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New software
Socializer 1.0.2
A handy tool that was created to provide you with a means of getting in touch with your Fa
Tags:Facebook client, Facebook desktop, Facebook browser, post

Download Socializer
Size: 24.5 MB
New software
CS-Script for Notepad
A reliable and useful plugin for Notepad that allows users to conveniently build and run
Tags: compiler , C compiler, Notepad add-in, Notepad compiler

Download CS-Script for Notepad
Size: 0.97 MB
New software
Wakanda Studio 7 Build 152232 Produ
A simple and user-friendly tool that can help you successfully create applications for the
Tags: application creator, build application, builder , application designer

Download Wakanda Studio
Size: 69.9 MB
New software
XDO Client 1.0 Build 52
An intuitive and easy to use application that can assist you in testing data template and
Tags: Oracle report, test data template, connect , database report

Download XDO Client
Size: 20.05 MB
New software
Find Favorites 3.2
A practical and easy-to-use software utility worth having when you want to quickly manage
Tags: bookmarks finder, finder , bookmark manager, search bookmark

Download Find Favorites
Size: 0.75 MB
New software
A comprehensive application that enables users to connect to a MySQL, Interbase, MsSQL, Fi
Tags: execute , run query, execute query, database connection

Download SQLConnection
Size: 13.67 MB
New software
LazSqlX Beta
An easy-to-configure database management tool that comes with support for MsSQL, Oracle, M
Tags: MySQL , run query, database manager, execute query

Download LazSqlX
Size: 22732.8 MB
New software

Download BlueLife Hosts Editor
Size: 0.48 MB
New software
Connect Notifier 1.0
A practical and useful utility that tests whether the Internet connection for specific URL
Tags: Ping Domain, Internet Tester, Checker , Connection Notifier

Download Connect Notifier
Size: 1.12 MB
New software
Visual Studio Comparison Tools 2.2.23
Call external tools for comparing files in Visual Studio.
Tags: access compare tool, Visual Studio add-in, clipboard , compare file

Download Visual Studio Comparison Tools
Size: 0.81 MB
New software
Absolute code finder 4.0
A simple and easy to use software utility designed to help you quickly search for code sni
Tags: development tool, code snippet, find , find snippet, code snippet searcher

Download Absolute code finder
Size: 13.8 MB
New software
Topshelf 3.0.2
An easy, practical and effective service hosting framework specially intended for users wh
Tags: service host, system , build service, service hosting framework

Download Topshelf
Size: 0.52 MB
New software
SQL Manager for Oracle
A practical and reliable Oracle database administration and development worth having when
Tags: database manager, query , SQL manager, Oracle manager

Download SQL Manager for Oracle
Size: 56.2 MB
New software

Download Kirisurf
Size: 7 MB
New software

Download JaySvcUtil
Size: 0.12 MB
New software
Stay documented, perform multiple searches and read articles regarding a wide range of top
Tags: browse Wikipedia, Wikipedia browser, reader , Wikipedia search

Download Wikitool
Size: 1.14 MB
New software
Evolution Free RS
A simple software solution that was especially designed to provide you with a means of mod
Tags:header modifier, change response header, request header, request header customizer, query

Download Evolution Free
Size: 2.6 MB
New software
A useful application that was especially designed to serve as a simple means of browsing O
Tags: map , Slovakia map, Freemap Slovakia, map browser

Download nFreemapBrowser
Size: 6.47 MB
New software
Popup Topic Editor
Create pop-up help topics with a simple tool
Tags: pop-up topic, topic , help pop-up, help topic

Download Popup Topic Editor
Size: 16179.2 MB
New software
Google Maps PC Edition 1.0
An easy to use tool that can help you explore the maps of Earth, Mars and the Moon to view
Tags: Google Maps, Moon , Google Maps client, Google Mars, Google Mars explorer

Download Google Maps PC Edition
Size: 1.23 MB
New software
Composer 1.0.0 Alpha 8
An easy to use application that allows PHP developers to retrieve the dependent libraries
Tags: PHP , PHP dependency solver, dependency manager, install PHP library

Download Composer
Size: 0.65 MB
New software
Http Traffic Generator 1.7.9
Rapidly generate HTTP traffic for testing web applications.
Tags: HTTP traffic, generator , simulate traffic, generate traffic

Download Http Traffic Generator
Size: 0.49 MB
New software
HttpMaster 2.5.0
Web development application and page tester
Tags:webpage tester, web form, web form tester, web development, request

Download HttpMaster
Size: 1228.8 MB
New software
XLSReadWriteII 5.20.00
Excel component for reading and writing
Tags: development , read Excel, Excel library, Excel component

Download XLSReadWriteII
Size: 10.9 MB

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