Prolog compiler software

New software
GNU Prolog Console 1.4.3
GNU Prolog Console provides you with an intuitive compiler for ...
Tags: Prolog implementation, Prolog compiler, compile , compile Prolog

Download GNU Prolog Console
Size: 4.57 MB
New software
SWI-Prolog 7.4.1
SWI-Prolog is a tool based on a very simple Prolog ...
Tags:Prolog environment, Prolog compiler, environment , programming environment

Download SWI-Prolog
Size: 18636.8 MB
New software
Catalina Compiler 3.13.2
Catalina Compiler is a C compiler plus a set of ...

Download Catalina Compiler
Size: 27443.2 MB
New software
Portable SWI-Prolog 7.2.0
SWI-Prolog Portable is based on a very simple Prolog virtual ...
Tags: write code, Prolog compiler, Prolog environment, Prolog

Download Portable SWI-Prolog
Size: 8294.4 MB
New software
Intel SPMD Program Compiler (ISPC) 1.5.0
Intel SPMD Program Compiler provides you with a command line ...
Tags:run SPMD program, SPMD compiler, SPMD , compile SPMD

Download Intel SPMD Program Compiler (ISPC)
Size: 24.2 MB
New software
paxCompiler 3.2
paxCompiler is an embeddable compiler of Pascal Basic and JavaScript ...
Tags: VC , Pascal, scripter, C , compiler

Download paxCompiler
Size: 10 MB
New software
SiteInFile Compiler
Create professional presentations cd autoruns and eBooks using SiteInFile technology ...
Tags:html compiler, html to exe, site to exe

Download SiteInFile Compiler
Size: 1.21 MB
New software
Oxford Oberon-2 compiler 2.9.4
Oxford Oberon- compiler is an Oberon code compiler used at ...

Download Oxford Oberon-2 compiler
Size: 7 MB
New software
Crossword Compiler 9
Crossword Compiler has everything you need to create great educational ...
Tags: builder, game, applet, maker, creator

Download Crossword Compiler
Size: 3.4 MB
New software
Quick Batch File Compiler
Quick Batch File compiler convert batch files into actual program ...
Tags: bat to exe converter, bat to exe, batch files compiler

Download Quick Batch File Compiler
Size: 1843.2 MB
New software
JiBX 1.2.5
JiBX is a handy easy to use framework specially designed ...
Tags:system notification, online TV guide, source code formatter, online TV, biorhythm graph

Download JiBX
Size: 18.72 MB

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