Windows 7 download new software

New software
Keyboard Leds 2.71
Caps, Num and Scroll lock indicator in the system tray and on the screen

Download Keyboard Leds
Size: 0.5 MB
New software
Edu Alarm (formerly School Alarm) 3.01
This application will enable you to schedule reminders and alerts at a specified time.

Download Edu Alarm (formerly School Alarm)
Size: 1.29 MB
New software
Skin Creator Tool 2.7.0
A complete Skin editor for VirtualDJ

Download Skin Creator Tool
Size: 5.46 MB
New software
Csound 5.19.02
User-programmable and user-extensible sound processing language

Download Csound
Size: 116.51 MB
New software
Nero Video 2014 15.0.03400
Create extraordinary movies with this powerful application

Download Nero Video
Size: 225 MB
New software
DevManView 1.35
Alternative to the standard Device Manager of Windows.

Download DevManView
Size: 60 KB
New software
Portable EF Process Manager 6.50
You can easily see what's happening behind the desktop

Download Portable EF Process Manager
Size: 0.93 MB
New software
WinMend Disk Cleaner 1.5.4
An easy to use, quick and safe junk file cleaner

Download WinMend Disk Cleaner
Size: 2.45 MB
New software
Audio Editor Deluxe 9.1.7
Audio Editor Deluxe is a visual multifunctional audio files editor which allows you to per

Download Audio Editor Deluxe
Size: 15.1 MB
New software
Argente - Registry Cleaner Portable
With Argente - Registry Cleaner you can safely clean and repair problems in the Windows ®

Download Argente - Registry Cleaner Portable
Size: 4.3 MB
New software
EasyPlanEx Free 2.5.0
Evaluate and optimize financial problems

Download EasyPlanEx Free
Size: 17.9 MB
New software
Kid3 3.0.2
ID3 tag editor for MP3, OGG/Vorbis, FLAC and MPC files

Download Kid3
Size: 8.33 MB
New software
WinUAE 2.5.0
A complete software emulation of the hardware of the Commodore Amiga 500 / 1000 / 2000

Download WinUAE
Size: 2.87 MB
New software
SoftTree SQL Assistant 6.3.171
The ultimate tool for SQL developer productivity!

Download SoftTree SQL Assistant
Size: 11.5 MB
New software
Quick Media Converter
Universal MediaConverter Free video and audio conversion software, as easy as it gets for

Download Quick Media Converter
Size: 41.52 MB
New software
GSview 5.0
A graphical interface for Ghostscript

Download GSview
Size: 1.93 MB
New software
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13.2 Build 6466
Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for m

Download Adobe Dreamweaver
Size: 272 MB
New software
Caretaker Antispam 1.9.10
Keeps spam out of your inbox. It does not need any training or configuration. It works imm

Download Caretaker Antispam
Size: 20.1 MB
New software
OptiPNG 0.7.4
A PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size, without losing any inform

Download OptiPNG
Size: 0.14 MB
New software
SQL Image Viewer 5.2
Retrieve and export images and binary data directly from popular databases

Download SQL Image Viewer
Size: 10.2 MB
New software
jPhoneLite 1.7.1
Yet another VoIP SoftPhone

Download jPhoneLite
Size: 7.95 MB
New software
eDoc Organizer
An easy to use document scanner and manager

Download eDoc Organizer
Size: 31.8 MB
New software
Media Player Codec Pack Lite 4.2.9
This lite codec pack for video and audio playback was created to allow you to fully enjoy

Download Media Player Codec Pack Lite
Size: 10.7 MB
New software
Record your Skype video and audio calls into AVI movies

Download Evaer
Size: 9.3 MB
New software
FM PDF To Word Converter Free 1.4
PDF To Word Converter Free is a powerful freeware application for intelligently converting

Download FM PDF To Word Converter Free
Size: 4.21 MB
New software
Vocabulary Builder for SAT ACT GRE GMAT LSAT
The most effective, efficient and interactive tool to build your English Vocabulary.

Download Vocabulary Builder for SAT ACT GRE GMAT LSAT
Size: 2.44 MB
New software
IDE for HTML, JavaScript and PHP

Download PhpStorm
Size: 134 MB
New software
Poly Pro 1.12
Software application for exploring and constructing polyhedra

Download Poly Pro
Size: 0.66 MB
New software
BitNami MediaWiki Stack 1.20.0-1
An easy-to-install distribution of MediaWiki, MySQL, PHP, and Apache

Download BitNami MediaWiki Stack
Size: 97.8 MB
New software
MacDrive Pro
Quickly and easily share files between Mac disks and Windows

Download MacDrive Pro
Size: 12.7 MB
New software
NaroCAD 1.6.0
A CAD application to help you with your work

Download NaroCAD
Size: 15.35 MB
New software
SoundDownloader 2.8
Download audio files from SoundCloud

Download SoundDownloader
Size: 5.6 MB
New software
BitNami Moodle Stack 2.4
An easy-to-install distribution of Moodle, MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

Download BitNami Moodle Stack
Size: 103 MB
New software
TamoGraph Site Survey 4.0 Build 158
Site Survey for 802.11a/b/g/n

Download TamoGraph Site Survey
Size: 43.5 MB
New software
Model C1D0F252 X12 Parser 1.18I-27
Create a CSV file from an 837 claims or 835 remittance file

Download Model C1D0F252 X12 Parser
Size: 1.79 MB
New software
Spirograph simulation that you can have fun with

Download Spirograph
Size: 54 KB
New software
ClickYes Pro 2010
A Microsoft Outlook security configurator

Download ClickYes Pro
Size: 1.55 MB
New software
FindBugs 2.0.2
A static analysis tool to find bugs in Java programs

Download FindBugs
Size: 5.02 MB
New software
PC Decrapifier 2.3.1
The PC Decrapifier is a free tool for you to use that helps remove programs, unnecessary s

Download PC Decrapifier
Size: 1.59 MB
New software
Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file,

Download SyncBack
Size: 11.1 MB
New software
MicroSIP 3.5.2
A portable SIP softphone based on PJSIP stack

Download MicroSIP
Size: 4.54 MB
New software
MONyog 5.7.1-0
Proactively monitors all of the MySQL servers across the enterprise, and empowers the DBA

Download MONyog
Size: 9.5 MB
New software
Master PDF Editor 1.9.20
Master PDF Editor is a powerful, easy to use PDF editor that provides ability to create, r

Download Master PDF Editor
Size: 15.1 MB
New software
XPad text editor 4.3 Build 043000
Powerful and useful text editor

Download XPad text editor
Size: 0.55 MB
New software
eSketch 2.24
Analog circuit simulator with rapid schematic capture, many simulation features

Download eSketch
Size: 3.72 MB
New software
Get your lost data back now!

Download VirtualLab
Size: 8.43 MB
New software
LibreOffice SDK 4.2.0
The toolkit for LibreOffice development

Download LibreOffice SDK
Size: 24.7 MB
New software
Animal Shelter Manager 3.2.1
This is a complete computer solution for animal sanctuaries and shelters

Download Animal Shelter Manager
Size: 23.05 MB
New software
Portable RazorSQL 6.3.2
Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases

Download Portable RazorSQL
Size: 56.3 MB
New software
PilotEdit Lite 7.2.0
A powerful file editor for huge files

Download PilotEdit Lite
Size: 7.7 MB

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