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BASIC SQL Management 0.81.02 Beta
A simple application that connects to SQL Server or MySQL databases, enabling you to execu
Tags: SQL query execution, SQL query, execute SQL query, execute query, execution

Download BASIC SQL Management
Size: 1.27 MB
New software

Download agentEZ
Size: 17.4 MB
New software
Forms Designer 2.0
A SharePoint helper that provides the possibility to design forms with complex tables and
Tags: form designer, SharePoint designer, designer , SharePoint form

Download Forms Designer
Size: 1.48 MB
New software
AD Bitlocker Password Audit 1.0
A user-friendly application that queries Active Directory systems and retrieves the recove
Tags:retrieve password, Active Directory, password audit, Active Directory password, recover

Download AD Bitlocker Password Audit
Size: 11.59 MB
New software
AD Password Extender 1.0
An intuitive application that enables you to extend the Active Directory password expirati
Tags:password extender, extend , password expiration, Active Directory, reset password

Download AD Password Extender
Size: 12.57 MB
New software
SurveyUP for SharePoint 1.7.2
Web-part for Microsoft SharePoint survey capabilities extending.
Tags: Poll , Survey Creator, SharePoint Survey, SharePoint Addon

Download SurveyUP for SharePoint
Size: 0.77 MB
New software
ProbeServer Database Tool
Allows you to connect to a ProbeServer database, make changes and commit the modifications
Tags: delete database, database , view ProbeServer database, modify database

Download ProbeServer Database Tool
Size: 0.59 MB
New software
XStream SharePoint Document Auto Title
Automatically applies the "Title" column for new documents in SharePoint.
Tags: document , title column, SharePoint title, document title

Download XStream SharePoint Document Auto Title
Size: 0.53 MB
New software
Password Policy
A useful application that was designed to help you create Active Directory password polici
Tags: password policy, password , Active Directory policy, Active Directory, AD password

Download Password Policy
Size: 0.8 MB
New software
Associated Tasks Field 1.15.33
Turn any document or event into a full-fledged project
Tags: progress tracker, SharePoint task field, SharePoint add-on, add-on

Download Associated Tasks Field
Size: 2.9 MB
New software
HarePoint Business Cards for SharePoint 1.1.688
Web-part for publishing users' information on SharePoint 2007/2010 site pages.
Tags: profile , business card, contact card, contact page

Download HarePoint Business Cards for SharePoint
Size: 2.14 MB
New software
CRM Model Generator
Generate entities classes for your CRM solution using classes and attributes templates, wh
Tags:CRM Model, Generator , CRM Generator, Model Generator

Download CRM Model Generator
Size: 0.83 MB
New software
CRM Solution Management Tool
With this particular CRM tool, you will be able to list all CRM solutions (also hidden one
Tags: Solution Management, Management , CRM Tool, CRM Solution

Download CRM Solution Management Tool
Size: 0.4 MB
New software

Download AseTune
Size: 18.84 MB
New software
HarePoint Workflow Monitor 1.2.783
A solution for monitoring workflows in SharePoint 2010
Tags: workflow manager, workflow management, manager , manage workflow

Download HarePoint Workflow Monitor
Size: 10.3 MB
New software
HarePoint Workflow Extensions 1.7.899
150 new workflow actions for SharePoint workflow that can do anything
Tags: workflow action, SharePoint workflow, extension , workflow extension

Download HarePoint Workflow Extensions
Size: 48.8 MB
New software
FAST for Sharepoint 2010 Query Tool Beta
.NET 3.5 version of the FAST Search for SharePoint MOSS 2010 Query Tool
Tags: Search , Sharepoint Search, Query Tool, Search Tool

Download FAST for Sharepoint 2010 Query Tool
Size: 0.53 MB
New software
Check Services
Verify the status of the services running on your servers
Tags:service manager, service checker, check service, checker

Download Check Services
Size: 2.64 MB
New software
A small LDAP Server commandline-utility
Tags: LDAP , Active Directory, extract AD, attribute extractor

Download ADExtractor
Size: 79 KB
New software
Scriptio 0.6.1
A utility for generating object scripts for Microsoft SQL Server
Tags: generate script, object script, SQL Server, generate

Download Scriptio
Size: 22 KB

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