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West Wind Web Monitor 3.50
A simple website monitoring application that can check the availability of a website and s
Tags: webpage monitor, domain checker, website monitor, request

Download West Wind Web Monitor
Size: 2.34 MB
New software
SynCodeIntel 0.9.1
A SynWrite plugin that adds function hints and auto-completion capabilities to the source
Tags: function suggestion, hint , auto-complete plugin, SynWrite plugin

Download SynCodeIntel
Size: 12.97 MB
New software
Portable IVT Secure Access Light 23.3 Build 32951
Protects your privacy when connecting to remote systems over the Internet and private netw
Tags: VT220 terminal, terminal emulator, terminal, VT220 emulator

Download Portable IVT Secure Access Light
Size: 2.99 MB
New software

Download MySQL Cluster
Size: 96.6 MB
New software
SynJedi 1.0.5
SynJedi is a free source code editor, HTML editor, and Notepad replacement for Windows sys
Tags:SynWrite plugin, SynWrite , SynWrite suggesstion, SynWrite auto-completion

Download SynJedi
Size: 4.21 MB
New software
Database Workbench Lite for MySQL
Easily design and develop from a single conceptual data model to the different DBMS specif
Tags: ODBC transfer, database , MySQL management, compare database

Download Database Workbench Lite for MySQL
Size: 20.37 MB
New software
Nokia Link 1.2.415.4169
Tool to copy music, videos and photos between Nokia device and a computer
Tags:Nokia Connection, Mobile to PC, Connect , Nokia N9

Download Nokia Link
Size: 9.64 MB
New software
Skybrud.Social Beta
A social NET framework for integration with multiple popular services
Tags:Social Service, Social Integration, NET Framework, Framework

Download Skybrud.Social
Size: 95 KB
New software
OVal 1.84
A Java framework to help you with your development.
Tags: validation framework, development tool, constrain , Java framework

Download OVal
Size: 6.16 MB
New software
Cache and Save 4.2
A simple and useful software utility that helps users better organize the webpages they sa
Tags: highlight , website saver, link cacher, webpage highlight

Download Cache and Save
Size: 10.1 MB
New software
Flipboard for Windows 8.1
Flipboard is a software solution for reading the latest articles on the web and keep up-to
Tags: Read Timeline, Tweet , News Reader, Explore Tweets

Download Flipboard for Windows 8.1
Size: 0.6 MB
New software
Omega Sync 3.10
Compare and synchronize your databases
Tags: synchronize database, sync , compare schema, compare database

Download Omega Sync
Size: 15.4 MB
New software
WebSundew Standard
A useful tool designed to process multiple web pages in order to extract information in or
Tags: website scraper, web browser, browse , website extractor

Download WebSundew Standard
Size: 37.6 MB
New software

Download StochPy
Size: 503 MB
New software
spReporter 1.0.42
A simple and easy-to-use utility specially designed for analyzing STATSPACK and Automatic
Tags: performance statistics, analyzer , STATSPACK analyzer, AWR performance data

Download spReporter
Size: 3.05 MB
New software
DTM SQL Editor Enterprise 2.05.00
An efficient and comprehensive application designed to function as a database management t
Tags: run script, SQL editor, SQL connection, run

Download DTM SQL Editor Enterprise
Size: 1.26 MB
New software
MMI Simulator 1.1 Beta
A simple tool that allows developers to run a test on their UI interaction code, provided
Tags: gadget simulator, source code, source code tester, test , test source code

Download MMI Simulator
Size: 2.16 MB
New software
DTM SQL Editor Professional 2.05.00
An easy to use and comprehensive software solution that can help you work with your SQL sc
Tags:SQL Editor, SQL Automation, automate , SQL Manager

Download DTM SQL Editor Professional
Size: 1.27 MB
New software

Download SNMP library for Python
Size: 0.22 MB
New software
dbTrends 1.1.57
A database monitor for Oracle performance tuning
Tags:analyze Oracle database, database trend report, trend , generate report

Download dbTrends
Size: 14.3 MB
New software
MatchUp 3.104 Build 22170
A database processing tool that allows you to organize the data from multiple database typ
Tags: merge database, merge , change database structure, dedupe database

Download MatchUp
Size: 17.9 MB
New software
A flexible and feature-packed software solution for all those who want to design an attrac
Tags: Texture , Style Editor, Design Style, Design Interface

Download MTexturedStyleEditor
Size: 8.82 MB
New software

Download InstallAware Free for Visual Studio
Size: 2007.04 MB
New software
jpathwatch 0.95
A Java component to help you with your development with directory monitoring and file chan
Tags: file watcher, Java utility, checker , watch file

Download jpathwatch
Size: 0.53 MB
New software
Craigslist quick poster 0.9 Beta
A simple, lightweight Java-based application whose main purpose is to ease and automate th
Tags: post , Craigslist ad, Craigslist post, publish ad

Download Craigslist quick poster
Size: 21.79 MB

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