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New software
XDeltaEncoder 1.0.25
Reconstruct binary files by using delta patches.
Tags: merge patch, delta , generate delta patch, encode delta patch

Download XDeltaEncoder
Size: 0.81 MB
New software
shadowsocks GUI 0.6.4
Easily analyze the execution time of your scripts in JavaScript functions
Tags: execute , execute selector, run script, JavaScript execution

Download shadowsocks GUI
Size: 17203.2 MB
New software

Download zamiaCAD
Size: 69.07 MB
New software
An Outlook integrated Twitter client
Tags: add-on , Outlook add-on, Twitter client, post tweet

Download TwInbox
Size: 1.04 MB
New software
Windows Logo Kit 1.6
Certify devices for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 - Driver Test Manager
Tags:Windows Logo certification, certification , Windows Logo, driver quality signature, device logo

Download Windows Logo Kit
Size: 3993.6 MB
New software
Ping multiple hosts with this easy-to-use tool
Tags: graphic ping, ping IP, hostname , ping host

Download GPING
Size: 6.11 MB
New software
Versionizer Alpha
Quickly and easily edit AssemblyInfo files of Microsoft .NET projects
Tags: editor , build number, AssemblyInfo editor, configuration management

Download Versionizer
Size: 5 KB
New software

Download Sprite Spider
Size: 5.99 MB
New software
Code smarter and faster with this utility
Tags: editor , development environment, debug program, VI emulation

Download Komodo
Size: 71.8 MB
New software
RoboCop RoboCopy
An intuitive script generator for Robocopy.exe
Tags: generate script, RoboCop script, automate , script generator

Download RoboCop RoboCopy
Size: 1.75 MB
New software

Download MetaEdit
Size: 31.8 MB
New software
Managed ListView Control 1.1
An advanced UserControl component for your .NET applications
Tags: column , ListView Control, .NET component, UserControl component

Download Managed ListView Control
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
Copy as Batch Script
Copy EXE, MSI, INF and REG files to batch script
Tags:batch script, copy , create script, script creator

Download Copy as Batch Script
Size: 44 KB
New software
AzureXplorer for Visual Studio 1.3.8
A comprehensive Visual Studio extension for managing your Windows Azure storage accounts
Tags: Windows Azure, Signature , Retrieve Blob Metadata, Share Signature, Windows Azure Storage

Download AzureXplorer for Visual Studio
Size: 2.47 MB
New software
PostgreSQL PHP Generator Professional
A PostgreSQL GUI frontend that allows you to generate high-quality PHP scripts
Tags:PHP Generator, script generator, PHP script, PostgreSQL , create PHP script

Download PostgreSQL PHP Generator Professional
Size: 12.7 MB
New software
Sharpener Alpha
A code generator for S#arp that generates CRUD codes for each database table
Tags: class , code generator, CRUD code, source code, S#arp

Download Sharpener
Size: 55 KB
New software
WampServer 2.4
WampServer will install Apache, PHP5 and MySQL on your Windows .
Tags:Apache installer, PHPmyadmin installer, MySQL database, Database

Download WampServer
Size: 34.3 MB
New software
DBSync for MS SQL 2.7.8
Bi-directional synchronization and conversion for MS SQL and PostgreSQL database
Tags: Migration , PostgreSQL Sync, Synchronize Database, Database Synchronization

Download DBSync for MS SQL
Size: 19.7 MB
New software
Patch Generator 1.2.5
Patch archives and directories in a few clicks
Tags: update folder, patch ZIP archive, update , crate patch

Download Patch Generator
Size: 5.16 MB
New software
Pidgeon Client
A handy and easy to use IRC client
Tags:IRC client, client , IRC chat, IRC server

Download Pidgeon Client
Size: 25.02 MB
New software
NetInfoTrace 0.1 PreAlpha
An easy to use traceroute and DNS tracking utility
Tags: DNS tracker, host traceroute, whois tool, DNS

Download NetInfoTrace
Size: 16.87 MB

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