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New software
RegRun Security Suite Pro
Detect and remove any malware components and rootkits
Tags: spyware , block spyware, virus detection, remove adware

Download RegRun Security Suite Pro
Size: 23040 MB
New software
Challenger 2.4.24
Portable encryption software for any files and folders

Download Challenger
Size: 832 MB
New software
Auslogics Anti-Malware
Anti-malware solution to block threats that antivirus may miss

Download Auslogics Anti-Malware
Size: 8704 MB
New software
RegRun Security Suite Platinum
A powerful tool kit against Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware components.
Tags: lsoon, troubleshooting, runonce, runservices, registry

Download RegRun Security Suite Platinum
Size: 27852.8 MB
New software
USB Raptor
Software to lock and unlock your computer using USB flash drives as keys

Download USB Raptor
Size: 13004.8 MB
New software
Saves passwords, automatically logs into websites and applications, fills forms.
Tags: autofill forms, internet, password management, Single Sign On, SSO

Download RoboForm
Size: 21913.6 MB
New software
PC Agent
PC Agent monitors the activities of all users on a computer unnoticed.
Tags: monitoring, activities, invisible, email, hide

Download PC Agent
Size: 11673.6 MB
New software
SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.0.7
A free multithreaded IP,SNMP,NetBIOS scanner. Can detect hidden shares on a LAN.
Tags: scanner, tcp, resources, netbios, shared

Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner
Size: 7884.8 MB
New software
Mini Key Log
Mini Key Log monitors and records the activities of all users unnoticed.
Tags: hide, screenshot, webcam, monitoring, keystroke

Download Mini Key Log
Size: 9216 MB
New software
Combofix 17-05-16.01
Easily remove spyware and several types of malware from your computer
Tags: Malware Detector, Remove Spyware, Spyware Remover, Antimalware

Download Combofix
Size: 5529.6 MB
New software
Cyberarms Intrusion Detection 2.2.0
Provides a pro-active Intrusion Detection and Defense System (IDDS).
Tags: hacker attempt, detection , hacker intrusion, detect intrusion

Download Cyberarms Intrusion Detection
Size: 2355.2 MB
New software
Portable Reg Organizer 7.80
Extensive and extremely powerful set of effective registry management tools
Tags: Registry Optimization, Tweak Registry, Optimize , Registry Tweak

Download Portable Reg Organizer
Size: 10649.6 MB
New software
Portable Privacy Eraser Free
Clean up all your Internet history and past computer activities with one click.

Download Portable Privacy Eraser Free
Size: 5734.4 MB
New software
Alternate Password DB 2.340
Software to store your passwords

Download Alternate Password DB
Size: 970 MB
New software
Hitman Pro is a second opinion scanner, designed to rescue your computer from nasty viruse
Tags: browser security, virus check, anti spyware, browser

Download HitmanPro
Size: 10752 MB
New software

Download RogueKiller
Size: 34508.81 MB
New software
RdpGuard 3.7.9
Allows you to protect your Remote Desktop from brute-force attacks
Tags: brute-force attack, remote desktop protection, RDP protection, protection

Download RdpGuard
Size: 2150.4 MB
New software
Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup 2.4
A powerful software solution that provides endpoint device access control, as well as data
Tags: device lockdown, lockdown , device protection, access permision

Download Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup
Size: 1003 MB
New software
Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise 2.4
A useful application that brings endpoint device access control, data loss prevention and
Tags: access permision, device lockdown, lockdown , device protection

Download Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise
Size: 1003 MB
New software
PC Agent Viewer
Opens the monitoring reports of PC Agent
Tags: report viewer, PCA viewer, PC Agent report, report

Download PC Agent Viewer
Size: 4403.2 MB
New software
CrococryptFile 1.6
Simple and reliable solution to protect individual files from being opened, by a password

Download CrococryptFile
Size: 29286.4 MB
New software
Trojan Remover
Detects and automatically removes malware without the need to use SAFE mode.
Tags: Spyware, anti virus, Trojan Horse, Scanner, Worm

Download Trojan Remover
Size: 67174.4 MB
New software
DeviceLock 8.2.68523
Access control solution to floppy, CD-ROM, USB and other mobile devices.
Tags: network administrator, control access, protect network, lock

Download DeviceLock
Size: 1782579.2 MB
New software
Process Lasso Portable
The ultimate process priority and multi-core optimization tool!
Tags:Process Manager, Tweak Computer, Boost Performance, Boost

Download Process Lasso Portable
Size: 5939.2 MB

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