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Hansoft JIRA Integration 8.0002
A server tool that allows you to transfer data between the Hansoft server and JIRA in orde
Tags: connect , connect Hansoft server, Hansoft to JIRA, project tracker integration

Download Hansoft JIRA Integration
Size: 20480 MB
New software
Pascal Browser
Generates a hyperlinked collection of HTML documents for your source code
Tags: create documentation, parse code, documentation , hyperlinked collection

Download Pascal Browser
Size: 3.6 MB
New software
glooqPro 5.7
A reliable and useful application that enables you to feature ads in your organization’s
Tags: banner creator, bran , promote brand, campaign designer

Download glooqPro
Size: 9.57 MB
New software
JGroups 3.6.1
Java-based tool for creating groups of processes
Tags:create group, group builder, multicast , process group

Download JGroups
Size: 2252.81 MB
New software
Clicky Panel 2.02
A desktop client for Clicky web analytics with multi threading alongside statistics for vi
Tags: website traffic, traffic , traffic status, web analytics, Clicky Web Analytics

Download Clicky Panel
Size: 11.7 MB
New software
FMiner Professional 9.73
A visual web scraping tool that can assist you in automatically extracting data from web p
Tags: grab website, website extractor, grabber , extract webpage

Download FMiner Professional
Size: 17920 MB
New software
Hansoft Perforce Integration 8.0002
Allows you to transfer data between Hansoft and Perforce in order to synchronize the data
Tags: Perforce sync, synchronize Hansoft, transfer Hansoft data, synchronize

Download Hansoft Perforce Integration
Size: 19251.2 MB
New software
Hansoft Auth Integration 8.2001
A practical tool that uses the LDAP authentication in order to integrate the user account
Tags:LDAP authentication, Hansoft server integration, automate account creation, Hansoft

Download Hansoft Auth Integration
Size: 17817.6 MB
New software
ScanMap 3D 3.3 Alpha
A practical tool for the users who want to analyze the activity of their MySQL server by v
Tags: visualize , visualize MySQL traffic, Snort visualization, analyze MySQL activity

Download ScanMap 3D
Size: 0.2 MB
New software

Download WebDAV for WHS
Size: 0.16 MB
New software
NeoBookDX 1.1c
A useful and effective multimedia extension designed to seamlessly integrate within NeoBoo
Tags: slideshow , e-book creator, NeoBook extension, video player

Download NeoBookDX
Size: 926 MB
New software
Create your own link database and conveniently manage the collection of your favorite webs
Tags: URL collection, link database, browser , link manager

Download VideoSiteManager
Size: 1.37 MB
New software

Download DBConvert for MS Excel
Size: 17 MB
New software
Typed Query - Code Generator 0.9.6
An intuitive database query application designed to help you browse through the content of
Tags: generate code, code , schema code, database query

Download Typed Query - Code Generator
Size: 0.85 MB
New software
Text to Speech VBScript Generator 1.1
Generates a Visual Basic Script file, which plays a user-defined voice message
Tags: VBScript generator, voice message, VBScript , text2speech, text to speech

Download Text to Speech VBScript Generator
Size: 0.51 MB
New software
DBSync for SQLite and MSSQL 1.4.3
Bi-directional synchronization and conversion tool for SQLite
Tags:database synchronizer, database converter, convert , database migration

Download DBSync for SQLite and MSSQL
Size: 17.5 MB
New software
VASoftOnline MySpace Plays Increaser
A MySpace audio and video views increaser with automated real time proxy checker.
Tags:increase play count, views increaser, play count increaser, scheduler

Download VASoftOnline MySpace Plays Increaser
Size: 1.95 MB
New software

Download MQ Batch Toolkit
Size: 23.9 MB
New software
TCP Client Server 1.1.2
A useful network utility for testing network programs.
Tags: connection monitor, TCP , network tester, port listener

Download TCP Client Server
Size: 0.58 MB
New software
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 10.0.0
A practical, useful and reliable Eclipse plug-in and cross-platform command-line client fo
Tags: Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio, Visual Studio TFS, Component , Eclipse Plugin

Download Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere
Size: 9.77 MB
New software

Download DomainMath IDE
Size: 28.1 MB
New software
ntdisp 0.5.1 Beta
A package that includes a user-friendly GUI and a command line utility designed for progra
Tags: configuration , microchip programmer, configure microchip, in-circuit programmer

Download ntdisp
Size: 3.87 MB
New software
Nymphicus 2.1.1
Simple, accessible and user-friendly Twitter/ client that allows you to quickly vis
Tags: send tweet, tweet sender, message , Twitter client

Download Nymphicus
Size: 2.8 MB

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