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New software
ooVoo 7.0.2
ooVoo lets you video chat with up to 12 friends for FREE. Anytime. Anywhere.
Tags: video conversation, instant messenger, video message, conference

Download ooVoo
Size: 61337.6 MB
New software
Trillian 6.0.60
Keep in touch with friends and contacts on every major IM and social network.
Tags: message , multiple messenger, RSS reader, instant messenger

Download Trillian
Size: 19558.41 MB
New software
Portable Telegram Desktop 1.1.7
Software to send and receive message just like SMS

Download Portable Telegram Desktop
Size: 22528 MB
New software
Telegram Desktop 1.1.7
Software to send and receive messages

Download Telegram Desktop
Size: 20480 MB
New software
TeamSpeak Client
TeamSpeak is software that allows to interact with multiple users connected to a server th
Tags: IM , voice chat, chat client, game chat

Download TeamSpeak Client
Size: 67379.2 MB
New software
The desktop version of the mobile phone messenger app
Tags: chat , desktop messenger, send message, phone messenger

Download LINE
Size: 65228.8 MB
New software
PhonerLitePortable 2.50
Easy to use VoIP softphone with profile and contact management.

Download PhonerLitePortable
Size: 5734.4 MB
New software
Portable Miranda IM 0.10.70
Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows.
Tags:instant messenger, send , instant messaging client, send messages

Download Portable Miranda IM
Size: 9318.4 MB
New software
Portable Clownfish for Skype 4.45
Online translator software for the messages in Skype

Download Portable Clownfish for Skype
Size: 681 MB
New software
TeamTalk is an voice conferencing application
Tags: ip, net, chat, messaging, phone

Download TeamTalk
Size: 15564.8 MB
New software
Miranda IM
Open-source multi protocol instant messenger
Tags: yahoo messenger, yahoo, msn, messenger, ms

Download Miranda IM
Size: 7782.4 MB
New software
WhatsApp 0.2.4240
Popular application to keep in touch with your friends by sending text messages, audio or

Download WhatsApp
Size: 78848 MB
New software
Yahoo Messenger 0.8.288
Instant message software

Download Yahoo Messenger
Size: 45772.8 MB
New software
A chatting tool for Jabber and other clients
Tags: chat , SMS gateway, chat utility, instant messenger

Download AQQ
Size: 7782.4 MB
New software
Pidgin 2.12.0
Pidgin is a chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simul
Tags: Yahoo , chat client, multi-protocol messenger, instant messenger

Download Pidgin
Size: 8601.6 MB
New software
Kadu 4.3
An easy to use instant messenger client

Download Kadu
Size: 42700.8 MB
New software
VIPole 3.7.6
Protect your conversations from unauthorized persons, encrypt important documents, securel
Tags:encrypt conference, secure call, conference , chat software

Download VIPole
Size: 65024 MB
New software
Mumble 1.2.19
Low-latency, high-quality voice communication for gamers.
Tags: chat , voice communication, gamer chat, voice chat

Download Mumble
Size: 16281.6 MB
New software
Supercharge team collaboration with group chat and IM
Tags: Company Chat, Group Chat, Instant Messenger, Conversation

Download HipChat
Size: 48640 MB
New software
ICQ 10.0.12156
Seek out friends and colleagues on the Internet and communicate with them in real time.
Tags: line, chat, icq, online

Download ICQ
Size: 48537.6 MB
New software
Facebook Messenger 1.0.0 Alpha 2
Facebook Messenger is the official software to discuss directly from your Windows desktop.
Tags: Facebook Notification, Facebook Client, Facebook Chat, Notification

Download Facebook Messenger
Size: 110592 MB
New software
Portable WinSent Innocenti
A program for receiving "net send" messages

Download Portable WinSent Innocenti
Size: 1126.41 MB
New software
Miranda NG
Open-source multi protocol instant messenger
Tags:messenger, yahoo, msn, yahoo messenger, ms

Download Miranda NG
Size: 11468.8 MB
New software
Pidgin Portable 2.11.0
Pidgin Portable is a versatile instant messaging client packaged as a portable app, so you
Tags: multi-protocol messenger, jabber , instant messenger, chat client

Download Pidgin Portable
Size: 15360 MB

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