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BitNami software

New software
BitNami Zurmo Stack 3.2.1-0
An easy-to-install distribution of Zurmo

Download BitNami Zurmo Stack
Size: 100249.6 MB
New software
BitNami Moodle Stack 3.2.3-0
An easy-to-install distribution of Moodle, MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

Download BitNami Moodle Stack
Size: 107520 MB
New software
BitNami PostgreSQL 5.4.25-1
A useful tool for the configuration of PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin

Download BitNami PostgreSQL
Size: 31 MB
New software
BitNami ownCloud Stack 5.0.6-0
An easy-to-install distribution of ownCloud

Download BitNami ownCloud Stack
Size: 55.6 MB
New software
BitNami ThinkUp Stack 1.3.1-0
An easy-to-install distribution of ThinkUp

Download BitNami ThinkUp Stack
Size: 67.5 MB
New software
BitNami WAPPStack 5.4.11
A software platform that greatly simplifies the deployment of Open Source web stacks

Download BitNami WAPPStack
Size: 81.4 MB
New software
BitNami MediaWiki Stack 1.20.0-1
An easy-to-install distribution of MediaWiki, MySQL, PHP, and Apache

Download BitNami MediaWiki Stack
Size: 97.8 MB
New software
BitNami WAMPStack 5.4.10
An easy-to-install, ready-to-run distribution of Apache, MySQL and PHP

Download BitNami WAMPStack
Size: 86.7 MB
New software
BitNami WordPress Stack 3.4.2-1
An easy-to-install distribution of WordPress, MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

Download BitNami WordPress Stack
Size: 92 MB
New software
BitNami Drupal Stack 7.18-0
An easy-to-install distribution of Drupal, MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

Download BitNami Drupal Stack
Size: 88 MB
New software
BitNami Joomla! Stack 3.0.2
An easy-to-install distribution of Joomla!, MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

Download BitNami Joomla! Stack
Size: 84.7 MB
New software
BitNami Redmine Stack 2.1.4-0
An easy to use installer for Redmine, which is a flexible project management web applicati

Download BitNami Redmine Stack
Size: 201 MB
New software
BitNami Jenkins Stack 1.507-0
Provides an easier Jenkins installation procedure

Download BitNami Jenkins Stack
Size: 206 MB
New software
BitNami SugarCRM 6.5.8-0
An easy-to-install distribution of CRM, MySQL, PHP, and Apache

Download BitNami SugarCRM
Size: 90.5 MB

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