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Breaktru Fractions N Decimals 9.8.0
Two programs in one One that can Add Subtract Divide ...
Tags: decimal, homework, stock quote, education, multiply

Download Breaktru Fractions N Decimals
Size: 5.07 MB
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Fractions n Decimals CE 5.3
Now there are two programs in one One that can ...
Tags: calculator, homework, pocket pc, decimal, fraction

Download Fractions n Decimals CE
Size: 1.76 MB
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Free42 2.0.2
The Free application was designed to be a complete re-implementation ...
Tags: binary calculator, decimal calculator, HP-42S simulator, calculation

Download Free42
Size: 4198.4 MB
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BitMaker Portable 1.1.0
BitMaker Portable is an interface for manipulating bitwise decimal numbers ...
Tags:binary converter, decimal converter, converter , decimal to binary

Download BitMaker Portable
Size: 3.06 MB
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SeeColors 1.11
SeeColors is a simple application to preview RVB HTML or ...
Tags: view , preview RVB, color chooser, preview HTML

Download SeeColors
Size: 1.4 MB
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File Code is a Windows command-line code generator for converting ...
Tags: binary to array, converter , embed file, binary to decimal, binary2array

Download File2Code
Size: 0.12 MB
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Calcooler is a handy and reliable program designed for both ...
Tags: maths , DEC to HEX, maths calculator, scientific calculator

Download Calcooler
Size: 100 KB
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BitEdit9 3.0
BitEdit is a complete hexadecimal tool for Microsoft Windows that ...

Download BitEdit9
Size: 5.11 MB
New software
Numerical Systems Converter Portable 1.2
Numerical Systems Converter Portable is the portable version of Numerical ...

Download Numerical Systems Converter Portable
Size: 0.38 MB
New software
Portable Decimal Basic 7.5.9
Decimal BASIC provides a full programming environment for the BASIC ...
Tags:BASIC programming, full BASIC, ISO full BASIC, programming

Download Portable Decimal Basic
Size: 0.91 MB
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Dozenal 11E90919
Dozenal complete suite of dozenal base programs Includes converters for ...
Tags:decimal to dozenal, dozenal base, converter , dozenal conversion

Download Dozenal
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
EsbDecimals 2.1
EsbDecimals is a free subset of the forthcoming ESBPCS for ...
Tags:.NET, visual studio, framework, delphi prism, C#

Download EsbDecimals
Size: 2.9 MB

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