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New software
SD-Scroll 1.0
SD-Scroll v is an easy-to-use and completely customizable vertical news ...
Tags: vertical, development, scrolling, tickers, links

Download SD-Scroll
Size: 1.94 MB
New software
Smooth Key Scroll 1.0.2
Smooth Key Scroll is a Google Chrome extension designed to ...
Tags: adjust scroll speed, change scroll speed, keyboard scroll changer, keyboard

Download Smooth Key Scroll
Size: 0.29 MB
New software
Scroll Marker 0.97
Scroll Marker is a Google Chrome extension designed to help ...
Tags:view page limit, page marker, scroll page marker, scroll

Download Scroll Marker
Size: 0.3 MB
New software
No Scroll Bars Please! 1.1
No Scroll Bars Please is a simple application designed to ...

Download No Scroll Bars Please!
Size: 37 KB
New software
Status Scroll 1.0
Status Scroll generates of the most popular Scrolling Status Bar ...
Tags: internet, messages, explorer, status, scroll

Download Status Scroll
Size: 0.28 MB
New software
ScrollNavigator 5.2.4
ScrollNavigator helps you to scroll your documents horizontally and vertically ...
Tags:scroll, window, mouse, explorer, wheel

Download ScrollNavigator
Size: 740 MB
New software
Grab And Drag 3.1.2
Grab And Drag is a useful Firefox extension that will ...
Tags: Firefox extension, grab and drag, scroll page, scrollbar

Download Grab And Drag
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
modern scroll 2.3
modern scroll is a handy add-on that was especially designed ...
Tags:Opera enhancer, Opera add-on, add-on , browser add-on

Download modern scroll
Size: 61 KB
New software
Keyboard Leds 2.71
Some new model of notebooks netbooks and cordless keyboards have ...
Tags: Indicator , Num lock indicator, Caps lock indicator, Scroll lock indicator

Download Keyboard Leds
Size: 0.5 MB
New software
DS Blinds 1.0
This applet displays a blinds effect between any images Over ...
Tags: animation, navigation, smooth, generator, html

Download DS Blinds
Size: 41 KB
New software
DS Blobs 1.0
This applet displays a cool blobs effect Over the animation ...
Tags: html, generator, plugin, special effects, collection

Download DS Blobs
Size: 41 KB

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