Remote Computing shareware and freeware software

New software
IDEAL Alerter 2011 2.0.3
Manages the monitoring of defined events and applies a set of associated actions on networ
Tags: manager , remote management, remote monitor, event tracker

Download IDEAL Alerter
Size: 11.3 MB
New software
Touchmote 1.0 Beta 10
Use your Wiimote as a remote controller for Windows 8
Tags: Swipe , Connect Wiimote, Wiimote Connection, Remote Controller

Download Touchmote
Size: 11.9 MB
New software
Zoom Commander 1.0
Control the media playing on a remote computer
Tags:Remote Controller, Create Playlist, Remote Connection, Scheduler

Download Zoom Commander
Size: 4.11 MB
New software

Download SyncMate
Size: 4.44 MB
New software
ShowMyPC 3160
ShowMyPC is a Community for Remote Support providers. Providing tools for Web Conferencing
Tags: remote desktop, remote control, controller , remote access

Download ShowMyPC
Size: 2.05 MB
New software
Ammyy Admin 3.5
Connects remote computers within seconds without any installation or configuration
Tags: Administrator , Remote Access, Remote Controller, Remote Transfer

Download Ammyy Admin
Size: 0.73 MB
New software
The easiest way to administer Access to your File Systems
Tags: Active Directory addon, retrieve system right, remote , remote file system

Download CollectADMIN
Size: 1.99 MB
New software
Laplink Gold 2008 14.01
An application made for advanced remote control, file transfer
Tags: computer synchronization, file transfer, sunchronyze , remote control

Download Laplink Gold
Size: 11.1 MB
New software
Remote Deployment Kit
Automated Remote Deployment of Software Applications to Network PCs
Tags: uninstaller , remote deployment, remote installer, remote uninstaller

Download Remote Deployment Kit
Size: 9.95 MB
New software
Remote Control PC
This application will allow you to control a networked PC
Tags: remote control, control network PC, connection , remote desktop

Download Remote Control PC
Size: 3.92 MB
New software
Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools 1.0
A tool for administrators to manage roles and features installed on computers that are run
Tags: Administration , Administration Tools, Remote Server, Remote Management

Download Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools
Size: 95.2 MB
New software
DameWare Remote Support (formerly DameWare NT Utilities)
An enterprise system management application which allows Administrators to go beyond the l
Tags: remote management, administration utility, administration , system management

Download DameWare Remote Support (formerly DameWare NT Utilities)
Size: 69.2 MB
New software
Remote Computer Manager 5.0.4
Allows you to make remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, run and other operations
Tags: remote Wake-on-LAN, network administration , remote shutdown

Download Remote Computer Manager
Size: 3.23 MB
New software
EMCO Remote Registry Merge
Import/Merge Registry Files Remotely.
Tags: tools, tool, remote, merge, import

Download EMCO Remote Registry Merge
Size: 48.8 MB
New software
Super Silent Manager
Silently Watch Desktop, Webcam and Microphone
Tags: kids, spy, web, watch, manager

Download Super Silent Manager
Size: 4.55 MB
New software
Online Desktop Presenter 1.9.1306
Windows Desktop Presentation via Internet.
Tags:desktop, presentation, ie, software, tool

Download Online Desktop Presenter
Size: 1.47 MB

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