Windows 7 download new software

New software
Emicsoft Mod Converter 4.1.20
Convert MOD files to general video and audio formats

Download Emicsoft Mod Converter
Size: 8.2 MB
New software
Ultralingua Spanish - German Dictionary
Easy to use Spanish - German dictionary

Download Ultralingua Spanish - German Dictionary
Size: 9.87 MB
New software
Rhinoceros 5.0 SR3
Create 3D models and shapes with this tool.

Download Rhinoceros
Size: 226 MB
New software
A secure storage space for all your passwords

Size: 0.28 MB
New software
ExternalCompare Eclipse Plug-in 1.0.0
A plugin for launching an external compare editor from Eclipse

Download ExternalCompare Eclipse Plug-in
Size: 10 KB
New software
JavaUCP 1.0
A Java library for UCP transportation to SMS centers

Download JavaUCP
Size: 44 KB
New software
Fess Google Bookmarks 0.0.7
Quick access to the Google Bookmark service

Download Fess Google Bookmarks
Size: 45 KB
New software
Intel XDK for Chrome 2.6.1
An Chrome extension for accessing the Intel XDK much easier

Download Intel XDK for Chrome
Size: 19 KB
New software
CBR and CBZ to PDF
Turns comic books into PDF documents

Download CBR and CBZ to PDF
Size: 2.78 MB
New software
A script interpreter for SAPGUI

Download LBDemo
Size: 1.43 MB
New software
Office Viewer 2.0
A simple viewer for Microsoft Office

Download Office Viewer
Size: 0.64 MB
New software
MusicVix 2.0 Alpha
An audio player with a built-in visualizer

Download MusicVix
Size: 11 KB
New software
Special Image Player 2.0
Creates and plays image slideshows

Download Special Image Player
Size: 1.5 MB
New software
Portable Windows Drive Hider 1.0
Protect your sensitive data by hiding the drives it is stored on

Download Portable Windows Drive Hider
Size: 0.97 MB
New software
SPIW 0.1.2
Process microscope images with this toolbox

Download SPIW
Size: 3.63 MB
New software
DataNumen SQL Recovery
Repairs and recovers SQL MDF files

Download DataNumen SQL Recovery
Size: 1.75 MB
New software
ScreenShoter 0.7b
A simple and intuitive tool for capturing the whole screen

Download ScreenShoter
Size: 0.32 MB
New software
WiFi Headpone
Turn your Android into a wireless headphone

Download WiFi Headpone
Size: 4.76 MB
New software
Manage your projects, inventory and orders with this tool.

Download COCOACC
Size: 395 MB
New software
FolderMelt 2.0
A simple tool for deleting folders in your computer

Download FolderMelt
Size: 0.43 MB
New software
WebCam Motion Detector Free 1.1
Allows you to detect movement and capture images with your webcam.

Download WebCam Motion Detector Free
Size: 0.71 MB
New software
SbeMoon for Windows 8
Find out the moon phase for the current date with this app.

Download SbeMoon for Windows 8
Size: 2.82 MB
New software
Moon Clock for Chrome 2.5
A browser clock that can display the moon phase.

Download Moon Clock for Chrome
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Windows Drive Hider 1.0
A tool that helps you hide and protect your drives

Download Windows Drive Hider
Size: 2.48 MB
New software
Provides a simplistic, yet user-friendly GUI for SQLite

Download SQLite GUI
Size: 3.06 MB
New software
SecStAnT Alpha
Structure analysis utility that can perform statistical calculations

Download SecStAnT
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Taxnimi India 1.0
Track your expenses and taxes

Download Taxnimi India
Size: 0.42 MB
New software
Appnimi RAR To ZIP Converter 1.0
Easily converts RAR archives to ZIP format

Download Appnimi RAR To ZIP Converter
Size: 5.44 MB
New software
Google Eyes 2
Shows you the aspect on a webpage in the Google cache.

Download Google Eyes
Size: 33 KB
New software
Digital clock with BCD counters
Digital clock simulation created in Java

Download Digital clock with BCD counters
Size: 1 KB
New software
AVGO Free Video Converter 1.02
Get your video collection ready for modern devices!

Download AVGO Free Video Converter
Size: 7.68 MB
New software
3D Isometrique
A simple tool for viewing MAP files

Download 3D Isometrique
Size: 5.1 MB
New software
LoadUp 1.2.3
Easily run programs and open documents with this launcher

Download LoadUp
Size: 0.68 MB
New software
Harry Potter for Opera 1.0
A skin that helps you bring a bit of the fantasy of Harry Potter's world inside your prefe

Download Harry Potter for Opera
Size: 0.32 MB
New software
A simple class for implementing BaseX encoding

Download BaseXCodecs
Size: 19 KB
New software
Mext 1.18
Text editor designed to help you create help files and webpages.

Download Mext
Size: 1.11 MB
New software
VST plugin for audio morphing

Download Morf
Size: 1.22 MB
New software
Social Downloader 1.0
Backup your online social details, friends and photos

Download Social Downloader
Size: 2.99 MB
New software
AquaSoft SlideShow Premium 7.7.11
Create professional slideshows with powerful features

Download AquaSoft SlideShow Premium
Size: 31.2 MB
New software
Film Stocks for After Effects 1.0.1
Simulates different color and black

Download Film Stocks for After Effects
Size: 20.3 MB
New software
Peace for Opera 1.0
A beautiful skin for your preferred browser

Download Peace for Opera
Size: 0.22 MB
New software
Eethal Viewer
A handy tool for viewing OP2 and STL 3D models

Download Eethal Viewer
Size: 11.78 MB
New software
Map Kinect gestures to keyboard and mouse

Download KTOI
Size: 0.83 MB
New software
Derby.NET Beta
Apache Derby database reader for .NET

Download Derby.NET
Size: 3.78 MB
New software
TSR Watermark Image Software
Batch photo watermarking software, protect your images with 3D watermark and logos

Download TSR Watermark Image Software
Size: 7270.4 MB
New software
Batch DOC TO XLS Converter 2014.6.708.1519
DOC/DOCX conversion utility that generates XLS files

Download Batch DOC TO XLS Converter
Size: 0.69 MB
New software
BYclouder Amazon Kindle Data Recovery
A utility that helps you recover lost data and files from Amazon Kindle devices

Download BYclouder Amazon Kindle Data Recovery
Size: 4.86 MB
New software
Portable WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.48-6
Easily download an entire website to a chosen folder

Download Portable WinHTTrack Website Copier
Size: 4.34 MB
New software
BYclouder Windows Tablet Data Recovery
Recover lost data and files from Windows tablets

Download BYclouder Windows Tablet Data Recovery
Size: 4.94 MB
New software
GenSim 1.4
A simple and intuitive genetics simulation tool

Download GenSim
Size: 0.52 MB

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