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New software
WordPress 4.7.5
A useful application to work with your blogging software
Tags: platform , password protecter, publisher platform, blog creator

Download WordPress
Size: 8499.21 MB
New software
Visual Importer Professional
Automate loading data into Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC from flat files or ODBC
Tags: Datawarehouse, BCP, ETL, ODBC, sql loader

Download Visual Importer Professional
Size: 43008 MB
New software
FMSLogo 7.1.0
An implementation of a computing environment called Logo, which is an interactive programm
Tags: logo implementation, programming language, development , logo environment

Download FMSLogo
Size: 31436.8 MB
New software
Mercurial 4.1.3
This program is a command-line application so you need to run it from the Windows command
Tags: command-line application, Source Control Management, manage , handle distributed projects

Download Mercurial
Size: 8499.21 MB
New software
A tool to import Excel data to DB2 database.
Tags: Excel to DB2, XLS2DB2, Excel2DB2 , Xls To DB2, Export Excel Data

Download XlsToDB2
Size: 7680 MB
New software
ApexSQL Doc 2017.02.0642
SQL tool to document SQL server database into HTML and CHM help
Tags: syntax , database documentation, server documentation, SQL documentation

Download ApexSQL Doc
Size: 28262.4 MB
New software
itom 3.0.0
A complete and extensive application designed for operating measurement systems, which com
Tags: automation , Python script, measurement system, script editor

Download itom
Size: 258048 MB
New software
A user-friendly software solution for importing CSV or TXT data and exporting it to Sqlite
Tags:CSV to Sqlite, CSV2Sqlite, Sqlite , TXT2Sqlite, TXT to Sqlite

Download TxtToSqlite
Size: 7270.4 MB
New software
A user-friendly software utility that helps you import CSV or TXT records to their Postgre
Tags: PostgreSQL Manager, CSV to PostgreSQL, TXT to PostgreSQL, CSV2PostgreSQL , TXT2PostgreSQL

Download TxtToPG
Size: 6860.8 MB
New software
WinAPIOverride 6.5.5
Allows you to monitor any function of a process
Tags: process monitor, internal function, function override, debug

Download WinAPIOverride
Size: 20377.6 MB
New software
Wonder Lister 01.03.0230
A useful application for the eBay users who need to manage their products, offers, invento
Tags: transaction report, inventory tracker, manage eBay account, organize

Download Wonder Lister
Size: 15052.8 MB
New software
MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.6
A database driver that provides MySQL database access for Python applications.
Tags:MySQL database connection, connector, access MySQL database, Python development

Download MySQL Connector/Python
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
HelpNDoc Personal Edition
A useful and easy-to-use application worth having when you need to quickly create complete

Download HelpNDoc Personal Edition
Size: 21299.2 MB
New software
Berkeley DB 6.2.32
A reliable application that eliminates the overhead of SQL query processing, enabling appl

Download Berkeley DB
Size: 34508.81 MB
New software
ESEDatabaseView 1.52
Software to view the content of ESE database files

Download ESEDatabaseView
Size: 72 MB
New software
ASP.NET Report Maker 10.0.0
Generate ASP.NET 2.0 Web report from database
Tags: vb, data, generate, page, microsoft

Download ASP.NET Report Maker
Size: 32153.6 MB
New software
GitKraken 2.4.0
Manage, clone and create new repositories within a modern interface with the help of this

Download GitKraken
Size: 79462.4 MB
New software
dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL 3.9.13
A driver that provides fast access to PostgreSQL databases.
Tags: layer, interface, component, database, database-independent

Download dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL
Size: 3891.2 MB
New software
My Nes 6.3.10
A NES emulator to help you with your work
Tags:NES emulator, develop , FAMICOM emulator, development tool

Download My Nes
Size: 4198.4 MB
New software
Runs scheduled backups of SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases, zips the backups, st
Tags: Schedule , Backup Scheduler, Schedule Backup, SQL Database Backup

Download SQLBackupAndFTP
Size: 8806.4 MB
New software
Cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor
Tags:catalog editor, edit , edit catalog, gettext catalog

Download Poedit
Size: 15155.2 MB
New software
PMD 5.5.6
A source code scanner to help you with your work
Tags:duplicate code checker, development , check java code, Java source checker

Download PMD
Size: 57344 MB
New software
Revive the Delphi code base with the help of this tool
Tags:Delphi code, StarUML fork, code update, syntax

Download WhiteStarUML
Size: 24166.4 MB
New software
Lianja App Builder 3.4.1
Helps you develop professional looking business applications
Tags: programming , app development, develop application, app creator

Download Lianja App Builder
Size: 292966.41 MB
New software
Android Studio
A comprehensive development environment for building Android apps
Tags: Build Application, Android Development, Develop Application, Developer

Download Android Studio
Size: 1887436.8 MB

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