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Download ebe
Size: 13619.2 MB
New software
An easy-to-use interface and a working-horse for web-developers
Tags: SQL , MySQL connection, database connection, synchronize database

Download HeidiSQL
Size: 10137.6 MB
New software
Burp Suite Free Edition 1.7.22
Complete integrated platform to perform security testing for web applications

Download Burp Suite Free Edition
Size: 23961.6 MB
New software
OmegaT OmegaT is a free and open source multiplatform Computer Assisted Translation tool w
Tags:translation memory, translation, memory, fuzzy matching, Translation tool

Download OmegaT
Size: 85913.6 MB
New software
Sisulizer Standard 4.0.368
Visual software localization for .NET, C#, C/C , Delphi, VB, HTMLHelp, XML
Tags: translator , translate code, code localization, add localization

Download Sisulizer Standard
Size: 71884.8 MB
New software
Sisulizer Free Edition 4.0.368
Visually localize your application with this application.
Tags: edit source code, localize , translate code, visually localize

Download Sisulizer Free Edition
Size: 71884.8 MB
New software
Sisulizer Translator 4.0.368
Software for translators who need to build locally
Tags: builder , code localization, add localization, validate translation

Download Sisulizer Translator
Size: 71884.8 MB
New software

Download Sisulizer Enterprise
Size: 71884.8 MB
New software
Sisulizer Professional 4.0.368
Allows you to translate the interface of your programs.
Tags: code , product localization, translate code, interface translation

Download Sisulizer Professional
Size: 71884.8 MB
New software
SparkBooth 4.3.91
Instant photo booth software for your special event. Needs a computer and webcam
Tags:photobooth simulator, generate photo strip, upload , upload photo

Download SparkBooth
Size: 64819.2 MB
New software
XStudio 3.1sp3
A versatile test management software solution usable with any kinds of tests
Tags:test management, QA management, QA tester, manage

Download XStudio
Size: 104448 MB
New software
YourKit Profiler 2017.02-b59
A tool that comes as a CPU and memory profiler for .NET platform recognized by the IT prof

Download YourKit Profiler
Size: 44953.6 MB
New software
GTask for Desktop 5.0.2
Software to manage Google tasks

Download GTask for Desktop
Size: 43827.2 MB
New software
A graphical interface for the DISM command line utility
Tags: WIM mounter, mount WIM, DISM interface, interface

Download DISM GUI
Size: 122 MB
New software
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.8
Allows you to connect your applications to a MySQL database.
Tags: server , access MySQL server, database connector, connect MySQL database

Download MySQL Connector/ODBC
Size: 8192 MB
New software
WeatherInfo 4.1.6327.33794
Simple utility to view the weather condition for the current day from any city in the worl

Download WeatherInfo
Size: 12083.2 MB
New software
Software Ideas Modeler 10.68.6325.16334
A lightweight and powerful tool for the creation of UML diagrams
Tags: create , diagram designer, create UML diagram, generate diagram

Download Software Ideas Modeler
Size: 7884.8 MB
New software
Universal database tool to query, edit, browse, and manage databases
Tags: SQL , database query, execute query, manage database

Download DtSQL
Size: 45568 MB
New software
Norconex HTTP Collector 2.7.0
A powerful web crawler that can also extract and manipulate documents in order to retrieve

Download Norconex HTTP Collector
Size: 76800 MB
New software
OrientDB Community Edition 2.2.19
Distributed Graph Database Software

Download OrientDB Community Edition
Size: 46182.4 MB
New software
Protect your computer from potential threats
Tags: protect data, secure connection, detect threat, connection

Download Spotflux
Size: 510 MB
New software
ChromeCacheView 1.75
A small utility that quickly reads the cache folder of Google Chrome browser and displays
Tags: Cache Viewer, Browser , Chrome Cache, Google Chrome

Download ChromeCacheView
Size: 68 MB
New software
.NET Memory Profiler 5.0.156
Optimize the resources used by your .NET programs.
Tags: memory analyzer, optimize memory usage, usage , memory profiles

Download .NET Memory Profiler
Size: 40550.4 MB
New software
Msc-generator 5.5
You can use this user-friendly and effect software solution to quickly create Message Sequ
Tags: Message Sequence Chart, create MSC, draw MSC, generator

Download Msc-generator
Size: 16793.6 MB
New software
A practical and useful tool that helps you to host your own file-sharing website and share

Download 1AVShare
Size: 4710.4 MB

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