Windows 7 download new software

New software
Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator 0.2.0000 Beta
Create a bootable image of your USB drive

Download Novicorp Bootable USB Replicator
Size: 3.17 MB
New software

Download Eclipse Hex Editor Plugin
Size: 0.22 MB
New software 2.0.4
Never lose a thing from your clipboard

Size: 5.45 MB
New software
Silver Bullet Cookbook 1.1.0
A recipe manager and meal planner

Download Silver Bullet Cookbook
Size: 2.46 MB
New software
Yandex Browser 1.7.1364.22076 (0b6c
Simple and intuitive web browser

Download Yandex Browser
Size: 0.23 MB
New software
Chrysocome DD 0.5
An easy way to copy your data

Download Chrysocome DD
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
Cyberarms Intrusion Detection 2.1.1
Provides a pro-active Intrusion Detection and Defense System (IDDS).

Download Cyberarms Intrusion Detection
Size: 1.2 MB
New software
Explore the Internet with ease

Download RealGrass
Size: 0.28 MB
New software
PlayIt Recorder 1.02.129
Schedule audio recordings on the fly

Download PlayIt Recorder
Size: 1.08 MB
New software
JonDoFox 2.10.0
A profile for the Mozilla Firefox browser particularly optimized for anonymous and secure

Download JonDoFox
Size: 28.4 MB
New software
PointerStick 2.42
Virtual pointer stick on your desktop

Download PointerStick
Size: 0.49 MB
New software
MultiCastor 3.0
Multicast stream sender and receiver

Download MultiCastor
Size: 56.3 MB
New software
Cyotek Sitemap Creator
Website map builder

Download Cyotek Sitemap Creator
Size: 4.45 MB
New software
Easy Java Simulations 5.0 140730
A Java code generator designed for the creation of discrete computer simulations

Download Easy Java Simulations
Size: 32.8 MB
New software
Windows Azure SDK for .NET 2.0
Create your first .NET application using this toolset

Download Windows Azure SDK for .NET
Size: 94 KB
New software
A simple VOB and MPEG merging tool

Download VOB/MPEG Merger
Size: 1.42 MB
New software
Gramps Portable 3.4.5-1
Create complex family trees

Download Gramps Portable
Size: 26.3 MB
New software
Export Filter Editor for Jabref 0.3 Beta
Generate custom bibliographies with Jabref

Download Export Filter Editor for Jabref
Size: 0.67 MB
New software
Mouse Switcher 1.0.0
Switch between open windows using the mouse scroll

Download Mouse Switcher
Size: 0.57 MB
New software
RKrenamer 0.2.0
A handy and intuitive batch renaming utility

Download RKrenamer
Size: 5.55 MB
New software
Easily download online videos

Download MassTube
Size: 10.8 MB
New software
Efficient solution for managing computer repair companies

Download TrackIT
Size: 5.99 MB
New software
PaintTool SAI 1.1.0
High quality image editor

Download PaintTool SAI
Size: 2.01 MB
New software
Atomineer Pro Documentation 8.31
XmlDoc/Doxygen documentation comment generation for Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / 2010/2012

Download Atomineer Pro Documentation
Size: 0.66 MB
New software
bed 0.2.27
Adjustable data format binary editor. Lots of data formats. Disk edit possible.

Download bed
Size: 6.66 MB
New software
Sceneum Docu 1.0.0
Plan movie scenes and schedule shooting actions

Download Sceneum Docu
Size: 5.7 MB
New software
simuPOP 1.1.1 Revision 4744
Python-based simulation environment for genetics research

Download simuPOP
Size: 15.63 MB
New software
A user-friendly IRC client for sophisticated users

Download Smuxi
Size: 1.81 MB
New software
AudioCDburner 1.0.1
Burn audio CDs easily with this tool

Download AudioCDburner
Size: 3.35 MB
New software
BlueGriffon 1.7.2
A brand new web editor

Download BlueGriffon
Size: 22.9 MB
New software
Encrypt and decrypt your files with a single click.

Download FileCryptor
Size: 12 KB
New software
Samsung Magician 4.0
A powerful tool for optimizing and managing your SSD drive

Download Samsung Magician
Size: 7.65 MB
New software
BlueGriffon Portable 1.7
Handy web editor based on the Gecko engine

Download BlueGriffon Portable
Size: 34.01 MB
New software
DICOM Confidential 1.4.1
Java-based DICOM de-identification toolkit

Download DICOM Confidential
Size: 26.83 MB
New software
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.4
Allows you to connect your applications to a MySQL database.

Download MySQL Connector/ODBC
Size: 6.99 MB
New software
Justinmind Prototyper Pro 5.5.0
Define web, desktop, mobile apps with wireframes

Download Justinmind Prototyper Pro
Size: 170 MB
New software
abcMIDI 2014-02-05
An easy way to process your music notation files

Download abcMIDI
Size: 0.37 MB
New software
Karaoke Song List Creator 2014
Easy Create and Print your Karaoke Song Books with Karaoke Song List Creator

Download Karaoke Song List Creator
Size: 13.1 MB
New software
Portable AweSync 4.22.0
Synchronizes your Google Calendars and Contacts with Lotus Notes

Download Portable AweSync
Size: 2.42 MB
New software
Disk Sorter Ultimate 6.6.24
A powerful and easy-to-use file classification utility

Download Disk Sorter Ultimate
Size: 5.03 MB
New software
Unicode Transmuter 0.1.0
Batch convert text files to unicode

Download Unicode Transmuter
Size: 3.23 MB
New software
FlashRip Full Version 1.52
User-friendly stream ripper, recorder and converter

Download FlashRip Full Version
Size: 8.34 MB
New software
Print Terminator
Clears jammed jobs from printing queues

Download Print Terminator
Size: 89 KB
New software
With NetDrive, managing your remote FTP and WebDAV servers will be as easy as any old file

Download NetDrive
Size: 8.46 MB
New software
Simple x264 Launcher 2.40.878
Graphical User Interface for x264

Download Simple x264 Launcher
Size: 15.13 MB
New software
WebCookiesSniffer 1.17
Captures Web site cookies and displays them in a simple table

Download WebCookiesSniffer
Size: 72 KB
New software
Quick Logo Designer 5.0
Make professional logos with this application

Download Quick Logo Designer
Size: 64.1 MB
New software
Equalizers4Foobar April 2013
A set of 61 equalizer presets for the Foobar2000 audio player

Download Equalizers4Foobar
Size: 2.73 MB
New software
SlottaTime 2.11
Customer Service Appointment Scheduling

Download SlottaTime
Size: 13.89 MB
New software
Portable ClipboardFusion 3.0.5
A handy little tool that sits in your system tray and monitors your clipboard.

Download Portable ClipboardFusion
Size: 1.2 MB

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