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AlphaXP 1.1.4
AlphaXP is a powerful system enhancement that adds advanced transparency ...
Tags: Advanced, Award-Winning, XP, See-Thru, Opacity

Download AlphaXP
Size: 1 MB
New software
SecondShell 2.0.1
SecondShell is a useful extension for the windows shell that ...
Tags: Enhancement, Enhance, Desktop Enhancement, Windows Shell, Shell

Download SecondShell
Size: 0.37 MB
New software
vManager 1.4.20
vManager is a software designed to work with the IoCore ...
Tags: configure input, switch output, input , lighting controller

Download vManager
Size: 11059.2 MB
New software
iZotope RX 4.00.435
iZotope RX is a repair tool of choice for industry ...

Download iZotope RX
Size: 146 MB
New software
Deskone 9.0.0
Deskone tool is multi-purpose desktop tool With calendar news weather ...
Tags:change desktop background, change , background music player, hide desktop icon

Download Deskone
Size: 9.25 MB
New software
Toggle IT
Toggle IT is a simple system utility and tweak application ...

Download Toggle IT
Size: 454 MB
New software
Neuro-Programmer Regular Edition 3.2
Neuro-Programmer is an advanced tool that aims to help you ...
Tags: stimulate brainwave, psychological test, neural simulator, brain

Download Neuro-Programmer Regular Edition
Size: 63.7 MB
New software
IntelliComplete 3.5
IntelliComplete is a fully integrated and UNIQUE suite of tools ...
Tags: alias, clipboard, autocomplete, flashpeak, typing

Download IntelliComplete
Size: 1.08 MB
New software
Streak for Chrome 6.4
Streak lets you keep track of all your deals right ...

Download Streak for Chrome
Size: 38 KB
New software
PortraitPro 15.7.3
PortraitPro is a professional and complex application that has been ...

Download PortraitPro
Size: 95948.8 MB
New software
Portable clink 0.3.1
Portable clink was designed as an enhancement for Windows' built ...
Tags: alternative command line, cmd enhancement, bash , command line, Windows bash

Download Portable clink
Size: 0.32 MB
New software
Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome 4.6.0
Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome is a complex extension that ...
Tags: change aspect, Reddit customization, interface , customize Reddit

Download Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome
Size: 564 MB

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