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Anuko World Clock
Skinnable timezone clock replacing Windows system clock with multiple time zones
Tags: international clock, timezone, winter time, international time, timezone clock

Download Anuko World Clock
Size: 3174.4 MB
New software

Download DesktopSnowOK
Size: 97 MB
New software
MiTeC InfoBar
A desktop toolbar with several additional components
Tags: Calculator , Weather Forecast, RSS Ticker, Desktop Calendar

Download MiTeC InfoBar
Size: 1433.6 MB
New software
DesktopOK 4.62
Save and restore the positions of icons. DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for u
Tags: change screen resolution, modify screen resolution, change , save icon position

Download DesktopOK
Size: 140 MB
New software
Digital Clock Free 4.5.4
Beautiful artistic clock software

Download Digital Clock Free
Size: 21913.6 MB
New software
Software to record anything by double-click on desktop

Download DesktopCal
Size: 3481.6 MB
New software
Efficient Notes Free 5.22.528
A elegant, easy-to-use and powerful memo and notes software package
Tags: manage note, create , memo creator, note creator

Download Efficient Notes Free
Size: 15564.8 MB
New software
Efficient Sticky Notes 5.22.528
A simple yet powerful and easy-to-use desktop sticky notes utility
Tags: note , Sticky Note, note manager, desktop Sticky Note, desktop notepad

Download Efficient Sticky Notes
Size: 15564.8 MB
New software
WindowManager 4.5.3
Manages the position and size of your windows!
Tags: size manager, window manager, window , window position

Download WindowManager
Size: 737 MB
New software
OnlyStopWatch 3.95
OnlyStopWatch is only a watch to stop the time. With milliseconds precision. Optimize your
Tags:Time Chronometer, Timer , Time Counter, Start Countdown

Download OnlyStopWatch
Size: 25 MB
New software
Sharp World Clock 7.53
Desktop World Clock with world map. Unlimited number of clocks.
Tags: World Time, Alarm, Sunset, Time Zone, Sunrise

Download Sharp World Clock
Size: 6246.4 MB
New software
EarthDesk 7.0.3 (1371)
Real time Earth wallpaper with sun, moon, city lights and current cloud cover.
Tags: earthview, map, wallpaper, earthdesk, screen

Download EarthDesk
Size: 29081.6 MB
New software
PointerFocus 2.1
Software to highlight your mouse pointer or key strokes

Download PointerFocus
Size: 776 MB
New software
EarthView 5.5.33
EarthView displays high detail views of the earth at day and night.
Tags: clouds, screen, day, earth, planet

Download EarthView
Size: 18739.2 MB
New software
YoWindow 4.103
Free weather station for Windows. The heart of YoWindow is the living landscape reflecting
Tags: Forecast Weather, Weather Forecast, Weather Screensaver, Forecast

Download YoWindow
Size: 16588.8 MB
New software

Download Hot Virtual Keyboard
Size: 7475.2 MB
New software
JPEG Saver 4.18.1
Displays the contents of your images folders as a screensaver
Tags: viewer , create slideshow, image screensaver, image slideshow

Download JPEG Saver
Size: 1536 MB
New software
Alternate Font Export 1.610
Software to export the characters of a font as single pictures

Download Alternate Font Export
Size: 974 MB
New software
Simple and useful application that displays a virtual ruler on your desktop to measure ele

Download VRCP SPRuler
Size: 1945.6 MB
New software
Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 4.059
Software to cut True Type fonts with electronic cutting machines

Download Sure Cuts A Lot Pro
Size: 56627.2 MB
New software
Sure Cuts A Lot 4.059
Cut your true type fonts with your Cricut
Tags: studio, pro, scr, ie, cutting

Download Sure Cuts A Lot
Size: 56627.2 MB
New software
Registry Workshop 5.0.1
An advanced registry editor supports undo, redo, find, replace, compare and more
Tags: regedt32, regedit, registry editor, registry search, registry

Download Registry Workshop
Size: 1126.41 MB
New software
Animated Wallpaper Maker 4.3.5
Turn any photo into a beautiful animated background for your desktop.
Tags:wallpaper, desktop, animated

Download Animated Wallpaper Maker
Size: 23347.2 MB
New software
TwistedBrush Pro Studio 23.04
Digital paint software and photo editor with natural art tools.
Tags: charcoal, blend, brush, oil paint, image

Download TwistedBrush Pro Studio
Size: 34099.2 MB
New software
Icaros Shell Extensions 3.0.1
Allows the selection of thumbnail offset and adds MKV properties to Windows Explorer
Tags: thumbnail offset, extension , media thumbnail, shell extension

Download Icaros Shell Extensions
Size: 8192 MB

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