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Download LBDemo
Size: 1.43 MB
New software

Download ModelRight for PostgreSQL
Size: 29.9 MB
New software
Portable HostsServer 2.0.58
A HostsMan companion to log blocked URLs
Tags:HTTP Server, log blocked URL, Server , custom hosts

Download Portable HostsServer
Size: 1.77 MB
New software

Download Data Management Center
Size: 35.77 MB
New software

Download Theta
Size: 6 KB
New software
Use macros for editing the objects from your Access database.
Tags:manipulate database object, manipulate , database API, update Access database

Download DAO
Size: 34 KB
New software

Download Vogon
Size: 460 MB
New software
TMS Workflow Studio
Add workflow/BPM (Business Process Management) capabilities to your applications
Tags: Delphi component, VCL framework, BPM framework, Delphi

Download TMS Workflow Studio
Size: 4.71 MB
New software
Peach 3.0.202
A fuzzing framework to help you with your work
Tags: fuzz network application, data fuzzer, fuzz , monitor fuzz run

Download Peach
Size: 25.7 MB
New software
LINQ to VFP 1.17.25
An IQToolkit Provider written specifically to target Visual FoxPro data.
Tags: Visual Fox Pro, IQToolkit Provider, LINQ2VFP, IQueryable , WCF Data Service

Download LINQ to VFP
Size: 1.17 MB
New software

Download PIsP (formerly PuTTYGen)
Size: 1.63 MB
New software
TumblOne 1.0.4
A lightweight image crawler for Tumblr
Tags: download picture, blog crawler, crawl , Tumblr crawler

Download TumblOne
Size: 0.67 MB
New software
SocialModeler 0.2
Java-based analysis tool for social media data
Tags: news trend, news analysis, analyze article, analysis

Download SocialModeler
Size: 37.86 MB
New software
Hex Reader
Retrieves hexadecimal data for any file
Tags: hex viewer, hexadecimal data, hex code reader, viewer

Download Hex Reader
Size: 0.24 MB
New software
The News Book 1.5
Read the latest news and share interesting articles with others
Tags: reader , read news, share news, news grabber

Download The News Book
Size: 2.3 MB
New software

Download jslint4java
Size: 1.52 MB
New software
Fav-Links 3.2
New way to manage bookmarks with this lightweight, browser independent application
Tags: link , link manager, bookmark manager, bookmark organizer

Download Fav-Links
Size: 2.54 MB
New software
YaDT 3.242
A diff tool to help you with your work
Tags: diff3 utility, CSV , merge diff file, diff tool

Download YaDT
Size: 2.07 MB
New software

Download bin2img
Size: 2.97 MB
New software
NoOra 0.0.9
Install / update Oracle database projects
Tags:database installation, database updater, Oracle update, table

Download NoOra
Size: 0.92 MB
New software

Download Chutzpah
Size: 7.84 MB
New software

Download freeWrap
Size: 9.81 MB
New software

Download CodeCompare Pro
Size: 10.6 MB

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