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New software
G.lux 2.6
A browser add-on designed to change the colors of any web page by changing the color tempe
Tags: website , adjust wesite color, website color filter, color temperature changer

Download G.lux
Size: 82 KB
New software
New Tab Changer 1.0
A simple but highly efficient add-on that allows you to specify which link will automatica
Tags: Chrome tab changer, new tab redirect, new tab replacement, new tab, changer

Download New Tab Changer
Size: 20 KB
New software
SurfPatrol for Firefox 1.2.1
A lightweight extension for Firefox designed to scan the browser for vulnerabilities and t
Tags: scan , browser vulnerability, Firefox vulnerability, vulnerability scanner

Download SurfPatrol for Firefox
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
Cut, Copy and Paste Tabs 1.0
An efficient extension for Firefox that enables cut, copy and paste functions, which can b
Tags: paste tab, copy tab, tab copier, copy

Download Cut, Copy and Paste Tabs
Size: 5 KB
New software
PopVideo 0.6.8
A simple and easy to use Firefox extension that was designed to allows users to pop video
Tags: extension , Firefox addon, detach video, pop up video

Download PopVideo
Size: 39 KB
New software
YSlow for Chrome 3.1.2
A useful, reliable and effective Chrome extension that analyzes webpages and suggests ways
Tags: Chrome Extension, Analyze Website, Improve Webpage, Suggestion

Download YSlow for Chrome
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
Free System Traces Cleaner
A handy software solution you can use to protect your privacy and get rid of the clutter o
Tags:system cleaner, erase , erase history, cache cleaner

Download Free System Traces Cleaner
Size: 1.1 MB
New software
PR Checker 2.2.3
A practical extension for the web developers or users who need to view the rank of a certa
Tags:view rage rank, Alexa rank viewer, checker , page rank checker

Download PR Checker
Size: 90 KB
New software
Recycle Bin Wiper 2.32t
A user-friendly software solution that enables you to permanently erase the files from you
Tags: Recycle Bin Cleaner, Delete , Erase File, File Shredder

Download Recycle Bin Wiper
Size: 1.36 MB
New software
Google Adsense Monitor 2.2
A simple and reliable Opera add-on that comes in handy for users who need to view and mana
Tags: monitor profit, Adsense tracker, Opera add-on, income

Download Google Adsense Monitor
Size: 39 KB
New software
NoCoffee 0.4.8
A browser add-on that allows you to emulate various vision disorders and impediments in or
Tags: change website aspect, eye , simulate vision impediment, eye disorder simulate

Download NoCoffee
Size: 0.66 MB
New software
FireSaver 3.1.0
A practical and handy Firefox extension specially designed to help users download websites
Tags: grabber , download web page, Firefox add-on, save web page

Download FireSaver
Size: 59 KB
New software
Super Start 7.0
A handy and reliable Firefox extension that will help you to quickly and easily manage vis
Tags:organize bookmark, Firefox addon, bookmark manager, organize

Download Super Start
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
High Contrast 0.5
A useful browser extension designed to change or invert the colors from the current web pa
Tags:change page aspect, page filter, grayscale , invert page color

Download High Contrast
Size: 25 KB
New software
Public IP Display 1.3.rev83
An effective extension for Firefox that displays your external IP and provides notificatio
Tags: IP address, IP address notifier, show IP address, change , find IP address

Download Public IP Display
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
OneTab 1.5
A simple and effective tab manager for Chrome.
Tags: manage tab list, group , Chrome tab manager, tab group creator

Download OneTab
Size: 0.16 MB
New software

Download Wunderlist for Chrome
Size: 83 KB
New software
keySharky for Chrome 1.6.1
Create your own shortcuts for listening music on Grooveshark.
Tags: customize shortcut, keyboard , Grooveshark keyboard shortcut, Chrome extension

Download keySharky for Chrome
Size: 12 KB
New software
Webmemes for Opera 1.1.4
Allows to use meme-smileys in any text box by selecting them from the popup
Tags: smiley , Opera add-on, meme add-on, web meme

Download Webmemes for Opera
Size: 2.95 MB
New software
Top UK Deals for Firefox 1.4
Displays the latest Hot UK Deals from the popular UK website in a popup window.
Tags: UK deal, HUKD deal, Firefox addon, discount

Download Top UK Deals for Firefox
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
KeySearch For Safari 2.1.2
Allows you to search any site you want, right from the toolbar.
Tags: keyword finder, Safari extension, finder , search word

Download KeySearch For Safari
Size: 0.1 MB
New software
Omnibox Timer 0.3.1
A simple extension that allows you to set up multiple countdown timer by using the Chrome
Tags: schedule alarm, address bar , countdown timer, address bar timer

Download Omnibox Timer
Size: 0.42 MB
New software
TabFlip 1.0.0
An effective extension for Firefox that allows users to intuitively flip through open tabs
Tags: flipper , flip tab, tab navigation, tab flipper

Download TabFlip
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Faviconize Google for Chrome 2.3
Adds favicons to each link offered by Google search results
Tags: faviconize search result, iconize Google search, add icon, add

Download Faviconize Google for Chrome
Size: 12 KB

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