, network, ftp upload, windows

Download 32bit FTP
Size: 1536 MB
New software
Express Assist
Outlook Express & Windows Live Mail - Backup, Restore and Synchronize Utility
Tags: Synchronize, Windows Mail, Express, Backup, Windows Live Mail

Download Express Assist
Size: 8908.8 MB
New software
Switch Center Workgroup 3.6
Network management and monitor for managed switches and routers from any vendor.
Tags: monitor, management, device, switch, port

Download Switch Center Workgroup
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
Axence NetTools
FREE network monitoring & alerting, Windows tools, trace, port/network scanner
Tags: ping, network utilities, administration tools, lookup, network scanner

Download Axence NetTools
Size: 19456 MB
New software
iGetter 2.7.4
iGetter is a full featured download manager and accelerator.
Tags: mirrors, file, accelerator, manager, speed

Download iGetter
Size: 2457.6 MB
New software
TruxShare 5.4.0
TruxShare is the greatest file sharing program for Windows.
Tags:mp3, video, ares, truxshare, music

Download TruxShare
Size: 968 MB
New software
WebSite-Watcher 2016 16.3
checks websites for updates and highlights all changes
Tags: Link Checker, Offline Browser, Bookmark Manager, WebSite, Update Checker

Download WebSite-Watcher
Size: 30003.2 MB

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