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New software
Permanent Readability 0.10
A useful extension designed to help Chrome users who need to disable the Readability featu
Tags: enable , disable Readability, enable Readability, Chrome extension

Download Permanent Readability
Size: 3.39 MB
New software

Download AutoPagerize for Chrome
Size: 0.3 MB
New software
PriceDetect for Safari 3.0.7
Get the best deal possible when shopping online
Tags: Safari extension, buy option, price alternative, alternative

Download PriceDetect for Safari
Size: 56 KB
New software
GTasks Panel 1.0.0
A lightweight Firefox extension that implements Gtasks within the browser, providing a use
Tags: Firefox addon, Google Tasks panel, Google Tasks shortcut, panel , Google Tasks

Download GTasks Panel
Size: 24 KB
New software
Google Cast 2.2013.10723.11607
Allows you to project any Google Chrome window to your Chrome Cast device in order to watc
Tags: webpage , TV broadcast, Chrome to TV, broadcast Chrome tab

Download Google Cast
Size: 0.23 MB
New software
Mozbar for Chrome 2.61
Access important SEO information while browsing the Internet.
Tags: view , access SEO metrics, SEO toolbar, view SEO information

Download Mozbar for Chrome
Size: 0.62 MB
New software
MoviePile Downloader 1.1
A Google Chrome extension designed to retrieve movies from the current website and downloa
Tags:download movie, send to MoviePile, link , send movie link

Download MoviePile Downloader
Size: 0.31 MB
New software
English Into Urdu Translate 1.6
A very lightweight and straightforward Firefox extension designed to translate the highlig
Tags:English to Urdu, Firefox addon, translator , Urdu translator, English2Urdu

Download English Into Urdu Translate
Size: 83 KB
New software
Go To Top 1.11
Adds a "Go To Top" toolbar button to Firefox
Tags: Firefox extension, to top, Firefox addon, Firefox , navigate to top

Download Go To Top
Size: 7 KB
New software
Coupon Periscope for Firefox 1.1.0
Money saving Firefox extension that automatically detects available and hidden shopping co
Tags: discount , find coupon, Firefox addon, coupon finder

Download Coupon Periscope for Firefox
Size: 47 KB
New software
Bitcoin Prices 0.1.4
A lightweight, yet useful Firefox extension designed to display the current Bitcoin prices
Tags:Bitcoin price, Firefox addon, graph , Bitcoin graph

Download Bitcoin Prices
Size: 0.34 MB
New software
SoundCloud Downloader for Firefox 0.68.1
A handy Firefox extension that will help you save your favorite songs from SoundClound on
Tags: download , Soundcloud grabber, download song, Firefox addon

Download SoundCloud Downloader for Firefox
Size: 0.18 MB
New software
Remarkerbe 0.4.0
Webpage marker and highlighter for Firefox
Tags: highlight content, webpage marker, Firefox addon, marker

Download Remarkerbe
Size: 0.3 MB
New software
Link Expose 1.6 Rev. 23.1
A simple, yet reliable Firefox extension that removes browser redirects in order to preven
Tags: remover , remove redirect, Firefox addon, prevent tracking

Download Link Expose
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Instair for Chrome 1.3.0
Allows you to use Google, Wikipedia and other engines to search for an item from the curre
Tags: share , share link, Google search, search Wikipedia

Download Instair for Chrome
Size: 74 KB
New software
Chrome Web Store Launcher 1.2.4
A useful application launcher for the Chrome users that want to quickly access their insta
Tags:launch Chrome app, app , app launcher, app popup menu

Download Chrome Web Store Launcher
Size: 28 KB
New software
Favicon Badges 0.2.0
A Google Chrome extension designed to display any number from the page name as a favicon b
Tags:favicon counter, counter , favicon badge generator, view message number

Download Favicon Badges
Size: 22 KB
New software
Instair 1.2.3
A handy addon that allows you to use various search engines, such as Google or Wikipedia a
Tags: share link, find , Wikipedia search, search Google

Download Instair
Size: 85 KB
New software
Benzo Bookmarks 0.3.9
A Google Chrome extension that allows you to organize your bookmarks folders and launch a
Tags: launch hyperlink, organize Chrome bookmark, bookmark manager, bookmark

Download Benzo Bookmarks
Size: 0.32 MB
New software
Scroll Highlight 0.3
A lightweight Firefox extension whose only purpose is to highlight the last cursor positio
Tags: highlight scroll, highlight , scroll highlighter, cursor position

Download Scroll Highlight
Size: 2 KB
New software
Fauxbar 1.4.0
A new tab replacement that allows you to access your apps, extensions, bookmarks and vario
Tags: replacement , access Chrome configuration, bookmark menu, replace new tab, new tab

Download Fauxbar
Size: 0.3 MB
New software
Hola Unblocker for Firefox 1.5.813
A lightweight, yet efficient Firefox extension designed to remove the area restrictions im
Tags: unblocker , VNP service, unblock restriction, Firefox addon

Download Hola Unblocker for Firefox
Size: 1003 MB
New software
Fly Photo Editor for Facebook Chrome Extension 1.0.4
Allows you to edit your Facebook images in order to remove the red eye effect, add frames,
Tags: Facebook image adjuster, editor , edit Facebook image, image editor

Download Fly Photo Editor for Facebook Chrome Extension
Size: 57 KB
New software
Bosnian Spell Checker 1.1
A small, yet very efficient Firefox extension that implements the possibility to check for
Tags: Bosnian text, Firefox addon, Bosnian spelling, checker

Download Bosnian Spell Checker
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
Bookmark# 1.2
Allows you to add multiple tags to your bookmarks in order to organize them and easily fin
Tags:find bookmark, create bookmark tag, organize bookmark list, organize

Download Bookmark#
Size: 0.19 MB

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