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New software
Slice'n'Splice 3.0
Slices huge files into smaller chunks and splices them to recreate original file
Tags: split, splitter, size, chop, chunk

Download Slice'n'Splice
Size: 0.62 MB
New software
Filedoyen 1.5
Integrated file and zip manager, text and hex editor, file compare and search.
Tags: archive manager, search, folder compare, viewer, file manager

Download Filedoyen
Size: 4.75 MB
New software
FileSee 6.6
A powerful All-In-One file viewer and file manager
Tags: file viewer, pdf viewer, flash player, midi player, image viewer

Download FileSee
Size: 4.98 MB
New software
Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery 4.1
Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery recovers data, photo, music and videos
Tags: apple recovery, HFS recovery, HFS+ recovery, Mac data recovery, Mac Data Recovery

Download Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery
Size: 11.6 MB
New software
DirPrinter 8.05
Print directory contents and the directory structure, export to various formats.
Tags: print, import, Directory, structure, directories

Download DirPrinter
Size: 4.16 MB
New software

Download Mac File Recovery Software
Size: 1.69 MB
New software
File Conversion Center 4.0.005
Convert documents, web pages, more into image files including PDF.
Tags:file conversion, pdf conversion, pdf to tiff, peernet, convert to PDF

Download File Conversion Center
Size: 15.29 MB
New software
Chainsaw 3.7
Chainsaw will quickly and easilysplit large files into smaller ones.
Tags: splitter, file splitter, resize file, split, resize

Download Chainsaw
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
Launch It Pro 2.0
Desktop utility that provides an alternative method of launching applications
Tags:launching, lip, freeware, utility, FDP

Download Launch It Pro
Size: 0.87 MB
New software
File Topper 1.01
Extract data from the top of files.
Tags: data, top, extract, lines, file

Download File Topper
Size: 0.92 MB
New software
FileRescue for NTFS 4.2
Recover deleted files from NTFS formatted disks.
Tags: data back, lost, undelete, rescue, return

Download FileRescue for NTFS
Size: 3.04 MB
New software
File Splitter 1.01
Split up files into multiple files using line or KB limits.
Tags: break files, file splitter, file size, file, data conversion

Download File Splitter
Size: 0.92 MB
New software
Mini vMac for Macintosh 3.1.3
Mini vMac emulates a Macintosh Plus, one of the earliest of Macintosh computers.
Tags:Macintosh 68k emulator

Download Mini vMac for Macintosh
Size: 80 KB
New software
Diskeeper Server 2007
Diskeeper 2007 Server enhances files system performance - automatically
Tags: Disk, Reliability, File Performace, Diskeeper, Speed

Download Diskeeper Server
Size: 29.48 MB
New software

Download Kernel Word - Repair Corrupted Word Documents
Size: 2.76 MB
New software
Inbox Repair 10.10.01
Take help of an efficient inbox repair tool for PST email recovery
Tags: inbox repair, PST recovery, PST email recovery, inbox repair tool

Download Inbox Repair
Size: 2.95 MB
New software
Free Undetectable Keylogger 7.8
Free Undetectable Keylogger is an easy-to-use monitoring tool.
Tags:free undetectable keylogger

Download Free Undetectable Keylogger
Size: 0.32 MB
New software
CD Inspector 1.10
Easily prevent the using of the CDs with inadmissible software
Tags: Guardian, Inspector, Protect, Lock, CD

Download CD Inspector
Size: 0.9 MB
New software

Download F-Recovery for SD
Size: 0.78 MB
New software
Space Hound 4 4.0.1977
Duplicate File Finder, Disk and File Manager, includes many additional tools
Tags: remove, icons, file, file tools, delete

Download Space Hound 4
Size: 8.21 MB
New software
HDDlife 2.8.99
Real-time hard drive statistics, alerts, malfunction protection, free download.
Tags: estimate, life, hard disk, tray, hdd

Download HDDlife
Size: 6.2 MB
New software
Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server 1.00
Hard Disk and SSD health, temperature and performance monitoring, alert, reports
Tags: prevent, IDE, HDD, Sentinel, S-ATA

Download Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server
Size: 1.15 MB
New software
Hard Disk Sentinel DOS 1.00.5
Hard disk drive and SSD health, temperature and error information, reports
Tags: disk life, SMART, disk drive, Serial ATA, data loss

Download Hard Disk Sentinel DOS
Size: 0.41 MB
New software
Recover Data for Novell NSS 1.0
Novell NSS Data Recovery Software to recover lost data from Novell NSS Volumes.
Tags: nss recovery, nss recovery, nss partition recovery, nss volume recovery, recover nss data

Download Recover Data for Novell NSS
Size: 1.83 MB

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