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New software
WebBrowserPassView 1.86
Recover lost passwords from your Web browser.

Download WebBrowserPassView
Size: 289 MB
New software
Portable NK2Edit 3.28
Full NK2 (AutoComplete) editor for Microsoft Outlook

Download Portable NK2Edit
Size: 519 MB
New software
NK2Edit 3.28
Full NK2 (AutoComplete) editor for Microsoft Outlook

Download NK2Edit
Size: 430 MB
New software
CSVFileView 2.35
CSV/Tab-delimited file viewer and converter

Download CSVFileView
Size: 128 MB
New software
OutlookAddressBookView 2.12
Displays the details of all recipients stored in the address books of Outlook

Download OutlookAddressBookView
Size: 93 MB
New software
LastActivityView 1.27
User friendly application to find about the most recent actions and events recorded by you

Download LastActivityView
Size: 82 MB
New software
ESEDatabaseView 1.52
Software to view the content of ESE database files

Download ESEDatabaseView
Size: 72 MB
New software
Portable Wireless Network Watcher 2.12
Shows who is connected to your wireless network

Download Portable Wireless Network Watcher
Size: 336 MB
New software
Wireless Network Watcher 2.12
Wireless Network Watcher is a small utility that scans your wireless network and displays

Download Wireless Network Watcher
Size: 359 MB
New software
NetworkTrafficView 2.06
Displays network traffic statistics on your network adapter

Download NetworkTrafficView
Size: 110 MB
New software
WifiHistoryView 1.45
Lightweight and intuitive software that offers information about the current and past wire

Download WifiHistoryView
Size: 74 MB
New software
ChromeCookiesView 1.35
Software to identify and delete cookies stored by Chrome, while allowing you to generate H

Download ChromeCookiesView
Size: 175 MB
New software
SoundVolumeView 1.65
Software to display general information and current volume level for all active sound comp

Download SoundVolumeView
Size: 78 MB
New software
SearchMyFiles 2.82
SearchMyFiles is an alternative to the standard "Search For Files And Folders" module of W

Download SearchMyFiles
Size: 106 MB
New software
WifiChannelMonitor 1.48
A Wi-Fi traffic capturing application that enables you to view a list of all the access po

Download WifiChannelMonitor
Size: 290 MB
New software
HashMyFiles 2.23
Software to calculate the MD5/SHA1 hashes of your files

Download HashMyFiles
Size: 65 MB
New software
DNSQuerySniffer 1.61
User friendly and portable application to monitor DNS queries sent to your computer and ev

Download DNSQuerySniffer
Size: 100 MB
New software
ChromeCacheView 1.75
A small utility that quickly reads the cache folder of Google Chrome browser and displays

Download ChromeCacheView
Size: 68 MB
New software
SimpleWMIView 1.30
Software to find out the result of WMI queries in a simple table

Download SimpleWMIView
Size: 69 MB
New software
BrowsingHistoryView 2.00
Web browser history viewer

Download BrowsingHistoryView
Size: 236 MB
New software
WhoisThisDomain 2.32
This utility allows you to easily get information about a registered domain. It automatica

Download WhoisThisDomain
Size: 140 MB
New software
WifiInfoView 2.21
Displays details about the available wireless networks

Download WifiInfoView
Size: 311 MB
New software
USBDeview 2.65
USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your c

Download USBDeview
Size: 85 MB
New software
TurnedOnTimesView 1.25
Explore the dates and the reasons for your PC's shutdowns or reboots

Download TurnedOnTimesView
Size: 72 MB
New software
PingInfoView 1.60
PingInfoView is a small utility that allows you to easily ping multiple host names and IP

Download PingInfoView
Size: 58 MB

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