Windows 7 download new software

New software
BeerSmith 2.3.5
Software for beer brewing recipe

Download BeerSmith
Size: 19353.6 MB
New software
ExcelFile 3.1.359
Simple and convenient application to easily and fast read any MS Excel workbook, without h

Download ExcelFile
Size: 775 MB
New software
Simple and useful astonomy application that offers information about the time that the sun

Download LunaSolCal
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
Chapter Master 1.3.1
Simple multimedia application to effortlessly split your favorite audiobooks into easily t

Download Chapter Master
Size: 2150.4 MB
New software
Zortam Mp3 Player 6.0
Zortam Mp3 Player

Download Zortam Mp3 Player
Size: 6656 MB
New software
CLOX 8.02
Simple and useful application to show the time across multiple timezones and locations

Download CLOX
Size: 5017.61 MB
New software
Image Recognition Library
Simple and useful software component that enables your applications to provide image recog

Download Image Recognition Library
Size: 14540.8 MB
New software
Octopus Deploy 3.3.27
Simple to use application to automate and reduce the time to produce .NET applications and

Download Octopus Deploy
Size: 120832 MB
New software
CherryTree 0.37.3
A simple and comprehensive application to easily organize notes and various bits of needed

Download CherryTree
Size: 21811.2 MB
New software
Useful application to prolong the life of your desktop computer by keeping it asleep while

Download WinSleep
Size: 996 MB
New software
VPN Gate Client Plug-in 2016.08.11.9613.1361
A useful plugin for SoftEther VPN developed for easily hiding your online identity via a n

Download VPN Gate Client Plug-in
Size: 52838.4 MB
New software
DSynchronize 2.32.6
Software utility to periodically syncronize two or more folders in a LAN

Download DSynchronize
Size: 446 MB
New software
Fuse Beta
Powerful set of tools to design smooth-running animations for iOS and Android mobile platf

Download Fuse
Size: 55910.4 MB
New software
Stylish 2.0.7
Simple and nice Firefox extension for easily manage user styles

Download Stylish
Size: 192 MB
New software
Reflector 2.5.2
E-mail vacation autoresponder with redirect and e-mail notifications

Download Reflector
Size: 47001.6 MB
New software
Malware Hunter
Smart and useful application for Virus detection with many protection capabilities

Download Malware Hunter
Size: 12083.2 MB
New software
File/Folder Launcher 2016.8
Software to easily launch favorite File/Folder

Download File/Folder Launcher
Size: 1740.8 MB
New software
Lantern 3.1.0 (20160810.0501
Lantern is a versatile network application

Download Lantern
Size: 4710.4 MB
New software
Chrome Cleanup Tool 10.66.0
Simple tool to clean the Google Chrome browser of unwanted elemants

Download Chrome Cleanup Tool
Size: 2867.2 MB
New software
MedConsult 6.1
Medical consultation and electronic medical records software

Download MedConsult
Size: 110592 MB
New software
Glary Disk Cleaner
Simple disk utility to keep your disk clean

Download Glary Disk Cleaner
Size: 5734.4 MB
New software
dotConnect for MySQL Professional 8.6.714
A database connectivity solution for MySQL built over ADO.NET architecture.

Download dotConnect for MySQL Professional
Size: 72089.61 MB
New software
CompleteFTP 9.1.0
High performance Windows secure FTP server software

Download CompleteFTP
Size: 20889.6 MB
New software
ReaConverter Standard 7.248
Fast and flexible image converter. Supports 380 formats

Download ReaConverter Standard
Size: 129843.2 MB
New software
Flip HTML5 6.0.2
Software to create cool jQuery and HTML5 flipbook from PDF

Download Flip HTML5
Size: 91648 MB
New software
Accel Spreadsheet 8.44.1
Powerful set of tools to calculate, analyse, summarise, and present data in numerical repo

Download Accel Spreadsheet
Size: 24576 MB
New software
LinkAssistant 6.3.3
SEO Software To Make Your Everyday Link Exchange Job A Lot Easier.

Download LinkAssistant
Size: 88576 MB
New software
ReaConverter Lite 7.248
Convert image files from 400 formats in a single operation

Download ReaConverter Lite
Size: 10854.4 MB
New software
Device Monitoring Studio
Software for PC ports and connections data monitoring, logging and analyzing

Download Device Monitoring Studio
Size: 16793.6 MB
New software
TorrentRover 1.0.9 Beta
Software to find and download torrent files in a fast and easy manner

Download TorrentRover
Size: 4710.4 MB
New software
AlomWare Reset 3.01
Software to quickly reset your computer

Download AlomWare Reset
Size: 840 MB
New software
Vivaldi 1.3.551.30
Easy web browser application for friends

Download Vivaldi
Size: 37990.4 MB
New software
EAGLE Light 7.6.0
Software to connect a central processor with other components using electrical wires on a

Download EAGLE Light
Size: 55193.6 MB
New software
A user-friendly and intuitive software solution that can help you get details about the dr

Download DUMo
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
DICOM Converter 1.7.9
Effective tool to convert DICOM files into JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP images, with batch proc

Download DICOM Converter
Size: 3276.8 MB
New software
Visual Paradigm Community Edition 13.1.20160802
Software for UML diagrams, use case modeling, reverse engineering and more

Download Visual Paradigm Community Edition
Size: 266240 MB
New software
Ham Radio Deluxe
Software for amateur radio

Download Ham Radio Deluxe
Size: 181248 MB
New software
My List 2016.8
Software to create a List, manage startup programs and services

Download My List
Size: 819 MB
New software
IceCream Slideshow Maker 2.0
Software to create a multimedia slideshow with music

Download IceCream Slideshow Maker
Size: 31129.6 MB
New software
Atom 1.9.7
A hackable text editor

Download Atom
Size: 87449.6 MB
New software
Focusky 3.2.0
Zooming presentation tool

Download Focusky
Size: 218931.2 MB
New software
Brother\'s Keeper 7.1.14
Genealogy sodtware

Download Brother\'s Keeper
Size: 15769.6 MB
New software
Network Traffic Generator and Monitor 10.2.4
Test tool for emulating real-world applications to predict device and system performance u

Download Network Traffic Generator and Monitor
Size: 9523.21 MB
New software
Snappy Fax Lite
Fax software for Windows

Download Snappy Fax Lite
Size: 10137.6 MB
New software
AutoHideMouseCursor 2.18
Small portable Windows application that allows you to hide the mouse cursor.

Download AutoHideMouseCursor
Size: 21 MB
New software
A handy Git client with a user friendly GUI

Download SourceTree
Size: 17100.8 MB
New software
PdfGrabber is an application which enables you to convert PDF documents to other formats,

Download PdfGrabber
Size: 64102.4 MB
New software
Develve 3.7
A professional application that delivers all the necessary tools for a fast interpretation

Download Develve
Size: 3788.8 MB
New software
Kerio Connect
Cross platform email, calendars and contacts for the mobile workforce

Download Kerio Connect
Size: 305152 MB
New software
WinSetupFromUSB 1.7
WinSetupFromUSB is a software that helps you to install Windows from USB stck.

Download WinSetupFromUSB
Size: 24371.2 MB

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