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Noel Danjou software

New software
WakeUp is an experimental tool to test the features of ACPI computers.

Download WakeUp
Size: 130 MB
New software
GraphEdit Installer 1.0
A reliable software solution that enables users to quickly install GraphEdit on their comp

Download GraphEdit Installer
Size: 0.95 MB
New software
SetXML 1.4.35
Create or update XML files from command line.

Download SetXML
Size: 0.16 MB
New software
UPnP Tester
Lists all the UPnP devices

Download UPnP Tester
Size: 0.38 MB
New software
Webcam Diagnostics 1.10
A wizard that identifies some webcam issues

Download Webcam Diagnostics
Size: 0.3 MB
New software
Plug-and-Play Monitor
Reports plug-and-play notifications from the system.

Download Plug-and-Play Monitor
Size: 0.18 MB
New software
AMCap 9.21 Build 156.3
AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application

Download AMCap
Size: 0.85 MB
New software
File Uploader 1.13
Uploads files to a HTTP and FTP servers

Download File Uploader
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
DnsLibrary 1.03
COM object that makes secure dynamic DNS updates easy from scripting languages

Download DnsLibrary
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
Motion Detection 1.04
Creates a movie from anything in motion in front of the selected webcam

Download Motion Detection
Size: 0.21 MB
New software
Universal Converter 1.25
UK/US-to-Metric converter

Download Universal Converter
Size: 0.38 MB
New software
Birthday Reminder 1.05
Birthday Reminder displays current birthdays from the default address book

Download Birthday Reminder
Size: 0.22 MB
New software
Universal Plug-and-Play Tester 2.10
Lists all the UPnP devices

Download Universal Plug-and-Play Tester
Size: 0.38 MB
New software
Dynamic Update Tester 1.01
Test application for dynamic updates (RFC2136 & RFC2845)

Download Dynamic Update Tester
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
Line Counter 1.5
Counts lines in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and PHP source files

Download Line Counter
Size: 0.47 MB
New software
SNMPTest 1.7
Query and monitor SNMP-compatible device

Download SNMPTest
Size: 0.44 MB
New software
Reflector Database Manager 1.01
Manages lists of reflectors for CU-SeeMe

Download Reflector Database Manager
Size: 0.69 MB
New software
File Downloader 1.12
Downloads files from a HTTP or a FTP server

Download File Downloader
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
Router Tester 1.02
Helps DynSite users to accurately identify the HTML status page of their routers

Download Router Tester
Size: 0.15 MB
New software
Authentication 1.03
Convert any login and password to Base64

Download Authentication
Size: 0.11 MB
New software
ICQ Fixer 1.03
Fix a ICQ bug for NetMeeting users and add NAT support

Download ICQ Fixer
Size: 87 KB
New software
MediaChecker 2.03
Search for errors on any media

Download MediaChecker
Size: 0.18 MB
New software
Display 1.01
Turns monitor or screen saver on and off or rotate display orientation

Download Display
Size: 64 KB
New software
CloseApp 1.03
CloseApp is a command-line tool which closes running processes

Download CloseApp
Size: 62 KB
New software
Locked Files Wizard 2.4
Move or delete files or folders used by any process

Download Locked Files Wizard
Size: 0.99 MB

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