Remote Computing shareware and freeware software

New software
AdRem sfConsole 2009
Encrypted, directory- and Web-enabled remote access to the NetWare console
Tags: management, network management, netware management, server management, novell

Download AdRem sfConsole
Size: 8.9 MB
New software
Remote Reboot Utility
Quick, secure reboot of win32/win64 computer triggered from a web browser.
Tags:reboot, secure reboot, remote reboot

Download Remote Reboot Utility
Size: 3.9 MB
New software
Gate-and-Way RAS 2.2
Protected remote connections to the LAN and all the other Gate-and-Way services
Tags: Remote Access, Mutt, Client, router, Fetchmail

Download Gate-and-Way RAS
Size: 0.91 MB
New software
NCP Secure Entry CE Client 2.35.108
NCP Secure Entry CE Client for communication with any IPSec gateway
Tags: IPsec, Remote Access, VPN, Virtual Private Network, NCP

Download NCP Secure Entry CE Client
Size: 5.55 MB
New software
Vbs2Exe 5.0
Award Winning Sofware for compiling Scripts and Batch Files. Free Trial!
Tags: batch, API, JavaScript, VbScript, Commands

Download Vbs2Exe
Size: 1.79 MB
New software

Download Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager
Size: 0.63 MB
New software
Remote Desktop Control
Remote Desktop Control - access any remote computer from your PC
Tags: access computer, remote connection, remote computer, remote pc, remote access

Download Remote Desktop Control
Size: 4.66 MB
New software
QQSoft 3-in-1 ScreenCast 1.2
Broadcast Your Screen,together with video from camera,sound from sound card.
Tags: screen broadcast, webcam broadcast, remote access, remote teaching, remote control

Download QQSoft 3-in-1 ScreenCast
Size: 3.67 MB
New software
winShadow 2.0
A remote desktop tool for the Internet and private local and wide area networks.
Tags: remote control, pc anywhere, windows, pcanywhere, remote desktop

Download winShadow
Size: 2.62 MB
New software
iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security 2.06
Protect data at any Wi-Fi Hotspot, wireless network with VPN - NO configuration
Tags: 802.11 a/b/g, ssh, proxy, wep, security

Download iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security
Size: 0.72 MB
New software
NetSupport Manager Remote Control 11.01
Award winning remote control and cross platform PC management software
Tags: netsupport, remote access, remote control, remote control

Download NetSupport Manager Remote Control
Size: 33.38 MB
New software

Download NCP Secure Entry Client for Win32/64
Size: 27.72 MB
New software
Web Page Remote 11.0
Internet desktop remote server, remotely control a PC from a web browser.
Tags: tcp ip, remote control, pc anywhere, tcp/ip, network

Download Web Page Remote
Size: 14.21 MB
New software
SimpleDesktop 2.15
Access a remote computer on a static or dynamic IP even through an http proxy
Tags: http proxy, remote computer control, pc remote control, remote access, remote pc control

Download SimpleDesktop
Size: 17.58 MB
New software
ZenCommander 1.8
Remote File Explorer, Remote Desktop and a Remote Command prompt.
Tags: Administration, Batch, Remote Desktop, Remote, Files

Download ZenCommander
Size: 1.92 MB
New software
KpyM Telnet/SSH Server 1.19a
KpyM Telnet/SSH Server free telnet and ssh server for Windows.
Tags: windows, kpym, free, free Telnet ssh server, telnet

Download KpyM Telnet/SSH Server
Size: 1.63 MB
New software
AceaXe Plus Windows XServer 1.6
SSH XServer for Windows, Secure way to run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop.
Tags: pc xserver, x window system, windows xserver, FVWM, RSH

Download AceaXe Plus Windows XServer
Size: 21.42 MB
New software
WOL 2.0.3
Program implements wake on lan function. Wake-up remote computer.
Tags: utility, address, magic packet, turn-on, wake-up

Download WOL
Size: 0.8 MB
New software
Dupli Find 6.16.57
Searches text, excel & word files for duplicate lines/row and removes them.
Tags: script, lines, delete, locate, word

Download Dupli Find
Size: 1.04 MB
New software
SupportWindow Console 1.0
SupportWindow Support Console with Presentation Capability
Tags:remote desktop, chat, remote access, help desk, remote

Download SupportWindow Console
Size: 2.5 MB
New software
Prof Shutdown 4.6.1
Shutdown/Reboot/Wakeup solution for enterprise-wide and office networks
Tags: wol, power-off, remote, schedule, wakeup

Download Prof Shutdown
Size: 1.82 MB
New software
Radmin Remote Control 3.4
Remote Control Software for Secure Access to Remote Computer via Internet or LAN
Tags: vnc, network administration, remote access, remote administration, help desk

Download Radmin Remote Control
Size: 8.61 MB
New software
nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server 3.6
Windows NFS Client and NFS Server, nfsAxe enhances your networking performance
Tags: nfs server, network file system, windows nfs client, labf, nfs client

Download nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server
Size: 6.54 MB
New software
RemoteNet 12.0
An automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely.
Tags: pc remote control, vnc, transfer files, file, voice over IP

Download RemoteNet
Size: 10.8 MB

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