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A.L.A.R.M. 1.01
Imagine sitting in front of your laptop in an unprotected ...
Tags: alert, warning, theft, alarm, cable

Download A.L.A.R.M.
Size: 0.63 MB
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Adjust Laptop Brightness 2.0
Adjust Laptop Brightness is a very easy to use application ...
Tags: brightness control, change brightness, light , screen brightness

Download Adjust Laptop Brightness
Size: 0.88 MB
New software
FatBatt 1.1.7
FatBatt helps users be informed about how much time they ...
Tags: Enhance Battery, Charger , Optimize Battery, Battery Optimization

Download FatBatt
Size: 7.59 MB
New software
Granola 5.0.1
Granola is a small but efficient software that makes computers ...
Tags: Saver , Save CO2, Save Energy, Energy Saver

Download Granola
Size: 9.22 MB
New software
Sputnik 1.0.5
Sputnik is a lightweight and efficient RSS reader that aims ...

Download Sputnik
Size: 25.28 MB
New software
Prey 1.6.8
Prey lets you keep track of your laptop phone and ...
Tags: locate , track phone, locate phone, laptop tracker

Download Prey
Size: 16691.2 MB
New software
OziExplorer 3.95.6f
OziExplorer is an advanced GPS Mapping Software which runs on ...
Tags: GPS utility, GPS position, GPS explorer, map

Download OziExplorer
Size: 8601.6 MB
New software
BATExpert is a straightforward application that targets users in need ...
Tags:battery expert, battery info, information , battery health

Download BATExpert
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
The battery life of a laptop can be extended if ...

Download BatteryCare
Size: 1331.2 MB
New software
Portable BatteryCare
Portable BatteryCare is a software created to optimize the usage ...
Tags:battery monitor, battery usage, laptop battery, usage

Download Portable BatteryCare
Size: 1228.8 MB
New software
AirStop Multiport Edition 2.5.0
AirStop Multiport is a small application that can control communication ...
Tags: Communication, Prevent Wireless Attack, Communication adapter, Adapter, Wireless Attack

Download AirStop Multiport Edition
Size: 7.5 KB
New software

Download BRAVIS Galaxee 4free
Size: 9.54 MB

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