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New software
Planetris 1.0
This game is an adaption of Tetris in 3D -but can be played comfortably.
Tags: tetris, 3d, arcade, game

Download Planetris
Size: 19 KB
New software
Cosmic Defender 1.2
Free addictive classic side-scrolling shooter brought back to life by
Tags: alien abduction, shoot-em up, aliens, action game, shooting game

Download Cosmic Defender
Size: 0.88 MB
New software
AstroFire 3.06.1d
Asteroid-blasting arcade action game featuring superb raytraced graphics.
Tags: aliens, shooting, space, arcade, action

Download AstroFire
Size: 0.9 MB
New software
Willy In Space 3D 1.04
Willy In Space 3D - an amazing 3D arcade puzzle game. It is an Isometric Arcade.
Tags: Arcade, Willy in Space 3D, Game

Download Willy In Space 3D
Size: 3.58 MB
New software
TERMINAL Tetris 1.6
TERMINAL Tetris is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game
Tags: 3d, tetris, blocks, arcade, 3dtetris

Download TERMINAL Tetris
Size: 4 MB
New software
AG :: Three Windmills - EleFun Game 1.18
The Elefun Company is proud to announce a new Aniamted Tetris::Three Windmills.
Tags: animated tetris, elefun, game, classic, 3D tetris

Download AG :: Three Windmills - EleFun Game
Size: 4 MB
New software

Download Wacko Jacko Voodo Curse
Size: 0.55 MB
New software
Rock and Roll 1.0
Rock and roll your wheel through the levels
Tags:rock, prehistoric, wheel

Download Rock and Roll
Size: 13.63 MB
New software
Plazmoids! 1.63
2D space arcade game with superb graphics, quality sound, and original physics.
Tags: palm, palmos, space, arcade, shooter

Download Plazmoids!
Size: 2.77 MB
New software

Download Flaps JR
Size: 0.55 MB
New software
Carnival Jackpot 1.00
Breakout your beads and step up to see how lucky you are!
Tags: arcade, free web games, games, free, web

Download Carnival Jackpot
Size: 0.55 MB
New software
Sea Trapper 3.2
Discover curious caves hiding extraordinary beauty of the underwater world!
Tags: sea game, Sea Trapper

Download Sea Trapper
Size: 1.82 MB
New software
MicroBlots 1.0
Roll up your sleeves. We're going to paint castles now
Tags: classic, kids, fun, free, MicroBlots

Download MicroBlots
Size: 10.28 MB
New software
Aztec Bricks 1.0
Welcome to the world of the ancient tribes of Mayas and Aztecs!
Tags:Arcade Game Arcanoid Arkanoid Breakout Ball Remake Classic Popular

Download Aztec Bricks
Size: 9.61 MB
New software
AG :: Mystery Forest - EleFun Game 1.18
The Elefun Company is proud to announce a new Animated Tetris::Myster Forest.
Tags: animated, elefun, alpine lake, animated tetris, arcade

Download AG :: Mystery Forest - EleFun Game
Size: 5.56 MB
New software
Sheeplings 1.1
Protect and guide your flock of sheep through more than 80 wool-raising levels.
Tags: sheeplings, arcade game, cute, game, sheep

Download Sheeplings
Size: 9.06 MB
New software
PacDoom III: Halloween Party 1.0
Halloween Party has started! Your mission is to help your Pacman to get there.
Tags: doom, adventure, pacdoom, pacman, game

Download PacDoom III: Halloween Party
Size: 4.49 MB
New software
Bubble Bobble Ultima 1.1
Remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble.
Tags: web, bubble bobble, bob, bubble, bubbles

Download Bubble Bobble Ultima
Size: 5.36 MB
New software
Bloxter (for Windows) 1.5.0
Color-matching fun with aliens! A 3D game with falling blocks, aliens and more.
Tags: columns, arcade, tetris, puzzle, 3d

Download Bloxter (for Windows)
Size: 2.48 MB
New software
Fight Terror 2 3.2
Defend people from the terrorists in the game Fight Terror 2!
Tags:Fight Terror 2, War game

Download Fight Terror 2
Size: 7.15 MB
New software
Jumping Squirrel 1.0.2
Help Harris pass all the tasks on his adventure, and make it home safe
Tags: free adventure game, free puzzle game, free shareware game, free arcade game, freeware game

Download Jumping Squirrel
Size: 8.3 MB
New software
Deer Drive 1.51
Deer Drive is an arcade-style 3D deer hunting game. Pick off the best trophies!
Tags: white-tail, shooting, hunting game, shooter, action hunting game

Download Deer Drive
Size: 23.21 MB
New software
SG Snake for PALM 3.0
You can play classic game Snake on your PALM: find food and avoid obstacles
Tags: arcade game, Snake, game for palm, classic arcade, classic game

Download SG Snake for PALM
Size: 52 KB
New software
Emlith 3.21
an arcade game
Tags:game, arcade, emlith, block

Download Emlith
Size: 0.12 MB
New software
Arkanoid: Space Ball 1.2.
"Arkanoid: Space Ball" will be a surprise for the amateurs of arkanoids.
Tags: arkanoid, krakout, s, remake, arkanoid: space ball

Download Arkanoid: Space Ball
Size: 7.17 MB

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