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New software
Generates ready-to-use and easily extendable, database driven applications
Tags: .net code generator, website, stored procedure, data entry form, sql statement

Download EazyCode
Size: 30924.8 MB
New software
Print VBA version 6 & 7 source code in color and export output to RTF and PDF
Tags:print, VBA7, vba, office, CADCAM

Download VBAcodePrint
Size: 10854.4 MB
New software
ApexSQL Script 2016.01.0258
Script SQL Server databases and package SQL database objects and data.
Tags: database scripts, database tools, sql package, sql server, sql scripting

Download ApexSQL Script
Size: 13414.4 MB
New software
VBto Converter 2.69
Convert VB6 project to .NET, C#, MS VC++ (MFC), C++Builder, Delphi...
Tags: res, rc, Borland, Form Viewer, cs

Download VBto Converter
Size: 11161.6 MB
New software
Gridraw 0.11
Intuitive application to draw UML diagrams with spreadsheets capabilities included and the

Download Gridraw
Size: 7680 MB
New software
Visual Build Professional 9.0
The build management solution for Windows and web developers
Tags: deploy, automate, Visual Build, build automation, integration

Download Visual Build Professional
Size: 9830.4 MB
New software
SecureBlackbox (.NET) 11.0.246
Add SSL, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF, XML, ZIP, EDI security to .NET applications
Tags: secure, XML, PGP, SSH, VB.NET

Download SecureBlackbox (.NET)
Size: 77 MB
New software
Unicode Controls for VB6 4.2.10
Unicode Controls and Classes for VB6 - Turn your VB6 into an Unicode Machine!
Tags: UNICODE Controls, OwnerDrawn Menu, Custom Controls, Icon Menu, UNICODE Controls and Classes for VB6

Download Unicode Controls for VB6
Size: 3.02 MB
New software
CSharp Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows
Tags: code librarian, CSharp, code snippet manager, source code, C#

Download CSharp Code Library
Size: 11.8 MB
New software
DotNet Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows
Tags:, dotnet,, code librarian, C#

Download DotNet Code Library
Size: 12.8 MB
New software
VB.Net to C# Converter 3.04
Convert VB.Net to C# with VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter
Tags: C#, Converter, VB.Net, VB, Translation

Download VB.Net to C# Converter
Size: 8.03 MB
New software
TopWindow.bas 1.00.08
You can add or remove top window status to any window in your project.
Tags: VB, Top Window, Visual Basic

Download TopWindow.bas
Size: 1.22 MB
New software
ActiveResize Control 3.3
The fastest VB form resizer control on the planet - no coding required!
Tags: DataGrid, MSHFlexGrid), Resize VB controls, SSOleDBGrid), VB controls resizer

Download ActiveResize Control
Size: 1.86 MB
New software
Basics for Visual Basic 1.00.08
Bit Manipulation Functions for Visual Basic.

Download Basics for Visual Basic
Size: 1.27 MB
New software
Aspose.Form for .NET
Aspose.Form is a GUI based InfoPath component for web applications.
Tags: button, XSN, InfoPath 2007, CheckBox, InfoPath

Download Aspose.Form for .NET
Size: 4.1 MB
New software
CopyProjectLite 1.0
Copy Your VB Project to a New Location
Tags:Copy VB Project

Download CopyProjectLite
Size: 85 KB
New software
VB.NET Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows
Tags:, VB.NET, source code, .net, code

Download VB.NET Code Library
Size: 11.2 MB
New software
A complete mail merge solution for your Visual Basic application.
Tags: dll, richtextbox, rtf, printer, utilities

Size: 0.59 MB
New software
IrisSkin 3.66
IrisSkin is the easiest-to-use .NET skin solution for Microsoft VisualStudio.NET
Tags:.NET Winforms skin control, skin

Download IrisSkin
Size: 2.06 MB
New software
SSLBlackbox .NET 10.0
Add support for SSL / TLS to your .NET (VB.NET or C#) application
Tags: protocol, secure, component, SSL, DOTNET

Download SSLBlackbox .NET
Size: 55.84 MB
New software
VS.NETcodePrint 2003 7.2.5
Print VS. NET source code in color and export output to RTF, PDF and HTML
Tags: addin, csharp, add-on tools, code, source

Download VS.NETcodePrint 2003
Size: 1.29 MB
New software
blueshell Error Guy 0.2.27
Detects error mines and generates Visual Basic error-handling code
Tags: vb, vb6, error guy, vb5, add-in

Download blueshell Error Guy
Size: 70 KB
New software
ModulusFE Modulus StockChartX 5.8
Stock Chart Component with .NET, VB, VC++ example projects
Tags: technical analysis, development, investing, UNIX, libraries

Download ModulusFE Modulus StockChartX
Size: 1 MB
New software
GoDiagram 5.0
Diagramming .NET Component for displaying and modifying information graphically
Tags: Org Chart, BPMN, mindmap, Flowchart, .NET

Download GoDiagram
Size: 23.58 MB
New software
vbSkinner Free 2.4
You can change the look of your application easily adding this control
Tags: control, skinned, controls, skin, skinning

Download vbSkinner Free
Size: 0.71 MB

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