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New software
MDaemon Messaging Server 13.5
The MDaemon Messaging Server is an on-premises server designed to ...
Tags: messaging server, mail, Alt-N, email server, altn

Download MDaemon Messaging Server
Size: 53.42 MB
New software
Bopup Communication Server
Bopup Communication Server is an instant messaging server for private ...
Tags: collaboration, communication server, corporate server, chat, messaging server

Download Bopup Communication Server
Size: 114688 MB
New software
Express Messaging Server 2.0
Express Messaging Server is the perfect network communications solution for ...
Tags: instant messaging, nonverbal communications, wan, instant messenger, lan

Download Express Messaging Server
Size: 1.31 MB
New software
SendToPager Gold 2.0.2
Send messages from corporate network computers to pagers and mobile ...
Tags: Network, TAP, Utility, Pager, Paging

Download SendToPager Gold
Size: 0.82 MB
New software
Alt-N MDaemon Messaging Server 17.0.0
Alt-N MDaemon Messaging Server supports IMAP SMTP and POP protocols ...
Tags: SMTP , BlackBerry server, mail server, email server

Download Alt-N MDaemon Messaging Server
Size: 134041.6 MB
New software
Axigen SP Messaging for Linux 8.0
Axigen is an integrated email calendaring collaboration platform built using ...
Tags: POP3, ispmail, mail server for isp, SMTP, FreeBSD

Download Axigen SP Messaging for Linux
Size: 107 MB
New software
Outlook LAN Messenger 7.0.20
Outlook LAN Messenger is an instant messaging software designed for ...
Tags: Office Messenger, Corporate messenger, Network instant messaging, Lan Messenger, lan messaging

Download Outlook LAN Messenger
Size: 6.09 MB
New software
AIM Sniffer 1.5
AIM Sniffer is a handy network utility to capture and ...
Tags:sniffer, monitoring, Instant, AIM, AOL

Download AIM Sniffer
Size: 0.98 MB
New software
SMTP Server Pro 5.25
SMTP Server Pro is a powerful easy-to-use SMTP POP mail ...
Tags: email, performance, providers, servers, smtp

Download SMTP Server Pro
Size: 16.77 MB
New software
Zim 2.0
ZIM is slim and simple chat and instant messaging server ...
Tags: smiles, chat channels, offline messages, Chat, Instant Messaging server

Download Zim
Size: 1.43 MB
New software
IMDetect AIM Sniffer, AIM Monitor 3.0
IMDetect AIM Sniffer AIM Monitor is a handy network utility ...
Tags: AIM chat monitor, AIM Monitor, AOL Sniffer, AIM Sniffer

Download IMDetect AIM Sniffer, AIM Monitor
Size: 0.96 MB
New software
WorkgroupMail Mail Server 7.6.3
WorkgroupMail is a full featured mail server which can provide ...
Tags: mail, e-mail, server, internal, internal mail

Download WorkgroupMail Mail Server
Size: 5.63 MB

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