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DBSync for MS Access 6.7.3
This program allows you to easily convert and syncronize Microsoft Access (MDB) databases
Tags: synchronize database, synchronize , database converter, database conversion

Download DBSync for MS Access
Size: 18329.6 MB
New software
Perforce Visual Studio Plug-In (P4VS) 2015.1
Allows you to use access the Perforce server services from the Visual Studio interface in
Tags: Perforce server access, create Sandbox instance, server , Visual Studio integration, Visual Studio

Download Perforce Visual Studio Plug-In (P4VS)
Size: 5836.8 MB
New software
SDF Viewer 1.11.1
Create, view and edit SQL Server Compact
Tags:SDF viewer, edit SDF, database editor, create

Download SDF Viewer
Size: 35635.2 MB
New software
Dart Editor 1.10.0
A lightweight, open-source editor based on Eclipse components
Tags: web app development, web app, code editor, application development, development

Download Dart Editor
Size: 157696 MB
New software
Bloom 3.4.4
Bloom is a multi platform desktop app that lets you upload your photos and videos easily a
Tags: upload album, arrange , photo uploader, album downloader

Download Bloom
Size: 57446.4 MB
New software
Altova UModel Basic Edition 2015.3 SP 1
UML tool for software modeling and application development
Tags: model designer, create UML diagram, schema , XMI schema

Download Altova UModel Basic Edition
Size: 39833.6 MB
New software

Download Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition
Size: 31027.2 MB
New software
Better Thumbnail Browser 1.17.0
Thumbnail viewing and loading control for .NET forms
Tags:thumbnail viewer, thumbnail component, load , load thumbnail

Download Better Thumbnail Browser
Size: 8396.8 MB
New software
Carrot2 Workbench 3.10.1
A search results clustering engine that features two clustering algorithms

Download Carrot2 Workbench
Size: 53248 MB
New software
Docentric Toolkit 2.2.0
A powerful and easy to use set of components especially designed to provide a Microsoft Wo

Download Docentric Toolkit
Size: 16281.6 MB
New software
MozillaHistoryView 1.56
Useful software to view visited Web sites in Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape Web browsers

Download MozillaHistoryView
Size: 56 MB
New software

Download Cerberus Helpdesk
Size: 4915.2 MB
New software
GLFW 3.1.1
A portable framework for OpenGL application development
Tags: portable framework, opengl , opengl api, opengl framework

Download GLFW
Size: 849 MB
New software
Cibet 1.6.2
A framework to help you with your development

Download Cibet
Size: 478 MB
New software
Syncro SVN Client 10.1.2015040812
Client for the Subversion repositories.
Tags: sync, ie, version, client

Download Syncro SVN Client
Size: 66150.4 MB
New software
Carrot2-CLI 3.10.1
A command line interface for the Carrot2 framework
Tags: result , search result, clustering engine, clustering algorithm

Download Carrot2-CLI
Size: 14028.8 MB
New software

Download Snippets
Size: 20582.41 MB
New software
Argyll 1.7.0
An ICC compatible color management system
Tags: ICC profile, manage color, color management, calibration

Download Argyll
Size: 26931.2 MB
New software
Firefox OS Desktop Client 41.0a1 Nightly
Software to run Gaia and Web applications in a Gecko-based environment

Download Firefox OS Desktop Client
Size: 104448 MB
New software
Import Table from Excel for Oracle 1.08.00
Software to import table for Oracle databases helps to load data from Excel spreadsheet

Download Import Table from Excel for Oracle
Size: 610 MB
New software
GTalkabout 1.1.0
Instant messaging client software for discussing source code

Download GTalkabout
Size: 24678.4 MB
New software
The Replicator 11.6.9586
Software to distribute large numbers of files to many people

Download The Replicator
Size: 2969.6 MB
New software
FUBI 0.13.0 Beta
Full body interaction framework

Download FUBI
Size: 4812.8 MB

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