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New software
Robosoft 4.0.797
An advanced software promotion utility for professional shareware developers
Tags:submit, promotion, archives, shareware.submission

Download Robosoft
Size: 7884.8 MB
New software
PELock 2.05
PELock - exe-protector and advanced license key system
Tags: licence, cracks, keygen, PELock, security

Download PELock
Size: 5836.8 MB
New software
Automated Build & Release Management Software for Windows Software Developers
Tags: finalbuilder, automated build, script, build tool, build

Download FinalBuilder
Size: 53248 MB
New software
AntiDuplicate 5.2.0
SDK for creation of copy protected software dongles from USB flash drives.
Tags: C, dongle, WinDev, Fortran, programming

Download AntiDuplicate
Size: 4812.8 MB
New software
Quick License Manager 7.0.14042.1
Add licensing support to your software application in a snap!
Tags: protection, License Key, licensing, online activation, key generation

Download Quick License Manager
Size: 68.3 MB
New software
Licence Protector
Copy Protection, Demo and time limited version, Network license
Tags: Licence Protector, Dongle, .Net license, License Protector, Mirage

Download Licence Protector
Size: 25.5 MB
New software
MoleBox Pro 2.3641
MoleBox Pro packages the application and all of its supplementary files into a single effi
Tags: runtime, packer, embed, DLLs, resource

Download MoleBox Pro
Size: 0.94 MB
New software

Download CS-RCS Pro
Size: 3.41 MB
New software
QuickUML MacOSX 3.1
QuickUML is a software design tool that supports core UML models.
Tags:uml, code generation, objective-c, modeling, c++

Download QuickUML MacOSX
Size: 29.23 MB
New software
Script Promotion Wizard 2.5
A free script promotion tool
Tags:script, php, promotion, wizard, asp

Download Script Promotion Wizard
Size: 15 KB
New software
.Net Licensing Pro
100% .NET solution for licensing .NET controls and applications.
Tags:licensing, license, encryption, .net control, .Net component

Download .Net Licensing Pro
Size: 13.24 MB
New software
GSA Regnow Statistics Expert 1.4.4
Software for regnow users with a graphical reports on sales, customers,profit...
Tags: statistic, statistics, product ranking, Regnow, sales

Download GSA Regnow Statistics Expert
Size: 9.41 MB
New software
ECMerge Pro (Windows) 2.5
ECMerge diffs/merges local/FTP/SCC files/folders 3-way with syntax colouring
Tags: 3-way, difference, synchronization, directory, tool

Download ECMerge Pro (Windows)
Size: 6.51 MB
New software
ABB PAD Submitter 1.3
Helps shareware authors to easily submit their PAD files to 200+ shareware sites
Tags: submit, develop, shareware, abbsoft, submission

Download ABB PAD Submitter
Size: 3.61 MB
New software
Code Library .NET 2.0 16.7.3322
An All-In-One information, knowledge, and document management system.
Tags: Personal Information Management, PIM, CodeLib, Knowledge Manager

Download Code Library .NET 2.0
Size: 6.71 MB
New software
Submit It 2000 3.5
Submit your programs to software web sites.
Tags: web, submitit, braun, submit, promote

Download Submit It 2000
Size: 0.59 MB
New software
Pathfinder Download Manager 1.41
Get all your products in front of users while also saving bandwidth. Try it!
Tags: manager, utilities, bundler, authors, affiliate

Download Pathfinder Download Manager
Size: 2.51 MB
New software
ECMerge Pro (Linux) 2.5
ECMerge diffs/merges local/FTP/SCC files/folders 3-way with syntax colouring
Tags: difference, folder, compare files, 3-way, merge

Download ECMerge Pro (Linux)
Size: 9.37 MB
New software
Code Co-op Version Control 5.0
Affordable version control system for distributed team development
Tags: configuration management, development tools, sourcesafe, VCS, distributed development

Download Code Co-op Version Control
Size: 5.29 MB
New software
Download and upload sites 1.0
Tags: affiliates, demo, list, freeware, shareware

Download Download and upload sites
Size: 0.37 MB
New software
Software Defender 2.1
Software and digital product activation service. Stops piracy of your products
Tags: clickbank, activation, piracy, paydotcom, shareit

Download Software Defender
Size: 3.54 MB
New software
AllSaver! 1.0
Create a slideshow of multiple screensavers: display upto 4 at once!
Tags: images, ticker, multiple, screen saver, custom

Download AllSaver!
Size: 0.59 MB
New software
Golden Records Vinyl to CD/MP3 Converter 2.05
Convert your vinyl record or tape to CD with Golden Records.
Tags: vinyl to computer, cassette tape to computer, mp3, record, lp

Download Golden Records Vinyl to CD/MP3 Converter
Size: 0.79 MB
New software
ECMerge Standard (Windows) 2.5
ECMerge diffs/merges local/FTP/SCC files/folders 2-way with syntax colouring
Tags:diff, directory, file difference, rt, regular expression

Download ECMerge Standard (Windows)
Size: 6.51 MB
New software
Updater is an advanced auto update module which is very easy to integrate.
Tags:updater, solution, install, patch, manager

Download Updater
Size: 3.11 MB

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