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Install Verify Tool 1.1 Alpha
This particular piece of software comes packing a suite of operations for your install che
Tags: check install, install check, verify tool, installation

Download Install Verify Tool
Size: 3.72 MB
New software
Apache Maven 3.2.1
A software project management and comprehension tool
Tags:project management, documentation , dependency list, development assistant

Download Apache Maven
Size: 7.52 MB
New software
RegEdit for Windows Embedded Compact 1.0 Beta
A very helpful registry editor for developers that want to create sofware for the Windows
Tags: Windows Embedded, embedded , Windows registry, registry editor

Download RegEdit for Windows Embedded Compact
Size: 0.14 MB
New software
LiteX 0.9.2 Beta
A simple and easy to use application designed to help you browse SQLite databases, truncat
Tags: table , SQLite explorer, SQL query, SQLite browser

Download LiteX
Size: 2.32 MB
New software
Open Asset Import Library - Viewer 3.0
A reliable and useful model viewer that allows you to load all file formats and easily ins
Tags: asset importer, manage 3D image, import , import asset

Download Open Asset Import Library - Viewer
Size: 14.3 MB
New software
SiteMonitor 1.83
Easily ping your website as frequent as you need to.
Tags:website monitor, website status, status , ping website

Download SiteMonitor
Size: 80 KB
New software
Snifflib 1.8.14
A Java numerical library with support for standard linear algebra functions, statistics an
Tags: matrix , Java numerical library, N-dimensional array, standard linear algebra

Download Snifflib
Size: 10 MB
New software
Aletheia 0.1.5 Beta
Sends raw HTTP requests with this Java utility
Tags: URL request, send , send request, HTTP request

Download Aletheia
Size: 2.84 MB
New software
An innovative application that creates a friendly environment where users can talk about t
Tags: weather condition, chat , weather chat, share weather forecats

Download WeatherTalk
Size: 0.66 MB
New software
JEnsembl 1.18 PreAlpha
An easy to implement Java API for Ensembl
Tags: Ensembl database, access Ensembl, develop , Ensembl API

Download JEnsembl
Size: 5.91 MB
New software
DB2Excel Beta
A user-friendly application that can help you connect to a SQL database, run SQL queries a
Tags: execute , export database, SQL query, database to Excel

Download DB2Excel
Size: 0.23 MB
New software
Places Near Me
A handy tool for the users who need to find shopping locations or hotels and get quick dir
Tags: hotel location finder, hotel , view map, find gas station

Download Places Near Me
Size: 3.94 MB
New software
SSuite Office - FaceCom Portal 2.00.0001
Accessible, simple and user-friendly software that enables you to easily communicate on Lo
Tags: video chat, peer-to-peer , video conference, VoIP application

Download SSuite Office - FaceCom Portal
Size: 6.01 MB
New software
Cleaner of Google's search URL results
A lightweight and simple application built in Java designed to help you extract the clean
Tags: URL cleaner, clean , search URL, clean URL

Download Cleaner of Google's search URL results
Size: 41 KB
New software
This particular piece of software will help you keep track of the live results within any
Tags: publish liveresult, control point, orienteering result, checkpoint

Download EmmaClient
Size: 5.8 MB
New software
OpenDNS Blocked URL Generator
A portable and easy-to-use application that provides a simple method to generate OpenDNS b
Tags: block , OpenDNS URL blocker, OpenDNS blocker, OpenDNS URL generator

Download OpenDNS Blocked URL Generator
Size: 22 KB
New software
A simple and efficient interface for the Woot! website which allows you to view the basic
Tags: view Woot product, read product description, Woot website interface, deal

Download Woot
Size: 54 KB
New software
A lightweight, yet straightforward application that provides a ten day forecast for any lo
Tags: forecast , predict weather, weather forecast, weather forecaster

Download ForecaWeather
Size: 2.54 MB
New software
Twipstr 1.2.5
Simple, lightweight and user-friendly instrument that enables you to post the Twitter mess
Tags: Twitter , Twitter Client, Tweet Post, Twitter Status

Download Twipstr
Size: 0.43 MB
New software

Download PeopleRes Data Manager
Size: 11.31 MB
New software
An intuitive and user-friendly application that helps you easily connect to your Feedly or
Tags: Feedly , Feedly Client, RSS Client, RSS Reader

Download Menere
Size: 0.42 MB

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