Recommendation framework software

New software
Reco4j 0.4.0
Reco j is an open source project that aims at ...
Tags: graph database, engine , recommendation framework, recommendation engine

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Size: 99 KB
New software
Demux Framework 0.9.2
DEMUX Framework is a Java framework for building modular cross-platform ...
Tags: development platform, application development, development , modular application

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Size: 11468.8 MB
New software
Accord.NET Framework 2.8.1
Accord NET Framework is useful tool that intends to enhance ...
Tags:.NET Framework, AForge.NET, C# Framework, .NET , AForge.NET Framework

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Size: 60.9 MB
New software
IM SDK For .NET Framework/.NET Compact Framework 5.0
IM SDK For NET Framework NET Compact Framework provide connectivity ...
Tags: library , MSN helper, IM component, .NET library

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Size: 0.73 MB
New software
Axel Framework 1.0.1
AXEL framework extends XML and HTML adding ...
Tags:XML extension, query , extend XML, HTML extension

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Size: 0.66 MB
New software
TreeFrog Framework 1.12.0
TreeFrog Framework is a high-speed C MVC framework for developing ...

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Size: 35840 MB
New software
SDL Framework 1.4 Beta
SDLFW is a cross-platform framework from the powerful SDL library ...
Tags: development API, LUA framework, LUA , game development

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Size: 1.99 MB
New software
HS X.25 C Source Library 1.0
HS X is a software library in C supplied with ...
Tags:X.25, ITU-T X.25, legacy migration, XOT, X.25 over IP

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Size: 0.34 MB
New software
Marvin - Image Processing Framework 1.4.9
Marvin is an image processing framework that provides features for ...
Tags:video manipulation, image manipulation, Java framework, manipulate

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Size: 0.49 MB
New software
Klorofil Platform 0.2
Open source free PHP platform developed by Saltanera to ease ...
Tags: libraries, I/O, collection, distributed computing, XML

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Size: 2.53 MB
New software
HS X.25 and RFC1613 XOT C Source Library 1.3.11
HS X is a software library in C supplied with ...
Tags: legacy, RFC1613, X.25, X.25 protocol, XOT

Download HS X.25 and RFC1613 XOT C Source Library
Size: 0.82 MB

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