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New software
InfoProtect Data Security 1.31
Hide and encrypt any file or text data within your jpg, gif, bmp image files.
Tags: encrypt, cloak, sensitive data, steganography, hide and encrypt

Download InfoProtect Data Security
Size: 1.29 MB
New software
DataMPX V1.51
Easy organizer for your mp3 files saved on the CD-Rom discs or hard drives.
Tags: organize, data, utilities, multimedia, management

Download DataMPX
Size: 0.88 MB
New software
Keyboard Logger 1.7
Keyboard Logger records everything typed on the keyboard.
Tags: internet, keyboard, monitor, logger, windows

Download Keyboard Logger
Size: 0.55 MB
New software
SecExMail SOHO 1.5
SecExMail makes email encryption easy. Works with any email client and is free.
Tags: secure e-mail, secure email, e-mail encryption, free email encryption

Download SecExMail SOHO
Size: 2.61 MB
New software
Cloak Pro online Deluxe
Cloak is an award winning security package designed to safeguard your personal
Tags: free, xp, vista, Security&Encryption, shareware

Download Cloak Pro online
Size: 1.22 MB
New software
Secure Email CryptoHeaven Linux 3.5.3
Highly Secure Email, Chat, Instant Messaging, and Collaboration.
Tags: HIPAA, encrypted, anonymous email, encrypted email, instant messaging

Download Secure Email CryptoHeaven Linux
Size: 9.49 MB
New software

Download Identity Pro
Size: 8.41 MB
New software
PocketCrypt 2.0
It protects all sensitive information encrypting them with strong AES 256Bit
Tags: secure pocket pc, protect pocket pc, encryption, disk encryption, cryptograph

Download PocketCrypt
Size: 0.77 MB
New software
LCP 5.04
Password auditing and recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.
Tags: SYSKEY, recovery, SYSTEM, password, administrator

Download LCP
Size: 2.29 MB
New software
Multilevel Digital Signature system 4.0_FreeVersion
Digital signature solution for enterprise, sign any computer file by persons
Tags: enterpeirse, digital sign, multilevel, Digital signature

Download Multilevel Digital Signature system
Size: 17.87 MB
New software

Download DeviceShield
Size: 7.92 MB
New software
Absolute Password Protector 1.0.547
A strong encryption utility to securely store files. Hide data in pictures.
Tags:steganography, steganography tool, steganography, encryption, file encrypt

Download Absolute Password Protector
Size: 1.04 MB
New software
Advanced File Lock 2.0
Instantly password-protect any file with one click. Military-grade encryption.
Tags: file lock, lock a file, lock a folder, encryption

Download Advanced File Lock
Size: 0.6 MB
New software
Dekart Private Disk 2.09
Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program for Windows.
Tags: strong disk encryption, transparent encryption, disk encryption, AES encryption, encrypted disk

Download Dekart Private Disk
Size: 1.23 MB
New software
ProtectX Pro 1.0
ProtectX is a privacy protection tool. If you use a PC which might be accessed by others i

Download ProtectX Pro
Size: 3 MB
New software
CryptoText encryption components for dotNet, .NET CF, COM / ActiveX, PocketPC
Tags: evb, protection, crypto, password, encryption

Download CryptoText
Size: 0.74 MB
New software
PowerKey 2.0
Advanced encryption/wipe tool with powerful features for Win9x/WinMe/NT/W2k/XP.
Tags: Encrypt, Wipe, anti spy, Blowfish, Encryption

Download PowerKey
Size: 1.04 MB
New software
AES Pro 5.5
AES Pro is the suite of encryption tools for professional security.
Tags: protect, crypto, programs, source, password

Download AES Pro
Size: 0.99 MB
New software
WinProtection 3.0
WinProtection 3.0 protects your computer from unauthorized accesses!
Tags: screen, masked, unshadow, registry, invisible

Download WinProtection
Size: 1.31 MB
New software
Folder Password Expert USB
Folder Password Expert USB is software designed to protect your folders.
Tags: protect, lock, password, security, folder

Download Folder Password Expert USB
Size: 0.91 MB
New software
Instant Lock 2.5
Password protect folder. Lock and hide folders,Security tool for hiding files
Tags: folder lock, files, computer security, lock folders, hide files

Download Instant Lock
Size: 72 KB
New software
Access Administrator Pro 5.118
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete
Tags: screen, privacy, protect, security, access

Download Access Administrator Pro
Size: 0.74 MB
New software
MAXA Text2EXE 3.3
MAXA Text2Exe is an executable container for encrypted text.
Tags: executable, Security, container, rtf, exe

Download MAXA Text2EXE
Size: 0.14 MB
New software
SpyAnytime PC Spy 2.4
Secretly monitor and record computer user's activity with just a single click.
Tags: keystroke, computer spy, computer monitoring, spyware, surveillance

Download SpyAnytime PC Spy
Size: 1.37 MB

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