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Pitch ID 5.2
Easy to advanced ear training pitch and interval dictation Easy ...
Tags: music theory, rhythm, ear-training, ear training, music fundamentals

Download Pitch ID
Size: 0.8 MB
New software
Elastique Pitch
Elastique Pitch is a real time pitch shifting for RTAS ...

Download Elastique Pitch
Size: 20992 MB
New software
ToneTester 1.1
ToneTester tests your ears for differences in how they hear ...
Tags: hearing, pitch, ears, test, Audio

Download ToneTester
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
Pitch Switch
Pitch Switch is a simple to use application that helps ...
Tags:modify pitch, adjust pitch, modify tempo, semitone

Download Pitch Switch
Size: 15 MB
New software
Absolute Pitch 2.26
An easy-to-use musical ear trainer that uses a unique method ...
Tags: absolute pitch, tutor, education, aural, test

Download Absolute Pitch
Size: 0.35 MB
New software
Any Time 1.1
Any Time lets you independently take control of the time ...
Tags: stretching, conversion, sample, stretch, scaling

Download Any Time
Size: 0.78 MB
New software
Density 2.1.9
Density is a new real-time software designed especially for LIVE ...
Tags: granular, asynchronous synthesis, sound granulation, asynchronous, synthesis

Download Density
Size: 13.41 MB
New software
Intonia 1.3.4
Intonia is a must have multimedia application for pitch recording ...

Download Intonia
Size: 2048 MB
New software
Listening-Singing-Teacher 1.86
Listening-Singing-Teacher helps you to sing in tune and in rhythm ...
Tags: singing tutor, learn to sing, rhythm teacher, tutor

Download Listening-Singing-Teacher
Size: 83353.61 MB
New software
Amazing Slow Downer for Windows 3.2.3
If you are a musician who likes to learn new ...
Tags: mp3, jazz, slow, transcribe, cd

Download Amazing Slow Downer for Windows
Size: 0.99 MB
New software
ListeningSingingTeacher 1.55
Listening Singing Teacher helps you to sing in tune and ...
Tags:learn to sing, ear training, listen, rhythm exercises, pitch

Download ListeningSingingTeacher
Size: 42.92 MB
New software
Tin Man 1.00
TinMan is an auto-peaking resonant filter with multiple pitch detection ...
Tags:add resonance effect, add audio filter, plugin , add distortion effect

Download Tin Man
Size: 1.28 MB

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