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SpectrumSolvers 6.12
A small application to find the best spectral estimation method for a power spectral densi

Download SpectrumSolvers
Size: 3276.8 MB
New software
UnitConvertor-C 2.6.16
Simple application to convert measurement units used in electricity, magnetism and sound w

Download UnitConvertor-C
Size: 1536 MB
New software
StatPlus 2007
Statistical analysis program and spreadsheet. Easy to use.
Tags:GLM, ANOVA, MLS, time, LD84

Download StatPlus 2007
Size: 25.52 MB
New software
PhysPro Fluid Properties
Simple and reliable scientific application to get physical properties of different fluids

Download PhysPro Fluid Properties
Size: 6246.4 MB
New software
SO-Foundation 2.0.60523.0
Scientific application that can help you view and analyze certain soil parameters, such as

Download SO-Foundation
Size: 18124.8 MB
New software
ChangeUnits 1.2
Add-in for Excel to convert units

Download ChangeUnits
Size: 14.9 MB
New software
UnitConvertor-D 2.4.7
Using this application you can convert measurement units for heat, light and radiology, th

Download UnitConvertor-D
Size: 1638.4 MB
New software
Conversion Software
Quick and easy convert various types of measuring units
Tags: unit conversion, convert unit, time , unit converter

Download Conversion Software
Size: 0.89 MB
New software
UnitConvertor-B 2.3.5
This utility allows you to convert various engineering and fluid measurement units, then e
Tags:Measurement Unit Converter, Measurement Unit, Convert Measurement Unit, Convert , Measurement Unit Conversion

Download UnitConvertor-B
Size: 3.9 MB
New software
Engineering Calculator 1.4
A simple unit converter and expression calculator
Tags: unit , expression calculator, unit converter, unit conversion

Download Engineering Calculator
Size: 67 KB
New software
Real Time Currency for Windows 8
An easy to use application that is especially tailored for performing a wide variety of cu
Tags: exchange rate, currency exchange, converter , currency converter

Download Real Time Currency for Windows 8
Size: 0.21 MB
New software
Value Convertion for Windows 8
This is an easy to use tool that was created in order to help you perform a wide variety o
Tags: currency exchange, currency converter, exchange rate, calculator

Download Value Convertion for Windows 8
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Oil And Gas Conversion Calculator Lite 022312 Beta
An intuitive and user-friendly application that provides a wide array of converters for va
Tags:oil converter, mass converter, converter , gas converter

Download Oil And Gas Conversion Calculator Lite
Size: 0.19 MB
New software
N-Converter for Windows 8
A modern unit converter with support for no less than 22 unit types, which displays the re
Tags: angle converter, unit conversion, angle , unit converter

Download N-Converter for Windows 8
Size: 81 KB
New software
Dozenal 11E90919
A package of tools that enable you to handle dozenal measurements, perform calculations an
Tags:decimal to dozenal, dozenal conversion, converter , dozenal base

Download Dozenal
Size: 0.2 MB
New software
Currency for Windows 8
A neat application that was especially designed in order to help users perform monetary co
Tags: converter , currency converter, exchange rate, currency exchange

Download Currency for Windows 8
Size: 2.18 MB
New software
Richard's Temperature Convertor 1.1.0
A command line utility designed for performing conversions between the two widely used tem
Tags:temperature converter, Celsius2Fahrenheit, convert temperature, Fahrenheit2Celsius , Celsius to Fahrenheit

Download Richard's Temperature Convertor
Size: 0.17 MB
New software
Area Convert for Windows 8
An easy to use application designed to convert between multiple measurement units in order
Tags:convert measurement unit, measurement , convert area value, area conversion

Download Area Convert for Windows 8
Size: 4.43 MB
New software
Universal Converter Daly 3.0
An application that can convert miles to kilometers or grams to pounds, offering hundreds
Tags:conversion unit, meter2kilometer, meter to kilometer, unit converter, foot2inch

Download Universal Converter Daly
Size: 12.2 MB
New software
A simple currency converter that allows you to select between multiple currencies and conv
Tags:currency converter, convert currency, converter , exchange rate

Download MetroCurrency
Size: 1.23 MB
New software
Measurement Conversions
A lightweight, yet efficient application designed to convert between units such as mass, d
Tags: convert unit, mass , unit conversion, distance converter

Download Measurement Conversions
Size: 89 KB
New software
UnitBits7 2.6
A simple, yet efficient application whose main purpose is to convert between various units
Tags: Convert Weight, Volume Conversion, Distance Converter, Distance

Download UnitBits7
Size: 2.37 MB
New software
JobBooks101 7.5
A transaction and job tracker for construction companies.
Tags: construction job, transaction tracker, create invoice, job

Download JobBooks101
Size: 94 MB

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